Free Downloadable Software For Banks and Credit Companies

The Hacker News has put out a Free Downloadable Software for Banks and Credit Companies.   “Top 3 Security Initiatives for Banks and Credit Unions” Steps financial institutions can take to protect data and customer trust. While it’s easy to get caught up in treating industry regulations as a compliance exercise only, banking organizations should focus […]

BSNL Hacked ‘remove IT Act 66a, databases’

News has broken that the BSNL Server was hacked according to The Hacker News . The hacked site had this message. ” Hacked by Anonymous India, support Aseem trivedi (cartoonist) and alok dixit on the hunger strike, remove IT Act 66a, databases of all 250 bsnl site has been deleted………….Do not think of BACKUP” with a images of Mr. Aseem while […]

Facebook ‘Likes’ For You.

  If you think that by clicking ‘Like’ in Facebook that’s the end of it. You are wrong.   Facebook ‘Like’s on your behalf and updates.   That means not only your information is shared but some machine determines what it thinks you ‘Like!’   You might think clicking “Like” is the only way to […]