How To Keep Food In a Refrigerator.

As an after thought things that are meant to be kept at Frozen or low temperatures are accommodated.

In a Typical Brahmin Household, you would find in a Fridge,

Vathal Kuzhambu, prepared in BC,

Side dished prepared with Coconut emanating stale odor,

Sambhar made , of course eons ago,you would find hardly a teaspoon of it,

Boiled unused Milk,

Cut Fresh Vegetables, cut about a week ago,

Understanding Food Labels.

Labels on packs is ¬†as difficult to read as ‘conditions apply’. In the case of Food products it seems to me that the manufacturer’s aim is to comply with the regulation and at the same time make sure that you do not read what is written. I came across information that tells you understand the […]

Amazon Sells Banned Withdrawn Drugs

As things stand with drawn and banned drugs are sold in the open market.

Amazon sells Banned Drugs.
Amazon sells Banned Drugs.
A case in point is Brufen, Ibubrufen combination.

Worse these re prescribed by Doctors.

Now Amazon sells withdrawn and banned Drugs online!

Why the authorities issue only warnings!


Internet giant is selling salvia, despite warnings from campaigners
Nitrous oxide and poppers are on sale as well

Cholesterol Control Drug Causes Cancer

The best-selling statin is atorvastatin which in 2003 became the best-selling pharmaceutical in history, with Pfizer reporting sales of US$12.4 billion in 2008., is now fond to be a cause for Breast Cancer in women.

Earlier Studies were conducted on women for Five years, did not reveal any contraindications, side effects.

But recent research has proved that Statin causes Breast Cancer, in addition to Myositis and myopathy,and Diabetes

Women who take statins for more than a decade face double the risk of contracting the most common type of breast cancer.