How NSA Listened 540 Million Calls A Month

Edward Snowden , as we are all aware,leaked information on How NSA spied on US citizens and Foreign Governments.

Most , in fact all the taps are illegal as no wiretap can be done with out a warrant and there is evidence of warrant having been issued.

The German Daily Der Spiegel did a cover story on how the NSA tapped the West Germans including its Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A report states that NSA has possibly listened  to 380 million calls in the US and 60 Millions in Spain!

NSA Listens illegally
NSA Files

No information is safe!

Number of Calls listened to by NSA.

2 November 2013

Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 16:48:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: xxxxx[at]
To: cryptome[at]
Subject: Correcting the US figure

It seems that Greenwald already listed the US DNR total, and since he is looking at better images than I am (I am reading the Hindu’s images), I’m inclined to take his total. (though not the interpretation of it, I’ve gone into the reasons enough times)

“There are no precise figures, but last January Brazil was just behind the United States, which had 2.3 billion phone calls and messages spied.”

I have a US aggregate figure from Le Monde (3,095,533,478), Greenwald’s rounded DNR figure from O Globo (2,300,000,000), which leaves the approximate US DNI total to be (795,533,478)

The revised DNR figures:

Pakistan: 12.76 billion
Afghanistan: 21.98 billion
India: 6.28 billion
Iraq: 7.8 billion? (blurry image)
Saudi Arabia: 7.8 billion ? (blurry image)
United States: 2.3 billion
Egypt: 1.9 billion ? (blurry image)
Iran: 1.73 billion
Jordan: 1.6 billion
Germany: 361 million
France: 70.2 million
Spain: 61 million
Italy: 46 million
Netherlands: 1.8 million
The rest of the world: Lots and Lots

Total: 124.8 billion.Dec 20, 2013.

Revised fig. in the Image.

It looks to me a lot like the Le Monde stories will follow the path of the Brazilian and Indian stories. It has occurred to me that this same story can also be told for many, many other countries: der Spiegel has already published BOUNDLESSINFORMANT graphs for the following: Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. If we take careful measurements of these graphs, and work out the appropriate scaling, we can determine how many telephone metadata records we have in each of these countries over the same 30 day period (DNR). The accuracy will be plus or minus 1 pixel, scaled appropriately. I have enclosed my chart.

The bottom Line:

Germany: 361 Million
France: 70 Million
Spain: 61 Million
Italy: 46 Million
Netherlands: 1.8 Million

Total: 539.8 Million

NSA Listens.
NSA Listening details.

Merkel has nothing to fear domestically from the recent turn of affairs. The election is over, the conservatives and the center-left Social Democrats are already in official negotiations toward forming a new government. No one wants to poison the atmosphere with mutual accusation.

Nevertheless, Merkel must now answer the question of how much she is willing to tolerate from her American allies.

Posing as Diplomats

A “top secret” classified NSA document from the year 2010 shows that a unit known as the “Special Collection Service” (SCS) is operational in Berlin, among other locations. It is an elite corps run in concert by the US intelligence agencies NSA and CIA.

The secret list reveals that its agents are active worldwide in around 80 locations, 19 of which are in Europe — cities such as Paris, Madrid, Rome, Prague and Geneva. The SCS maintains two bases in Germany, one in Berlin and another in Frankfurt. That alone is unusual. But in addition, both German bases are equipped at the highest level and staffed with active personnel.

The SCS teams predominantly work undercover in shielded areas of the American Embassy and Consulate, where they are officially accredited as diplomats and as such enjoy special privileges. Under diplomatic protection, they are able to look and listen unhindered. They just can’t get caught.

Wiretapping from an embassy is illegal in nearly every country. But that is precisely the task of the SCS, as is evidenced by another secret document. According to the document, the SCS operates its own sophisticated listening devices with which they can intercept virtually every popular method of communication: cellular signals, wireless networks and satellite communication.

The necessary equipment is usually installed on the upper floors of the embassy buildings or on rooftops where the technology is covered with screens or Potemkin-like structures that protect it from prying eyes.

That is apparently the case in Berlin, as well. SPIEGEL asked British investigative journalist Duncan Campbell to appraise the setup at the embassy. In 1976, Campbell uncovered the existence of the British intelligence service GCHQ. In his so-called “Echelon Report” in 1999, he described for the European Parliament the existence of the global surveillance network of the same name.

Campbell refers to window-like indentations on the roof of the US Embassy. They are not glazed but rather veneered with “dielectric” material and are painted to blend into the surrounding masonry. This material is permeable even by weak radio signals. The interception technology is located behind these radio-transparent screens, says Campbell. The offices of SCS agents would most likely be located in the same windowless attic.

No Comment from the NSA

This would correspond to internal NSA documents seen by SPIEGEL. They show, for example, an SCS office in another US embassy — a small windowless room full of cables with a work station of “signal processing racks” containing dozens of plug-in units for “signal analysis.”


Best And Worst Passports

Henley and Partners have a compiled a List of The Best and Worst passports of the world.


Contrary yo what one assumes by the terms, the best and worst e determined based on the Visa restrictions to travel by the host countries.

One would find the West at the Top of the List, for the Best Passports naturally.

Of the worst the top six worst  passports, four are from the South Asian Countries., not Africa or the Middle east,Iran included.

India ranked higher than all three countries at 74. Many intervening positions were shared by several countries, showing India ranked much higher than other nations.

An indication of from whom or where the US expects benefits and from where the Nation has been fully exploited.

The firm explains:

In today’s globalized world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movement of foreign nationals across borders. Almost all countries now require visas from certain non-nationals who wish to enter their territory. Visa requirements are also an expression of the relationships between individual nations, and generally reflect the relations and status of a country within the international community of nations.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top ranks of the index are held by European countries. Finland, Sweden and the U.K. share first place, being allowed to access 173 countries in the world without applying for a visa. Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and the U.S. follow in second place, with access to 172 countries in the world without a visa.

The Worst Passports.

Worst Passports 1
Lebanon Lebanese citizens can access 38 countries without a visa. Caption: In this Oct. 7, 2005 photo, Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines airplanes are parked at Rafik Hariri international airport, in Beirut, Lebanon. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)
Worst Passports.
Sri Lanka Sri Lankans can access 38 countries without a visa. Caption: A newly-delivered Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft is given a water cannon salute at the Bandaranaike International airport in Colombo on May 19, 2011. (LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP/Getty Images)
Worst Passports
Sudan Sudanese citizens can access 38 countries without a visa. Caption: South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir arrives at Khartoum airport on September 3, 2013 for a one-day visit to the Sudanese Capital. (ASHRAF SHAZLY/AFP/Getty Images)
Worst Passports.
Nepal Nepalese citizens can access 37 countries without a visa. Caption: In this Sunday, May 26, 2013 photo, a flight takes off for Katmandu from Lukla airport, Nepal. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)
Worst Passports
Pakistan Pakistanis can access 32 countries without a visa. Caption: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 747-300 passenger plane makes its final approach for landing at the airport in Islamabad on September 13, 2013. (FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP/Getty Images)

1. UK, Finland, Sweden (number of visa-free countries 173)

2. Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, USA (172)

3. Belgium, Italy, Netherlands (171)

4. Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain (170)

5. New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria (168)

6. Australia, Greece, Singapore (167)

7. South Korea (166)

8. Iceland (165)

9. Malaysia, Malta (163)

10. Liechtenstein (159)

… and the worst

Afghanistan (28)

Iraq (31)

Pakistan, Somalia (32)


UFO Filmed with Night Vision.

Now, we can expect NASA denial.

The video has no clearly defind reference points, like the appearance of ground, trees, hills, buildings and, even, stars. At the end of the video — and to the apparent surprise of the videographer — one of the triangles takes off at incredible speed.

Is this a legitimate night vision video showing unexplained objects in the sky? Just because someone claims that night vision equipment was used to produce evidence of unknown aircraft, does that mean we should accept it as fact?

“The video has signs of night vision fakery,” according to former FBI special agentBen Hansen. “It looks like they added a night vision video effect with a green tint and even some ‘grainy noise’ — the sparkling pixels which are common when night vision is shot in near complete darkness.”

Hansen, the lead investigator of the Syfy Channel‘s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” series, told The Huffington Post in an email that the triangular objects in the Germany video “are too defined. Although the latest night vision technology is very good, when we film in near total darkness, the most intensely lit objects typically give off a slight ‘halo’ or ‘blooming’ effect.’


Weird Hotel Rooms Photo Essay.

Some of the Weird Hotel Rooms in this Photo Essay.

Weird Swiss Hotel Room
Silver Mine Hotel Room,Switzerland.

The Mine Suite
After arriving at Sweden‘s Sala Silvermine, you’ll be treated to a guided tour of the “Festivity Hall” that culminates in a complimentary refreshments basket full of cheese, biscuits, fruit, chocolate, and sparkling wine. Then they’ll take you to your actual mineshaft quarters, 155 meters underground. Test your intercom (cell phones don’t really work down there), and take note of the bathroom’s location — about 50 meters from the suite, a super-fun walk when you’ve really got to go and it’s 18ºC.

Bed designed in beer barrel.
Beer Barrel Bed, Germany.

Airbnb’s Beer Barrel Bed
Head over to Ostbevern, Germany, and book a private room with this queen-sized oddity. If you have trouble nodding off, just take some sleeping pilsners.

Hotel like a Bus,
Mobile Hotel.

This “mobile hotel” takes all the best parts of living in a “can” from season two of The Wire and puts them on the road, complete with amenities like flatscreens and luxury toilettes.

The Ice Hotel.
Ice Hotel of Sweden.

Ice Hotel
Notable for inspiring the “Ice Palace” in the not-even-remotely notable Bond flick Die Another Day, the frozen jewel of Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna, Sweden is the closest you’ll ever come to sleeping in a -5 to -8ºC igloo, unless you have relatives who are Inuits, in which case enjoy Thanksgiving. The beds are literal blocks of ice with a wooden frame, mattress, and reindeer skins (“Make fun of my nose now, Dasher!”), and each morning, the staff will wake you up with a cup of hot lingonberry juice. You should thank god that’s not a euphemism.


Ant With Eye-patch!

Scientists have discovered a strangely patterned new insect in the Philippines, dubbing it the “pirate ant” because of a dark stripe over its eyes that makes it look like it’s wearing an eye patch.

Ant with yepatch
The unique stripe over the pirate ant’s eye gives the impression of an eye-patch. / BERNHARD SEIFERT/LIVESCIENCE.COM

The formal name of the newfound creature is Cardiocondyla pirata, and belongs to a group of species that are found from Thailand across the whole Indonesian-Malaysian region.

“On a collection trip to the Philippines we looked for different species of the genus Cardiocondyla that is known for its astonishing morphological and behavioral diversity of male ants,” Sabine Frohschammer, a doctoral student at Germany‘s Universitat Regensburg, said in a statement.

Frohschammer and colleagues picked up some already known species, but then found an unidentifiable one lurking between big stones in a shady streambed.

“Due to the darkness of the rain forest and the translucent body parts of the tiny ants they were nearly invisible,” the researchers said. “Under bright light and a magnifier we detected the nice stripe across the eyes and therefore always referred to these species as ‘the pirates.'”

The purpose of this ribbon of pigment on the mostly pigment-free pirate ants remains a mystery, the researchers say, especially since it has not been seen on any other creature of its kind. Pirate ants mate in the dark, and they have poor sight, relying mostly on chemical and tactile recognition cues, not visual ones, for communicating with other individuals in their species. That characteristic eliminates the possibility that the “eye patch” could serve as some sort of sexual signpost, the researchers say.