New Humans?

Ancient bone find may change RP’s human history -, Philippine News for Filipinos What’s Next in Human Evolution? (cartoon) Indian mythologies list the following types who resemble human beings with different physical and mental attributes. Devas Gandharvas. Kimpurushas. Kinnaras. Asuras. Vaanaras. Of interest is that excepting the last two,who are supposed to be extinct … Continue reading New Humans?


Top Ten Discoveries of 2009: Nat Geo News’s Most Viewed

National Geographic News's most popular coverage of 2009 scientific finds is swarming with megamouth sharks, giant snakes, a transparent-headed fish, and rare species rescued from obscurity—then eaten. 10. Ultra-Rare Megamouth Shark Found, Eaten In March, the 41st megamouth shark ever found went from swimming in Philippine waters to simmering in coconut milk. 9. Ancient Gem-Studded … Continue reading Top Ten Discoveries of 2009: Nat Geo News’s Most Viewed

New discovery and it might alter the views on their habits and as well as their extinction.</