Gravity Assumptions Galore.

‘Gravity is the Force that appears to attract Physical Bodies towards each other’. Let’s see how much we know about it.   Note the Definition, ‘appears to attract’ – We are not sure.   Einstein’s Views -‘Theory of  General Relativity‘ as applied to Gravity.   Space and Time , Spacetime condition Gravity.   “General relativity, or the general theory of […]

Greater Gravitation, Live Indefinitely

  Einstein’s Theory that Time is not a Constant and and that it Dilates, relative to Gravitation has been proved. If the Gravitation pull is less you age slower and if more  you age faster. Let’s extend this Logic further. If you keep on increasing the G, your longevity increases. So at a particular point of Gravitation, you would live indefinitely. But […]

Quantum,Tantric Practices,Pentagram and Satan Worship Videos

Advanced Theory of Quantum Gravity Model bears striking resemblances to Occultism,Tantric Practices and even Satan Worship practices Pentagram forms essential part in all these practices; so does it in Quantum. Please watch the videos and for reference on Tantric practices look up ‘Shakti and Shakta’ by Sir .John Woodroffe. As to logical sequencing the Saptha […]