RSS Complaint To Election Commission Rahul ‘Hindu Hatred’

The Great Grand son of Mahatma Gandhi had asked Rahul Gandhi to’ shut up and leave Gandhi alone’ in a retort to Rahul Gandhi’s accusation that the RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi, through a Tweet and sharing it in Facebook.

RSS has filed a complaint to the Chief Election Commissioner on Rahul Gandhi’s hate speech against the Hindus.

The copy of the Complaint is below.

On Charge Mobile Burns Palm

Despite warnings from the Manufacturers and those who are in the know ,people still talk on their Cell Phones, when it is under Charge.

I came across a Photo in Facebook that a Boy had his palm burnt severely in Bombay.

I have seen people speaking on mobile phones while rings

Fast Page Loading Themes Blogs

I have used almost all of them under the mistaken impression it enhances my sites aesthetics and the information provided by these widgets are useful for the reader.

Traffic to blog posts, I have noticed, is because of Content.

What we write, and its usefulness to the reader drives traffic.

And authenticity with sources for the information.

Anything more than this distracts the reader.

People browse, in general,for fast and relevant information

There are exceptions where people want to pass time.

For this they have a lot of sites including social networking sites like Facebook,Myspace,Tumblr, thought he last one accommodates serious stuff as well.

One has to choose a Theme which has minimum elements technically yet loads faster.

The Color schemes may have a role in this.

‘Thaali’ Mangal Sutra’ Not A Part OF Vedic Marriage

I have posted some articles on the Samskaras or the Rites of The Hindus and on Hindu marriages.

Yesterday, my brother’s daughter posted a message in Facebook asking me to write on ‘Thaali, Metti’ and their significance in Hindu marriages,

Thalli in Tamil and Mangal Sutra in Hindi has no place in Vedic marraiges.

In Vedic marriages marriage has two names Panigrahana and Kanyadaan, handing over and Gifting away the daughter.

Cable TV Decline Google Facebook Rise

Though the figures are not alarming, it shows a clear pattern of preference to Online TV watching, provided by Google and Facebook.

One reason is the cost of the local cable.

Another is the technology.

The unlimited channels available Online can not be matched by Cable TV.

The quality of the videos are so fine that they can not be matched by the Cable TV.

On the concern side is also the fact that Smart TVs spy on you.

So are the internet sites.