Kargil War Story, ‘Setting Up Zoo Priority’ Over Surveillance

What the Government of India and the Army tried to hush up is open . Not only the ground intelligence of the impending attack by Pakistan and the intrusion of Pakistani Irregulars into India, the Army was busy organizing a Zoo, vetoing Air Surveillance!


Government Pentavalent Vaccine Kills Children

I had posted about unsafe Vaccines being used in India, with the active participation of the Government of India. One such Vaccine, Pentavalent vaccine kills children. Story: (NaturalNews) Opposition is mounting in many developing countries against the use of pentavalent, or five-in-one, vaccines, which are being aggressively pushed by health authorities as a public health requirement. Reports indicate that an increasing number of mostly infants are dying not long after receiving the controversial jab, which is said to trigger an immune response to five different diseases in a single vaccine. For instance, V.S. Achuthanandan, the Leader of the Opposition in Kerala, India, recently stated publicly that pentavalent vaccines should no longer be included as part of the government's immunization program. Joining a chorus of opposition that recently erupted into a wave of protests, Achuthanandan referenced the many babies who have died following the vaccine as evidence that it should no longer be administered as part of the standard vaccination schedule.

Pocket Money Alarming Trends IndiaTakes Action

This is addition to what is being provided at Home by way of Food, Shelter Clothing, Study expenses and in fact covers everything. This concept is a new one, since about fifteen years,;even then, it was not followed as it is being done now. We were provided every thing by the parents at Home(about 50 years back) and I did not even know what to ask. I used accept what was given by my father. Even School textbooks were not asked for. If I needed something, which was rare, at times I used to ask my mother and what I wanted was provided, but never Money. Today, we find Pocket Money is being demanded as a matter of Right by the children and parents also consider this as a part of a Child growing into an adult! It sounds funny. Why does a child require Money and why do parents encourage it? One point is that the peer Pressure exerted on the Parents by the other parents on the one hand and , on the other,the pressure exerted by the child's friends. Many parents resort to this practice to show their status,also to assuage their guilt feeling of not being with the child as much as they would like because of the fact that both Husband and wife are employed. They think they are compensating this by giving money to children. At a relatively young age, say up to 10 years, if you bring up the child properly. the child would not ask for Pocket Money and what it needs is the fact that the Father/Mother personally bought something for him Once you allow the child the taste of money, it never leaves. The child develops a taste for things which it can not afford and assumes that the Money is there merely for the asking. When you have money, one tends to spend on things one does not need, this applies more to Adults,look at your credit card purchase-s you would have bought things which you would otherwise have not bought if you hard currency ;such being the case, imagine a child! When the child has more money it tends to develop bad habits like Smoking< Drinking and begin to use drugs.

Mumbai Attack Link ISI Pakistan Documents

Documents relating to the Link of Pakistani Extremists and ISI were released by The Government of India. These have been uploaded in Public Intelligence. Have a peep in here.

Government Lies on New 2 G Auction,Comparing Circle With Square?

The Government of India led by the vociferous Kapil Sibal, who seems to believe that higher decibel levels means the Truth and the assertion by others in the Comedy group led by Sonia Gandhi have stated that if the CAG's report of the notional loss of Rs.1,76,000 lakh crore were true, where is it, as the recent … Continue reading Government Lies on New 2 G Auction,Comparing Circle With Square?