Grahana Surya Chandra Eclipse Mantras

Hindus believe that the cosmic rays that radiate to the earth during the Solar and Lunar eclipses would affect the Human beings. They have Mantras to be recited during this period.. The eclipses are divided into three parts, Beginning, Middle and the portion from the middle to the end. Mantras recited during this period will give the thousand fold effect for any Mantra. Any good deed performed will yield results in a similar way.


Lunar Eclipse/Grahan December 2011.Live and details.

The Nakshatras(Stars) affected by the Eclipse/Grahan are . Rohini,Krthigai,Mrigasira,Hastha and Sravana(Thiruvonam). Following mantras may be recited during the Grahan. Kruththikaa: Bankajavaasini baabavimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube| Rohini: Mokshprathaayinee manjulabaashini rohinithevi sahaayakrube| Mrukaseersham: Manthra nivaasini chanthrapaththini mrukaseershathevi sahaayakrube| Hastham: Hana hara sakaaya aanantha poojithaaya hasthathevi sahaayakrube| Thiruvonam: Manimaya poojitha saantha soroopini thiruvonathevi sahaayakrube| People may take their … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse/Grahan December 2011.Live and details.