Click Find Rail Bus Air,Hotels,Not Google Maps.

I received forward from my brother’s son about a site which gives you information on Distances between cities, Transport,Road,Bus,Train, Air-Hotels ..!.

And this is not Google Maps.

Very easy to navigate.

This information may not be new to the tech savvy but might be useful for ignoramus like me.

Here is the Link.

Google Hides These Places, Includes UFO Beacons

  These are the images Google does not want you to see.   They range from A Russian‘s House to UFO beacons.   Some are blocked because of Terrorist Threat, some┬áNuclear┬áInstallation,NATO and some we do not know why. For more: Related articles Google Captures Identical UFOs,Thousand Miles Apart,Video  

Google Captures Identical UFOs,Thousand Miles Apart,Video

Google Street View captured two identical unidentified objects in Jacksonville,Arizona,US. At both locations the same object appears in the sky hovering over the street and was first pointed out to ABC News affiliate KLTV in East Texas by Andrea Dover who noticed the first UFO while using Google Maps to get directions. The red orb-like […]