Madurai Temple Design 1000 Pillars Tikal Guatemala Chichen Itza

Not only this.

One finds the ruins of a Thousand Pillars ,Aayirangal Mantapam, in Tikal, called warriors Tomb as the one in Madurai.

I may add that many South Indian Temples have the 1000 pillars, e.g.Chidambaram.Warangal

Considering that Meenakshi was a Queen and her husband was Shiva, who is a pre Sanatana Dharma Deity, I should have looked deeper in the Americas about the Tamil presence.

I had written that Satyavrta Manu, ancestor of Lord Rama migrated to Ayodhya and his son Ikshvaku

I have written quite a few articles on the Indian, specifically Tamil connection to Incas, Mayas and Aztecs.

That the idols of Shiva, Ganesha and Devi are found there as ruins.

Th Incas celebrated Makara Sankaranthi Tamil style.

The Sanctum of Chichen Itza Pyramid and the Sanctum of Chidambaram Natarja temple are identical.

As this blog journeys through the world to find Sanatana Dharma traces ,I have come across some information,( which I should have anticipated,in the light of the Tamils being the ancestors of the Meso American cultures, Chidambaram being replicated in Chichen Itza),worth sharing.

That is the design of the Tikal Temple in Complex bears a striking resemblance to Madurai Meenakshi Temple.

Tikal Temple Ruins, Guatemela.jpg Tikal Temple Ruins, Guatemela. Image Credit. “Tikal Temple1 2006 08 11” by Raymond Ostertag – Self-photographed. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –

Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Black and White.jpg Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Black and White.

Not only this.

One finds the ruins of a Thousand Pillars ,Aayirangal Mantapam, in chichen Itza , called warriors Tomb as the one in Madurai.

Devadasis performed there!

The Concept of Devadasis(Servant Maids of God) is a unique concept of the Tamils/Sanatna Dharma.

I may add that many South Indian Temples have the 1000 pillars, e.g.Chidambaram.Warangal

Considering that Meenakshi was a Queen and her husband was Shiva, who is a pre Sanatana Dharma Deity, I should have looked deeper in the Americas about the Tamil presence.

I had written that Satyavrata Manu, ancestor of Lord Rama migrated to Ayodhya and his son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku Dynasty.

This was due to a great Tsunami in the South of India.

Tamil classical literature speaks of this event in great detail.

Around the same time, Shiva , with his son Ganesha left westwards of India, leaving Murugan(Subrahmanya ) behind.

He seems to have moved eastwards of India.

More to follow on this later.

Ganesha and Shiva left their legacy in the west of India before reaching the Arctic where the Rig Veda was composed.

Then they returned to India through Russia through the Khyber Pass, which was manipulated to show that Aryans invaded India.

The remains of Tamil culture in the Mesoamerican and many Nations of the west would support my theory as also the remains and in many cases thriving Sanatana Dharma in South East Asia.

The largest temple in Mexico City was the temple of Lord Shiva, the War God of the Mexican whom the Spanish invaders found entwined by golden snakes. This temple was built in the 15th century and had 3000 Deva-Dasis to perform religious ceremonials. The Mexican temple had the Gopuram style. Here you see a reconstruction of the same after it was destroyed by the Spaniards. The temples at Tikal in Mexico also bore the imprint of our famous temple at Madura. No wonder E. G. Squire in his American archaeological researches in 1851 wrote:

“It is believed a proper examination of these monuments would disclose the fact that in their interior structure as well as in their exterior form and obvious purposes these buildings correspond with great exactness to those of Hindustan and the Indian Archipelago.’Thousand Pillars of Tikal, Chichen Itza.jpg Group of a Thousand Columns at the Chichen Itza World Heritage Site. Image Credit. “Chichen-Itza-1000-Warriors-Columns” by Uspn – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

The layout of Chichen Itza site core developed during its earlier phase of occupation, between 750 and 900 AD. Its final layout was developed after 900 AD, and the 10th century saw the rise of the city as a regional capital controlling the area from central Yucatán to the north coast, with its power extending down the east and west coasts of the peninsula.The earliest hieroglyphic date discovered at Chichen Itza is equivalent to 832 AD, while the last known date was recorded in the Osario temple in 998….


The closest large modern settlements are Flores and Santa Elena, approximately 64 kilometres (40 mi) by road to the southwest.[12] Tikal is approximately 303 kilometres (188 mi) north of Guatemala City. It is 19 kilometres (12 mi) south of the contemporary Maya city of Uaxactun and 30 kilometres (19 mi) northwest of Yaxha. The city was located 100 kilometres (62 mi) southeast of its great Classic Period rival, Calakmul, and 85 kilometres (53 mi) northwest of Calakmul’s ally Caracol, now in Belize.


Chichen Itza is located in the eastern portion of Yucatán state in Mexico.The northern Yucatán Peninsula is arid, and the rivers in the interior all run underground. There are two large, natural sink holes, called cenotes, that could have provided plentiful water year round at Chichen, making it attractive for settlement. Of the two cenotes, the “Cenote Sagrado” or Sacred Cenote (also variously known as the Sacred Well or Well of Sacrifice), is the most famous.

According to post-Conquest sources (Maya and Spanish), pre-Columbian Maya sacrificed objects and human beings into the cenote as a form of worship to the Maya rain god Chaac. Edward Herbert Thompson dredged the Cenote Sagrado from 1904 to 1910, and recovered artifacts of gold, jade, pottery and incense, as well as human remains. A study of human remains taken from the Cenote Sagrado found that they had wounds consistent with human sacrifice.


CIA Operations That Blew Up

The acronym CIA,Central Intelligence Agency also sands for Caught In the Act because of its propensity in blowing up its operations at the most inconvenient time for the US or its president.

The US, I understand has Sixteen Intelligence Agencies.

The acronym CIA,Central Intelligence Agency also sands for Caught In the Act because of its propensity in blowing up its operations at the most inconvenient time for the US or its president.

The US, I understand, has  Sixteen Intelligence Agencies.

The List.

With all this the Intelligence arm the CIA is known for maverick operations and usually notorious for getting the facts wrong and devising funny operations like trying to kill Fidel castro by a Cigar!

I am listing a few operations that blew up.

Operation PBSUCCESS.

 CIA operation Guatemala 1954


PBSUCCESS was the code name for a CIA-backed coup led against the democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz, the President of Guatemala, in 1954. It’s one of the first in a long line of suspected or acknowledged CIA interventions in the governments of foreign countries, and it was indeed a tremendous success from the Agency’s point of view.—the first indication that such a feat could be accomplished relatively smoothly.

Elected in 1950, Arbenz set about instituting reforms aimed at making his country self-sufficient, by giving huge chunks of government land back to citizens. This rubbed the US Government the wrong way, as much of this land was “owned” by the United Fruit Company, a truly evil corporation with which the Eisenhower administration was snugly in bed at the time (CIA director Allen Dulles and his brother John, the Secretary of State, both had strong ties to the company).

The Agency snidely referred to Arbenz policies in internal memoranda as “an intensely nationalistic program of progress colored by the touchy, anti-foreign inferiority complex of the ‘Banana Republic.’ ” In other words, non-dependence on the US and its allies was not to be tolerated.

Four hundred and eighty CIA-trained mercenary soldiers, led by exiled Guatemalan military officer Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, forcibly wrested Guatemala from Arbenz’ control. While he and his aides were able to flee the country, CIA documents show that “the option of assassination was still being considered” right up until the day he resigned on June 27, 1954.

CIA project Operation Mongoose
Operation Mongoose


This operation was conducted by the Department of Defense in conjunction with the CIA, under Robert Kennedy’s supervision. He told his team at its first briefing that deposing Castro was “the top priority of the US government—all else is secondary—no time, money, effort, or manpower is to be spared.”

Among the dozens of extremely silly methods of assassination proposed: infecting Castro’s scuba gear with tuberculosis; planting exploding seashells at a favorite diving site; slipping him a poisoned fountain pen; and even even poisoning or slipping a bomb into one of his cigars. Castro’s bodyguard asserted that there were hundreds of CIA schemes on Castro’s life—and they all ended in failure, a gigantic waste of time and money. Castro was Cuba’s dictator for forty-nine years, stepping down in 2008 due to failing health, and appointing his younger brother as his replacement.

Production of Pornography.

The CIA produced a porno film starring a Sukarno look-alike, titled “Happy Days”, for distribution in Indonesia. Not that the culture generally frowns upon such things, but as the CIA understood it, “being tricked, deceived, or otherwise outsmarted by one of the creatures God has provided for man’s pleasure cannot be condoned” in Indonesian culture, and “what we were saying was that a woman had gotten the better of Sukarno.” The film went as far as production, and stills were made, but for some reason (perhaps common-sense) it was never deployed.

Bizarrely enough, this idea resurfaced shortly before the Second Gulf War, when the CIA suggested that a fake gay porno featuring Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden be produced in order to discredit these men in the eyes of their followers. This went nowhere—at least one official claiming that nobody would care. “Trying to mount such a campaign would show a total misunderstanding of the target. We always mistake our own taboos as universal when, in fact, they are just our taboos.

The May 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden was the result of an insane amount of intelligence collecting and planning; regardless of his crimes, conducting a US military operation to kill a foreign national on Pakistani soil was bound to have myriad consequences. A courier had been tracked to an Abbottabad compound, where it was pretty damn certain Bin Laden was hiding. But before conducting the raid, they had to be absolutely sure—and one method of collecting this proof was shady in the extreme.

The CIA recruited a respected Pakistani doctor to organize a fake vaccination drive in the town, and in the process collected thousands of blood samples from children in the area children—among them, as it turned out, Bin Laden’s children. Since theirs was a fairly upscale section of town, the campaign began in a poorer area to make it look more authentic, then moved on to the neighborhood housing the Bin Laden compound a month later—without even following up with the required second or third doses in the poor area. The whole thing worked—with consequences.

For one thing, Dr. Shakil Afridi—the doctor involved—has been convicted of treason by the Pakistani government and given a thirty-three-year prison sentence (“Wouldn’t any country detain people for working for a foreign spy service?” one Iranian official helpfully pointed out). For another, the campaign has caused irreparable damage to organizations that carry out legitimate vaccinations. There are deep-seated suspicions in many Middle Eastern regions about those who provide vaccinations, and this gambit to assist in finding Bin Laden has only bolstered those suspicions—particularly in Nigeria, India and of course Pakistan, where efforts to eradicate polio are ongoing.

The Mujahideen

Terror outfit developed by CIA


he CIA set up camps to train the rebels, known as Mujahideen, in the necessary tactics for beating back the Soviets. Advanced weaponry was also part of the deal, including—importantly—Stinger surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles. Soviet airstrikes had driven hundreds of guerrillas out of the cities and into the surrounding hills, and mitigating the effectiveness of those strikes proved to be essential in prolonging the conflict, placing a great strain on Soviet resources.

The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan almost until its collapse in the early 1990s, but the legacy of the Mujahideen lives on. The CIA are finding their own tactics and training turned against them by Mujahideen veterans who have begun their own training programs, producing highly trained and skilled terrorists who now make up the backbone of Al-Qaeda and other radical groups. The US discovered these ramifications the hard way after invading Afghanistan in 2001. The invasion led to a quagmire of an occupation, which—as of this writing—has dragged on for just as long as that of the Soviets.


‘Vice’ Photo GPS Lands McAfee In Custody!

John McAfee , the notorious computer anti-virus pioneer  has been on the run from police in Belize, where he’s wanted for questioning in connection to his neighbor’s murder was arrested when Vice Magazine, actively pursuing his story published his photograph.

He is heading a Company specializing in Anti Virus Soft ware and it is the GPS that tracked him.

His back ground makes an interesting read, worthy of Harold Robbins.

McAfee nailed.
The Photo That Nailed McAfee

VICE editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro and photographer/videographer Robert King have been following John McAfee for the past four days, documenting his life on the run. Rocco and Robert will continue to follow John until the conclusion of his journey and in the coming days will release exclusive preview footage of a forthcoming long-form documentary about his ordeal that will provide answers to many open questions and set the record straight. It will be nothing but absolutely epic, that much we can assure you.

UPDATE: The John McAfee saga is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Here is the latest. 

For media inquiries contact Alex Detrick.

Read more about John McAfee and why he’s running from the Belizean police: Bath Salts, Orgies, Murder, and Anti-Virus Software.’

This Magazine seems interesting,depends on how you look at it.

‘McAfee was living a self-exiled life in Belize keeping a harem of prostitutes and apparently experiment with drug manufacturing. Last month, his neighbor was murdered and police named him aperson of interest. McAfee fled, and has since become a traveling media shitshow, keeping the world up to date about his life on the lam on his blog, taunting authorities andblabbing to just about anyone who would listen. Read this New York Times story on McAfee for a good background on the story so far.

But this afternoon, it seemed like his life on the lam had come to a strange end when tits-and-drugs rag Vice accidentally revealed McAfee’s location. In a blog post, Vice Editor-In-Chief Rocco Castoro boasted that he was hanging out with John McAfee to make a documentary about him. Accompanying the post was the photo above of Castoro and McAfee, taken by Vice photographer Robert King. It had been taken with an iPhone and hadn’t been scrubbed of GPS data, which revealed it was taken just three hours earlier in Guatemala, near the border with Belize. You can see the exact GPS coordinates here.

McAfee Caught.
GPS Coordinates Revealed McAfee
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Volcano Erupts in Guatemala,People Flee Videos


More than 33,000 people are fleeing a sudden volcano eruption in Guatemala City.

Guatemalan emergency officials say the evacuees are leaving 17 villages around the Volcano of Fire, which sits 10 miles (16 km) from the city of Antigua.

The volcano is almost always active at a low level and smoke can often be seen billowing from its crater. But larger eruptions are generally rare.

Seismologists say a series of explosions have also been seen coming from the 12,346-ft-high (3,763-metre-high) volcano and lava has spewed 2,000ft (600 metres) down its slopes.

Thick clouds of ash can be seen billowing nearly 2 miles (3km) into the sky and rumblings were heard for several miles around.

_Sky News



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