Pillars Of Hercules Tribute To Krishna ?


The Pillars of Hercules (Latin: Columnae Herculis, Greek: Ἡράκλειοι Στῆλαι, Arabic: أعمدة هرقل‎, Spanish: Columnas de Hércules) was the phrase that was applied in Antiquity to the promontories that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The northern Pillar is theRock of Gibraltar (now part of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar). A corresponding North African peak not being predominant, the identity of the southern Pillar has been disputed through history,[1] with the two most likely candidates being Monte Hacho inCeuta and Jebel Musa in Morocco.

Lord Rama’s Empire extended throughout the world.

The landmass then called Gondwana.



“At the time of Atlantis and Rama, the Mediterranean was a large and fertile valley. This ancient civilization, pre-dating dynastic Egypt, was known as the Osirian Civilization. The Nile river came out of Africa, as it does today, and was called the River Stix. However, instead of flowing into the Mediterranean Sea at the Nile Delta in northern Egypt, it continued into the valley, and then turned westward to flow in the deepest part of the Mediterranean Valley where it created a large lake and then flowed out between Malta and Sicily, and south of Sardinia into the Atlantic at Gibraltar (the Pillars of Hercules). When Atlantis was destroyed in a cataclysmic upheaval, this cataclysmic change in the Atlantic slowly flooded the Mediterranean Basin, destroying the Osirian’s great cities and forcing them to move to higher ground. This theory helps explain the strange megalithic remains found throughout the Mediterranean

Pillars Of Hercules.jpg

Pillars Of Hercules.

Both Greeks and Romans habitually tried to understand the religions of India by trying to fit them as far as possible into Greco-Roman categories. Deities in particular were spoken of, not in Indian but in Greek terms and called by Greek names. Thus Shiva was identified as ‘Dionysos’, and Hare Krishna as ‘ Hercules’.

In a passage of the Rig Veda, Vac is praised as a divine being. Vac is omnipotent, moves amongst divine beings, and carries the great gods, Mitra, Varuna, Indra and Agni, within itself. The doctrine of Vac teaches that “all gods live from Vac, also all demi-gods, animals and people. Vac is the eternal being, it is the first-born of the eternal law, mother of the Vedas and navel of immortality.” Vedic Aryans attached such great importance to the spoken word that one who could not correctly pronounce Sanskrit was called barbar (meaning stammering). ‘

Hence one should not be too sure of the incredibility of the view of those who conceive that there is continuity between the parts about the Pillars of Hercules and the parts about India, and that in this way the ocean is one. As further evidence in favor of this they quote the case of elephants, a species occurring in each of these extreme regions, suggesting that the common characteristic of these extremes is explained by their continuity. Also those mathematicians who try to calculate the size of the earth’s circumference arrive at the figure only that the earth’s mass is spherical, but also that as compared with the stars it is not of great size. 400,000 stades. This indicates not only that the earth’s mass is spherical, but also that as compared with the stars it is not of great size…

Most pre-Ptolemaic Greek geographers did accept that Africa was bounded on all sides by the sea, except where it joined Asia. Ptolemy, however, supposed that not far below the Horn of Africa, the continent trended to the east, eventually joining the Chinese mainland and making of the Indian Ocean a landlocked sea. He may have been influ­enced in this by the pas­sage from De Caelo, where Aristotle    sug­gests that the presence of elephants in both Asia and Africa might indi­cate that the two conti­nents   were contiguous. Ptolemy compounded his error by postulating the exist­ence of a huge “Southern Conti­nent,” a Terra Australis, to the south of Africa. This imaginary continent did not finally disappear from European maps until the early 18th century.

Megasthanes took the legend of Krishna to Greece and had it incorporated  in Greek Legends.

See the excerpts towards the close of the Post.

Similarities between Krishna and Hercules.

Krishna’s Killing of Kalinga is similar to Hercules with Hydra.

Balarama Is Hercules.

There is also a view that Balaram is Hercules.

““The Hercules who penetrated so far, the Indians tell us, was a native of their country. He is particularly worshipped by the Suraseni (Shurasena), who have two great cities, Methora (Mathura) and Cleisoborus (Surapura), and the navigable river Jobares (Yamuna), passes through their territories. This Hercules, as Megasthenes asserts, and the Indians themselves assure us, uses the same habit with the Theban Hercules. Many male children, but only one daughter was born to him in India, for he married many women. The daughter’s name was Pandaea, and the land where she was born, and over which Heracles placed her as ruler, was named Pandaea after her.”

It is probable that the symbol of Pillar of Hercules was erected in honor of Lord Krishna even if Balarama was Hercules, Krishna being the most popular of the to brothers.







Fiji Subrahmanya Temple


I have posted articles pointing out the fact that Hinduism spread through far and wide since long.


Greece, Italy,Germany,Central America,Africa,Lanka,Pakistan,Middle east,Russia,Europe.


Now onto Polynesia.

Subramanya Swami Temple nadi, Fiji.jpg

Subramaniya Swami Temple,Nadi,Fiji


A Subrhamaya Swamy temple has been in existence since long and it has been renovated in Nadi, Fiji.


The present Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, located at the Northern end of Nadi Town, is perhaps one of the oldest and well-known temples in Fiji. After years of unremitting devotion by the votaries of this temple and its sacred shrines who came from every part of this Country particularly during its annual weeklong TIRUNALS, the temple grounds still remain hollowed by sacred memories extending over a long avenue of years into the distant past.

When Indians came from India during Indenture, they brought along with them their own tradition and culture including their various modes of religious worship. Of all their cultural and traditional activities, religious worship proved to be the engaging of their attention.

It was the wish of the Hindus of Fiji and T.I.S.I. Sangam in particular to build a temple which should be one of its kind. This wish originated some 15 years ago. And so, many attempts were made since by the various committees especially appointed for this purpose by the Council of Management of the T.I.S.I. Sangam but the times somehow proved unfavourable until year 1991. On September 1991, the ground breaking ceremondy in the presence of Rev. Swami Adhibhavanandaji and Thiru Chainnaiya Gounder (sirdar) Thiru Rama Swamai Naickar and Thiru Krishna Moopnar. Thiru Paramasivan – quantity surveyor, Thiru Venkataiya and Thiru Gyan Waradaraju – building supervisors and Thiru Navin Morarji – engineer agreed to provide their services for free.

During that year, Chairman, Thiru Narayan R.Reddy. left for overseas, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and India to raise funds and to meet various officials and people regarding the development of the temple.

In August 1992, the structural work on the main temple was completed. Silpis and painter arrived from India and the outcome of their work was very impressive.

In July 1994, all the idos and poojai requirement arrived from India. Also, the Sivacharya and Gurukkals arrived from India for the Maha Kumbahishegam. The new temple was embarked with a Mahakumbhabishegam held from 11th to 15th July 1994. This most special event took place in the gracious presence of Sri-la-Sri Gurudeva Sivaya Subramaniyaswamigal of Kawai Aadhenam, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Temple Timings

Temple Opening hours: 5.30am to 8.00pm

Pooja Times:

5.30am Suprabadha Dharshanam Sri Maha Ganapathy
5.45am Abhishekam & Alankaram
6.00am Shri Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam and Alankaram
6.15am Shri Meenakshi Devi Abhishekam & Alankaram
6.30am Shri Sundareswaran Abhishekam & Alankaram
6.45am Sri Subramanya Swamy Abhishekam & Alankaram
7.15am For All Pariwara Devatha offering Prasdam & Kapoor Arthi
7.30am Sri Subramanaya Swamy offering & Prasadam Special Deeparadhana
with Dhasopachara (10 items)
8.00am to 11.30am – Special Pooja Archanas for Devotees
11.30am Uchikala Pooja
11.45am to 7.00pm – Archanas for Devotees
7.00pm to 7.15pm – Sri Subramanya Swamy Evening offering Prasad &
Deeparadhana with Dhasoparas
8.00pm Temples Closes

Every Month Karthik Pooja is also celebrated here.
Pooja times during this time:

10.00am Shri Vigneswara Pooja
10.15am Maha Sankalpam
10.30am Shri Subramanya Swami Panchavarana pooja, for Kalasam & Hawan
11.30am Special Abhishekam for Kartik Swamy
12.30pm Special Prasadam & Aarthi
5.30pm Pariwara Devatha Archana
6.30pm Sri Subramanaya Swami Sahashranama Pooja
7.00pm Bhajans
7.30pm Utsav Moorthy Procession (only in Temple)
7.45pm Special Aarthi
8.00pm Maha Prasadam

Temple Address:

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple
P O Box 1230 Nadi,

Phone: 679 6700 977   Fax: 679 6703 777

Website: http://www.sangamfiji.com/

Email: sangam@connect.com.fj




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British Royalty From Dracula, The Prophet ,Street Sweeper

Genealogists ,researching into the yet to be born baby of Kate and William of England have a wide range of forefathers for the baby, from Dracula,princes in Romania, to even an Islamic sultan from Seville in Spain, who descended from the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.!

Kate Middleton Flashes vagina.

Kate Middleton Flashes vagina.

British Royalty is known for licentiousness; it seems that neither are Commoners .

Come to think of it, if we check our ancestry we might land up in even funny and bizarre family Tree!

There one finds, along all Britain’s kings, the sovereigns of Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Spain and a good number of German sovereigns. The British family was called Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until 1917, date on which, mired in a war with Germany, it opted for the name Windsor. On the side of the mother-to-be Kate Middleton, on the other hand, there is a majority of commoners. The late “Queen Mum”, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Diana, William’s mother, were not born princesses.




Italian magazine ‘Chi‘ ( in , a language of India means ‘revolting’!) published aPhoto of a pregnant (Kate Middleton in Bikini.

Australia’s Woman’s Day have confirmed they will also publish pregnant Kate photos

The Italian gossip magazine Chi has published the photographs, splashing images of Catherine in a bright blue bikini and sporting a clear baby bump on the cover.

St. James’s Palace slammed the photos as a “clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”




Sun Hotter Outside Than Inside. Why

I read an interesting article on this subject.


While we have been euphoric over Space Exploration, of Voyagers and landing on the Moon, we know very little about the Sun.


I have posted a blog observing that the information I studied about 50  years back are still being touted as the latest, despite the Scientists declaring, at every Total Solar Eclipse, that they are gathering information about The Sun and will reveal the secrets!


If they have found it, then it is well-kept secret.


In this confusion people do not seem to realize we know very little or next to nothing on Gravity or Electromagnetic Field.


I have posts on this and these are under Astrophysics.


We often mistake Technology or application of Science as Advancement of Theoretical Science.


Refer my posts under Science.


Now in path breaking Find, the reason for the Sun being hotter outside the Sun than the inside.


Onto The Article.


In a Nov. 5, 1997 NASA news conference, Dr. Alan Title said: “We have finally solved a 55 year old puzzle; why is it hundreds of times hotter outside the Sun than inside. The Sun is surrounded by the equivalent of an electric blanket. The blanket is heated by magnetism, however, not by electricity.” What they discovered is the electromagnetic energy fields depicted in the photo.

A Feb. 28, 2001 NASA program, Space Science Update, contained photos and information gathered by the SOHO, IMAGE ad polar satellites. Dr. Craig De Forest, said: “This is what the Sun looks like today. You can see it’s completely covered by active regions. They look like flames all over the surface that were caused by the emergence of new magnetic fields that opposes the direction of the old field. And they’re causing really exciting and dramatic events on the Sun; the largest explosions of the solar system and also profound effects here on Earth”.

What the satellites revealed very vividly is the unnoticed swirling magnetic fields and the electromagnetic energy loops connecting the circular magnetic fields around the high and low pressure areas depicted in the Oct. 17, 1990 Daily Californian newspaper photo over 22 years ago.. Since then many videos have been taken of the visible, vivid electromagnetic field current loops on the Sun. (see Click to see the page one – newspaper article from the Daily Californian Page 2


The Sun.

The Sun.

‘At a University of Cal. Berkeley conference in 1995, researchers from Greece described how they monitor Earth’s natural electromagnetic fields to predict quakes. Panaylotis Varotoas of the University of Athens, said: “There is a long–duration electrical anomaly before an earthquake,” and Stanford Researcher Tony Fraser-Smith, reported detecting an unusual surge in electromagnetic activity on the peninsula shortly before the 1989 Loma Prieta quake.

Then in 1990, Dr. Kirsch was Director of the Reuben Science Center when Mr. Patrick Glynn, Program Director of Copley Radio News Service tried to get one of their scientists to participate in a three way discussion of my concept. Dr. Kirsch replied in a letter dated March 14, 1990: “Mr. Chromie’s concept encompasses a number of disciplines including geology, physics and chemistry as well as astronomy. It may be difficult to find someone who is an expert in all of these fields, but we would suggest that you approach some of the researchers he refers to in his letter. These researchers would be ‘experts’ rather than generalists like our staff, and the resulting discussion would reflect up-to-the-minute research information to produce a highly interesting interview for your news service.”

I received the following 3 sentences in an e-mail from Gijs on March 28, 2013.


    Magnetism is something we totally forgot. (Since Einstein’s mass came mainstream and by that gravity won the headlines in physics). (Magnetism as driving factor behind many things is rediscovered aka emerging very fast in physics)


Imagine the progress that could have been made in science since 1978 if the scientists seriously began considering the concept of magnetism I have been trying to convince them is as important as they now recognize! For instance, I have received letters from the Editorial Director, Tim Chelling, of our local station KCS-TV, dated Feb. 12, 1979, stating “Thank you for your letter of Jan. 22 regarding electrical energy and other mysteries of physics.”

Walter Sullivan, Science Editor of The New York Times, in a letter dated April 18, 1979, wrote “Thank you for your letter sharing with us your ideas on the role of electromagnetism in the solar system.”

In a letter dated June 23, 1980, Pamela Cantori of the program Real People, wrote: “I have passed this information along to the head researcher of “Speak Up, America” and they will be researching it for the show”





Europe, Finance

Banks May Seize Your Small Savings

Most of us are aware of the Financial Crisis, when the Government seized amounts from the Bank account of small investors to manage its financial crisis, which triggered of a run on Banks . by people rushing to ATMs to withdraw their cash.

To defuse the situation the EU ,along with the creditors mainly Germany, made out a Bail plan and since it was suggested as being unworkable, a new package was devised.

Under this dispensation,Deposits under 100,000 euros will be protected.

The reasoning behind this is that these amount are (small amounts) are protected by Insurance!

I fail to understand that the Government will be losing the money appropriated ((or Misappropriated) by way of  the payment by the Insurers.

Even if the Insurance firms belong to private Sector, it will drive inflation further.

I do not know which Economic Genius thought out this plan!

More than this  is an interesting perspective from the ‘Business Insider

Now banks in EU may tap and seize your savings!

How long will it take to reach India?

I have been voicing about the inefficacy of the Keynesian Economics in my columns for quite some time.

First came Argentina,then Greece, Ireland,now Cyprus.

Western countries rm down an economic system which is not savings oriented, but spending oriented  on unsuspecting Nations by way of lending and squeeze when the Note is due, like Germany has done now to Cyprus.


Cyprus Crisis

Cyprus Crisis

As expected, Cyprus and the EU reached a new late-night bailout deal last night that will reduce the chance that Cyprus’s financial system and economy will completely implode.

The new deal is better than the last deal in one key respect:

  • Deposits under 100,000 euros will be protected

That’s very important. Those deposits were ostensibly “insured.” To seize them, the way the last bailout deal would have, would have been grossly unfair and would have set a truly alarming precedent.

Now, small depositors in European banks can breathe more easily. At least in this case of gross malpractice on the part of reckless bank managers, their life savings have been preserved.

Alas, the good news ends there.

Although deposits under 100,000 euros will be spared, deposits over 100,000 euros will be seized and subjected to an as-yet undetermined haircut–with the confiscated money going to bail out the gambling losses of the aforementioned reckless idiots who run some of Cyprus’s banks.

This seizure, needless to say, will dampen the enthusiasm of rich depositors for keeping money in banks that get themselves into financial trouble.

And because many, many banks in Europe have gotten themselves into financial trouble, this will create a general state of unease among rich depositors throughout the Eurozone.

And it should wig out some bank lenders, as well.

After all, never before in the history of this global financial crisis has a major banking system allowed depositors to lose money, no matter how reckless and stupid and greedy their bank managers have been. And only rarely have bank lenders–those who hold bank bonds–been asked to pony up.

In this case, however, the depositors will lose money. Perhaps a lot of money. And if there had been big bank debtholders in Cyprus, they probably would have been socked with losses, too.

It’s possible that everyone will just laugh off Cyprus, viewing it as an exceptional one-off. After all, the Cyprus banking system was notorious for being the offshore money-laundering arm of many Russian oligarchs, so many folks will likely view this asset seizure as a case of “just desserts.”

But this optimistic view of the Cyprus horrorshow overlooks one key fact:

The main reason that Cyprus depositors will lose their cash is because it has become politically difficult (impossible?) for leaders in Germany and other rich European countries to bail out their brethren in the “periphery” without taking many pounds of flesh.

And it is that precedent, in addition to the fate of big depositors in Cyprus, that should spook Europe’s big bank depositors and lenders.

If Germany is done bailing out countries and banks without having those countries and banks cover some of the cost, it’s not clear why Germany will relent next time Spain, Italy, Greece, and other countries in near-desperately bad financial shape come rushing to the EU with their hands out.

Unlike Cyprus, the banking systems in these countries do have bondholders that can get haircut before the depositors get haircut, but the effect will be the same.

For the first time since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, those who lend their money to banks or keep their money in banks are at risk.

Because the neighborhood loan shark (Germany) is now extracting much more onerous terms.