Pakistan Arrests Nine Month Baby On Murder Charge

Bizarre it night seem , it is true.


A Nine month old baby is being put on trial  for attempting to murder Police.


Read this crazy story from Pakistan.



At nine-months-old, babies are typically improving their fine motor skills and learning to become expert crawlers. They can even coordinate the movement of both hands and are capable of picking up objects.

But how about plotting to murder police by stoning them to death and steal gasoline? Probably not.

So, it seems a bit odd that Muhammad Mosa Khan, a nine-month-old boy also known as “Musa,” appeared in a Pakistani court this week for these charges

Musa was one of 30 people attempting to steal gas in the city of Lahore, according to police.

His charges, filed on February 1, claim he attacked workers at the state-run company and threw stones at officers.

The infant’s father, who was also accused, argues otherwise. He told the Times of India that the group was protesting against a recent electricity shortage, not trying to steal gas.

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From Fist to know,


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TIMES NOW ‘Arnab Goswami’ At His Best

I receive good forwards from my son-in-law.

They are generally informative and some times really funny.

I could not resist sharing one here.

I do not want to mar it by my comments.


Thanks Vikram.


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ABC TV Reporter Draws Penis Live

Some times results can be unintentional.

ABC reporter drew a Penis accidentally while Live on TV!

A Reporter Accidentally Draws Penis
Reporter Accidentally Draws Penis Live


Local ABC reporter Siobhan Riley was innocently drawing on a map to show her loyal viewers how road construction might be affecting their daily commutes.

But Riley, a reporter for ABC affiliate WJRT-TVaccidentally drew a giant penissmack in the middle of downtown Saginaw, Mich.


Arrested Animals Photo Essay

Law is an ass.

In a case involving the  rent payable to the Temple for the shops constructed in Temple property, the Presiding Deity was served a Court Notice to appear in Person .

In its Profound Wisdom Law had animals arrested for one crime or another.

For Details Hover Over the Image.

Arrested Animals.
Oscar, the Cat Burglar
Arrested Animals
Bobby, the Indian in Pakistan
Arrested Animals.
The Pigeon Spy
Arrested Animala.
The Magical Goat
Arrested Animals.
Gosha, the hobo monkey


Nice Space GIF Essay

Nothing to comment excepting it is fun.

Space Locomotion
Space Locomotion
The Sun Gif
Galaxy Gif.
Our Galaxy
Space jump by a Cat
Cat’s Space Jump. This gif of the infamous internet cat jump mashed together with Felix Baumgartner’s space jump is why the internet was created Created by Reddit’s CharlieDarwin2
Effects of Gravity in Space,Crying-gif.
Crying in space