Gun Online From 3 D Printer

As the Gun Control issue is raging in the US, to do it techies have developed a Gun from 3 D printers from Computer files! A Gun developed by a group of techies from 3 D printers almost entirely from 3 D printers went Online. Demo of the Gun.


US Gun Control Executive Order List Why The Fuss

It is clear that even basic checks were not made while issuing Guns,back checks are not reported if made,Review of Individuals to whom Guns have been issued,no adequate Laws to authorize the Authorities to run a back round check before the Guns are returned , no checks were in place to regulate the selling of guns by Arms dealers...! It appears that the US, till now, has been a Wild West!

Piers Morgan, Gun Control ,Deportation, Second Amendment

I understand this thus. 1.Despite Militia a well regulated...infringed"('despite' being inferred) in this case the Lobbyists are Right. 2.Add a comma at after ''the Right of the people' to read 'A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed' Then, the phrase 'the Right of the people ' qualifies the previous caluse ' A well regulated.." means that it is only the Right of the Militia, being the Right of the people, whose(Militia's) Rights to arms can not be infringed upon. But then if people call the bearing of Arms is their Right, then let them bear the responsibility of being Gunned down.

How The ‘Gun Lobby Promotes Guns’ Weird!

Arguments ping ponging like this, as I said earlier in my post,one is surprised at why there are less killings in the US! Statistics quoted at the top of the blog is like showing the Statistics of people not affected with Cancer and saying that the threat of Cancer is negligible and medication is unnecessary!

Gun Laws Surprising Why More Shootings Are Not In US!

While it is saddening to know that there are shootings and Deaths in The US, it is hardly surprising for this endemic phenomena. A look at the Gun Laws in The US would tell you why.

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