Tamil On Credit Cards Ramayana On Loans

One who spends more that what he earns, ( gets a loan to meet out his expenses), will lose his dignity, lose his mind and will be considered by all as thief in whatever he goes.

He will be a sinner in all his births and will be called bad even by the Good , despite all his other good Characteristics.

What his mental would be, when he faces the creditors?

Kambar, the Great Tamil Poet, in his Ramayana, answers this.

Fiji Subrahmanya Temple

I have posted articles pointing out the fact that Hinduism spread through far and wide since long.

Greece, Italy,Germany,Central America,Africa,Lanka,Pakistan,Middle east,Russia,Europe.

Now onto Polynesia.

Sun Hotter Outside Than Inside. Why

I read an interesting article on this subject.   While we have been euphoric over Space Exploration, of Voyagers and landing on the Moon, we know very little about the Sun.   I have posted a blog observing that the information I studied about 50  years back are still being touted as the latest, despite the Scientists declaring, at every Total Solar Eclipse, […]