Pakistan Arrests Nine Month Baby On Murder Charge

A Nine month old baby is being put on trial for attempting to murder Police. Read this crazy story from Pakistan.


TIMES NOW ‘Arnab Goswami’ At His Best

I receive good forwards from my son-in-law. They are generally informative and some times really funny. I could not resist sharing one here. I do not want to mar it by my comments.   Thanks Vikram. Related articles 4 Moments When Arnab Goswami Is The Most Badass Guy On T.V ( 20 Million Paycheck … Continue reading TIMES NOW ‘Arnab Goswami’ At His Best

ABC TV Reporter Draws Penis Live

Some times results can be unintentional. ABC reporter drew a Penis accidentally while Live on TV! Story: Local ABC reporter Siobhan Riley was innocently drawing on a map to show her loyal viewers how road construction might be affecting their daily commutes. But Riley, a reporter for ABC affiliate WJRT-TV, accidentally drew a giant penissmack in the middle … Continue reading ABC TV Reporter Draws Penis Live

Arrested Animals Photo Essay

Law is an ass. In a case involving the  rent payable to the Temple for the shops constructed in Temple property, the Presiding Deity was served a Court Notice to appear in Person . In its Profound Wisdom Law had animals arrested for one crime or another. For Details Hover Over the Image. Source: reading Arrested Animals Photo Essay

Nice Space GIF Essay

Nothing to comment excepting it is fun. Sources: