Ramanis Prayer Portal

I have received quite a few emails over the last few days as to why I have not posted any new post. Nor have I replied the comments on this site. Usually I reply the  comments immediately. The reason why I did not post a new article is that my daughter met with a serious … Continue reading Ramanis Prayer Portal


ISIS Terror Threat India Blocks 32 Websites Vimeo,Dailymotion

Indian government has asked internet service providers and mobile operators to block access to 32 sites in the name of its censorship laws GitHub, Archive.org, Imgur, Vimeo, Daily Motion and Pastebin are some of the more familiar names included on the list, a key excerpt of which was made public by Pranesh Pakesh, a director at the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore...

Why Shiva When There Is Vishnu In Veda

Religion is an Experience. One can feel it, experience, never know it. Like pleasure,pain' hunger, thirst, these are to be felt. When some one says I know pain it means that he/she knows the feelings of Pain, not pain directly. Religious experience falls under this category. Hinduism believes in Reality, one , two depends on one's perspective and mental disposition.

Purusha Suktha Generates Electricity Prototype

I had a very interesting comment on my post on Electricity and Vedas shared in Facebook. The comment was to the effect that the information in the Indian Texts are so allegorical and descriptive that it is very difficult to sift Data from these. True, My reply was that I have, with the help of references from the Internet and Books, have been positing articles and these may be found under Astrophysics and Science. Interpretations of the Vedic texts depends on the reader as well. Apart from a good exposure to Sanskrit one has to have a grounding in Indian Philosophical systems, not only the Vedas and the subject matter he wants to look for in the Vedas. If one wants to find references to Quantum Theory, one should have a clear understanding of Quantum so that one knows what to look for. I found an interesting interpretation of the Purusha Sukta. Based on the first two lines a Prototype of an Electrical Motor was developed and it generated Power! The Power Input was 126 Watts, Output 303 Watts. This is achievement as there is an additional generation of Power from 126 to 333. Quantum Theory states there is a Vacuum at the Sub-Atomic level, called the Quantum Vacuum Field. Hinduism differs here. It states that there is no vacuum but Ether that contains Electricity. I recently delivered a Lecture on this subject. I shall post an article and Video on this shortly. Now Power from Purusha Sukta.

Vedas Wrong Throw Upaveeda Manglasutra

The philosophy of Radhasoami Satsang is either a fraud being perpetrated to fill in some one' coffers or the ravings of a delinquent or a clever ploy to discredit the Vedas or a combination of all these As to people discarding Upavedeeda well it is your funeral. As to Mangala Sutra, it is not a concept if the Vedas. If some one wants to become a spiritual pervert, we can not do any thing about it. Vedas are nor The Bible to threaten people into believing it nor Shankaracharya a Christ who is proselytizee.