Your Eye Saves Passwords Myris Scan

I find it difficult to remember passwords for websites. Even a simple password I forget. The pass words my son , son-in-law make me swoon, so complicated. So I save them in a folder. Simple, you would think. I create folders in such a fashion with such exotic names I find it difficult to locate […]

TV Collects Your Personal Data

One is used to websites tracking your History.

Then came the Mobiles.

There have been various regulations in force , on paper.

I have posted quite a few Posts on how to protect one’s personal Data.

Now the Spying enters your Home too.

There have been reports of LG TVs collecting personal data and forwarding to the Company.AP and Huffington Post report.

Find Original Phone Fake Mobile/Cell

There are fake mobile phones flooding the market. Follow instructions to find if your Mobile Phone is original.   Related Articles Optimizing Your Site For Mobiles ( When You Should Not Buy a Used Cell Phone (