Who Owns Google ,Who Google Controls?

I have blogged on the Media ownership in India,US aware of the fact that, in a Democracy who controls information decides power equation.


This morning it struck me that I never bothered to check on the ownership pattern of Google.


While Googling, the information I obtained was very meager and sanitized.


I did a search with Bing, with slightly better results.


After going through the material, I feel that if you r to be secretiveness, you have something to hide.


You try talking to some one in Google office India, you would be surprised that how people can refuse to part with any information without being offensive-even if the information you ask for is very mundane.


Standard answer ‘Google it’


Now Read on .



Google search: seen by a smaller proportion of UK desktop users in October 2012.


‘That being said, I have noticed how little users actually know about Google. We all use it everyday, but when it comes to who owns it or what the company does own-people are sometimes clueless. With the recent merger talk of Yahoo and Microsoft, I saw countless questions as to if Google already owned Yahoo. The answer of course is no, but Google does own so much more. The company is said to own over 500 domain names some bought by Google themselves, others bought by companies that were bought by Google.

As for the acquisitions Google has-the list is endless. According to mydigmedia.com, Google owns:


Pyra Labs-Blogger

Neotonic Software-for CRM

Applied Semantics-for search

Kaltix Corp-for context sensitve search

Genius Labs-for blogging

Ignite Logic-web templates for law firms

Picassa-digi photo management

Keyhole Group-digital mapping

Where 2 Technologies-digital mapping

ZipDash-maps and traffic for mobile devices

2Web Technologies-spreadsheets


Dodgeball-mobile social networking

Reqwireless Inc.-Java browser

Current Communications Group-broadband internet

Android-software for mobile phone o/s

Transformic Inc-search engine for deep/invisible web

Skia-graphics software engineering

DMarc Broadcasting-digital radio broadcasting

Measure Map-analytics for blogs

Upstartle-Writely, document editor for the web

@Last Software-SketchUp 3D modeling

Orion-Referral search engine

Neven Vision-automatic information extraction from jpgs

Jotspot Ind-wiki platform for websites

YouTube-online video company

Endoxen-geomapping software

Xunlei-filesharing app for the web

Adscape Media-in-game advertising

Gapminder’s Trendalyzer-presentation software

Doubleclick-ad platform for the web

Tonic Systems-document conversion technology

Marratech-video conferencing technology

Green Border Technologies-secure web browsing tech

Panoramio-photo site sharing for Google Earth

Feedbumer-RSS feed distribution analytics and management

GrandCentral-mobile voice management

Postini-communications security and compliance

As you can see, Google does not own Yahoo. That can of course change in the upcoming months. Google has a lot of initiatives still to come. They recently released what they refer to as Android operating system, which very well could take over the Iphone market as well.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page both started Google while in their twenties. The two met in the science program at Stanford. They dropped out of school and started Google from a friends’ garage in 1998. Brin currently serves as president of technology at Google and Page heads product division. The two are said to be worth $18 billion.

Google controls the majority of the Internet. I happen to think this is not a bad thing. They seem to be innovative, responsible, generous and just plain brilliant. I think if anyone can keep moving technology forward, it is Google. I would not mind them controlling the net. They seem to be doing an excellent job so far. Only time will tell though as far as the future is concerned. I, for one, look forward to seeing what Google controls or comes up with next!”

Read this apt comment.


“Anything this powerful is a threat to liberty. They can do what they like, and are intruding more and more into our personal information. Now I’m told by Google that the ad I was running with Adwords is not being allowed because my site lacks enough content and too many ads! The site is a business site and provides the information to visitors I wish it to. It has pages of content and only two small square box ads apart from the Google adsense skyscraper! Yet they claim it ‘violates’ Googles policy of too many ads to content as if it’s just an ad farm which it isn’t.

It is no business of Google’s to judge sites. It’s arrogance, and it’s what you get from the too-powerful. Forget governments, Google could become the police state all on its own, it is gathering vast amnounts of information, holds archives not just of websites but of our searches. It is inherently dangerous and I don’t share the writer#s sanguinity or optimism. Facebook is showing the same tendency to megalomania.”


Will some body from the IT Industry send me information on Google ownership?




‘The first funding for Google as a company was secured on August 1998 in the form of a $100,000USD contribution from Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, given to a corporation which did not yet exist.[24](wiki)


Look at the above-‘ given to a corporation which did not yet exist”


List of Companies acquired by Google.


There are 119 Companies. Visit.





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Set up Google Cloud Print.

This is how you set up Google Cloud Print.

  • The Google Chrome web browser.
  • A regular or internet-enabled printer. (Virtually any printer is fine, but the setup process varies depending on the type of printer you have.)
  • An active, internet-connected computer that the printer is connected to if it is not an internet-enabled printer.
  • A Google account. (If you don’t have one, sign up for one here.)


Google Cloud Print is an under-appreciated service that can send print jobs from virtually anywhere to a connected printer in any other location. Normally that involves tedious configuration on your network, but Cloud Print can do it in just a few minutes. It’s really easy to set up, and there are a few things you can do to extend its support beyond the browser to make all your printing tasks a lot easier. Here’s a look at what it can do, how you can set it up, and how to make it even better.

Google Cloud Print makes it possible to send any document or image to a printer from any location. For example, if you wanted to print out a letter at home while at work, you could use the service to send that letter to your home printer and have it waiting for you when you get back. Normally this kind of setup requires a tedious network configuration, but with Google Cloud Print you just click a few buttons and you’re done. The service can also print web pages and other documents to PDF format and save them in your Google Docs account. This is can be especially handy if you’re keeping your account synchronized with all your computers using a third-party service called InSync (more info here). Basically, if you want to print anything from any device to practically any location, Google Cloud Print can make that happen.

Google Tools For Students.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

 Use  Google Forms, to can email questions and data to others and it will automatically fill in your spreadsheet, making it very easy to collect information.

Revert to an earlier versionIf you’re sharing access to a document in Google spreadsheets, you might want to go back to an earlier version before someone made changes. The program makes that simple. Click on File and then revision history to make changes.

  1. Chat while editing. Because Google has many integrated features, you can chat with your classmates, research subjects or professors while you chart data.
  2. Insert a formula. Formulas can make you life a whole lot easier, allowing you to perform functions on a cell or a group of cells to better organize and analyze your data.
  3. Spice it up with gadgetsWhy stick with a boring old spreadsheet when you can spice things up with some gadgets? Try out a few to make your data much more visually appealing.
  4. Track your financesIf your spreadsheet is related to the stock market, then Google makes things pretty simple by integrating Google Finance with Google Spreadsheets.
  5. Google search inside a spreadsheetThink of a question while you’re working on your spreadsheet? Get answers without ever leaving it with a feature that lets you use Google search right within your document.
  6. Color code it. If you want to better organize your data, colors can be a big help. With Google Spreadsheets, it’s simple to color code and highlight just about anything you want. If you want to get fancy, you can have these colors automatically change within a given set of guidelines.
  7. Track changes. Whether you’re working with a group or on your own, it can be useful to track your changes as you go. You can see them in a list or receive emails each time a change is made.
  • Essential for working with Google Spreadsheets.
  • Ctrl+A: Hit these keys and you’ll select all the data in your spreadsheet.
  • Ctrl+S: While Google Spreadsheets has an autosave function, you’ll still want to save using this shortcut as well.
    • Ctrl+W: 
    • When you’re done with your work, hit control and the W key to close the document.

    • Ctrl+Shift+S: If you need more than one copy of your spreadsheet, this combination of keys will let you easily make a duplicate.
    • Ctrl+O: To get started with work, use this shortcut to open an existing document.
    • Ctrl+P: Sometimes you just need a hard copy to look at. Hit these keys to print one.
    • Ctrl+N: Start a new project by using this shortcut which brings up a new document.
    • Ctrl+Z: Made a mistake? No problem, simply undo the changes using these keys.
    • Ctrl+Y: Want to undo that undo? Hit control and Y to redo any action again.
    • http://www.onlinecollege.org/2011/05/03/50-fantastic-google-spreadsheet-shortcuts-for-students/


  1. These tools will help you do everything from learning how to finance your education to getting the best deals on the books for your classes.
  2. http://www.onlinecollege.org/2009/08/25/100-free-and-essential-web-tools-for-the-college-bound/
  3. Mobile Editing.
  4. Google has enabled many of the same mobile editing capabilities in Google Docs, for Google Spreadsheets.

    You can now edit Google Spreadsheets in 45 languages on Android, IPhone and IPad devices.