Pakistan Admits Haqqani Links,refuses US Advice.

The Pakistani Establishment, through , Major General Athar Abbas, a spokesman for the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence, acknowledged the service had contacts with the Haqqanis. In the same breath he had stated that the Government has to maintain Links with Terrorist Groups 'for some positive out come'! Astonishing! By the same logic does will Pakistan admit that … Continue reading Pakistan Admits Haqqani Links,refuses US Advice.


ISI Chief’S Defense.Any Takers?

"If we had shielded Osama bin Laden, why would we have killed and arrested so many al-Qaeda leaders?" he asked with discernible indignation, according to parliamentarians. "Would we have hidden such a large target in such an exposed area? Without any guards or escape route? Our job is safeguarding the country." The CIA, Gen. Pasha … Continue reading ISI Chief’S Defense.Any Takers?

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