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I have received quite a few emails over the last few days as to why I have not posted any new post.

Nor have I replied the comments on this site.

Lord Ganesha

Usually I reply the  comments immediately.

The reason why I did not post a new article is that my daughter met with a serious accident, which has resulted in the Fracture of Four vertebrae , three rib bones and two bones in the Face.

Thanks to the Prayers of well wishers no harm to her internal organs ike Brain, Lungs or spinal cord.

Though slight puncture of the Lung is noticed it is not a cause for concern.

However she is to undergo two surgical procedures  the next Wednesday/Thursday for fractures in the face and Jaw.

On seeing the visuals of the accident I was shocked at the seriousness of the accident.

I was convinced that Prayers only could save her and I shared the information on Facebook requesting people to Pray for Her.

I was astounded at the response from the people offering prayers, messages encouraging me to be brave, offers of Medicines from India ,US, medical advice from Doctors,Blood offers , special vows from people on behalf of my daughter!

I have lost count of the messages pouring in.

I think it must have crossed the 7000 mark.

Such a spontaneous gesture from people one does not even know moved me.

Thanks to these kind souls my daughter has come unscathed from serious injuries though two operations are due

Now I am more than convinced about the collective power of Prayer from people who are not known to the affected.

I have opened up a new page to help people in times of Distress,Physical injury, diseases, Emotional and mental problems,financial worries.

They can post the messages in the Ramani’s Prayer Portal , a Facebook page of Mine,.

I shall be providing effective Mantras , mostly from the Vedas.

Readers can participate in the Prayers.

Time and other details are mentioned in the Page.

Kindly make use of the Page.

Ramani’s Prayer Portal



ISIS Terror Threat India Blocks 32 Websites Vimeo,Dailymotion

India has blocked Thirty two websites for security reasons.arising out of ISIS terror threat.

Websites Blocked.png
Websites Blocked in India for security reasons


Indian government has asked internet service providers and mobile operators to block access to 32 sites in the name of its censorship laws

GitHub, Archive.org, Imgur, Vimeo, Daily Motion and Pastebin are some of the more familiar names included on the list, a key excerpt of which was made public by Pranesh Pakesh, a director at the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore…


India Blocks websites Tweet.png
India Blocks websites Tweet. Click to enlarge, see the List

. The head of the Bharatiya Janata political party has claimed that the sites were listed because they content from ISIS.


Gupta added that those sites which cooperate and remove the suspected ISIS content will be unblocked. Nonetheless, looking in from the outside, it certainly seems like the issue could have been handled in a clearer way that didn’t involved issuing blanket censorship blocks.

Already it seems that some service providers have taken action and cut access to a number of the websites.

Times Of India reports that its correspondents were not able to access Pastebin, DailyMotion or GitHub using Vodafone’s 3G service, although they were able to get on the three sites via rival operator Airtel’s service.

India’s government has long tried to censor entertainment sites which contain media that it deems ‘unsuitable’ for consumption in the country — just ask Google, which was tried over censorship requests — so it is not surprising to see the likes of Daily Motion and Vimeo on its hit list. The addition of GitHub, which has over 8 million registered users worldwide, however, is one of the more head-scratching decisions — it may be that the contents of a single page from the site which triggered a full blockage request, but clearly that’s a nonsensical decision.



Why Shiva When There Is Vishnu In Veda

Thee was a message to me in Facebook from one of the members of  Facebook Community ,asking me,


‘Why there is Shiva when there is Vishnu in the Vedas?’


Sankaranarayana ,Sankaran Koil.png
Sankaranarayana ,Sankaran Koil.


Very intelligent question, devoid of prejudice.


( The question could have been the other way around as well)


If people had asked themselves this question and studied the Vedas , the clash between various sects of Hinduism ,especially between the Iyers and Vasihavaites would never have taken place.


Religion is an Experience.


One can feel it, experience, never know it.


Like pleasure,pain’ hunger, thirst, these are to be felt.


When some one says I know pain it means that he/she knows the feelings of Pain, not pain directly.


Religious experience falls under this category.



Hinduism believes in Reality, one , two  depends on one’s perspective and mental disposition.


Truth is One people view it differently.


All are correct.


If you watch a cricket match, one may look like to out from One angle and not Not out from another view.


From each stand point it is Right.


In a match the Umpire gives the benefit of doubt to the Batsman.


In Real life, we give to  the one with which we are comfortable.


So Reality is One, an Abstract, Sat Chit and Anandham,Being,Consciousness and Bliss.


It is difficult for the Human Mind to conceive of this Abstract Principle.


Vedas are aware of the limitations of the Human Mind.


So it allows people to progress in understanding the Reality from their perspective dispositions.


In Life we have preferences and we can not find any reason for it.


It is just there and we have to accept it.


So we worship what suits our Nature, what inspires us .


Vedas provide choices for you to choose.


In Vishnu one has the principle of Kinetic energy, Shiva potential energy.


Vishnu the protectorate, Rudra the destroyer.


Vishnu , the Father, who is affectionate to a fault, corrects your faults gently. whom one approaches with freedom as with  liberal father


Shiva, the disciplinarian father and a Teacher, who is a martinet, with whom one approaches with respect.


Both are the same, two sides of a coin.


Read my posts on Siva Stuthi by Krishna and how he admonishes who does not respect Shiva




Purusha Suktha Generates Electricity Prototype

I had a very interesting comment on my post on Electricity and  Vedas shared in Facebook.


The comment was to the effect that the information in  the Indian Texts are so allegorical and descriptive that it is very difficult to sift Data from  these.




My reply was that I have, with the help of references from the Internet and Books, have been positing articles  and these may be found under


Astrophysics and Science.


Interpretations of the Vedic texts depends on the reader as well.


Apart from a good exposure to Sanskrit one has to have a grounding in Indian Philosophical systems, not only the Vedas and the subject matter he

wants to look for in the Vedas.


If one wants to find references to Quantum Theory, one should have a clear understanding of Quantum so that one knows what to look for.


I found an interesting interpretation of the Purusha Sukta.


Based on the first two lines a Prototype of an Electrical Motor was developed and it generated Power!


The Power Input was 126 Watts, Output  303 Watts.


This is achievement as there is an additional generation of Power from 126 to 333.


Quantum Theory states there is a Vacuum  at the Sub-Atomic level, called the Quantum Vacuum Field.


Hinduism differs here.


It states that there is no vacuum but Ether that contains Electricity.


I recently delivered a Lecture on this subject.


I shall post an article and Video on this shortly.


Now Power from Purusha Sukta.



The first shlokha of purusha-sooktha reads as follows:
Sahasra sirsha purusha: | sahasraksha: sahasrapaa |
Sa bhUmim vishvato vRtvA | atyatishTad daSAngulam ||

If it is deciphered normally, we get the following meaning:

With Thousands of heads, Thousands of eyes, and Thousands of feet, he (the supreme god) moves, as all of creation verily is he uncountable. He is beyond the grasp of the hands of men.

Now let us see how Mr. Satish Chandra has deciphered:

Out of the ten directions, in 8 directions excluding earth and sky and by firmly installing 8 gadgets (alternators) on the circumference of a circle, which contains numerous positive and negative charges, such that each one will face their own charges i.e. positive to positive and negative to negative and by rotating a runner like earth in a cylindrical way (in the centre) in between them will generate energy.

Based on his interpretation, he has come up with a prototype (see the first picture below) where he has used four magnets (static alternators) and one motor (runner) in the centre.


The common runner and the static alternators are mechanically isolated from each other and are magnetically coupled.


Just by rotating the common runner all the static alternators generate power independently.


The common runner may be rotated by means of a diesel engine or water turbine or steam turbine or an electrical motor.


For the prototype model he has used a 126 Watts of motor. Using this he is able to drive power of 303 Watts power for 12 chimney bulbs and 8 tube-lights (See the second picture below).


 Motor Based on veia_1.jpg
Motor That runs based on Veda
 Tube light shine_vedic_2.jpg
Tube Lights shine out power by Vedas



Taking this concept further an Organisation has a Project for Power Generation.


However, his fascination with finding the “better way” of energy generation and inspiration by the theory that ancient Vedas are encoded knowledge of the mankind passed on through thousands of years in the form of religious prayers and rituals. pushed him into deep study of the sacred writings, especially the Purusha Sookta, which proved to be a treasury of scientific knowledge in energy generation.

For the past 29 years Satishchandra spends every free moment of his busy life pursuing the intellectual discoveries of our forefathers which he decrypted in deep meditation. And what rich and beautiful discoveries these are! After years of rebuking and ridicule, the scientific world is finally taking notice and recognizes that yes, Satishchandra was right by persisting in his pursuit of the ancient truths that we only are beginning to understand now, with all our advanced science.

His prototype of a static alternator built exactly as per instructions of the first Sloka of the Purusha Sookta gave further inspiration for further scientific research into the links between the Vedic and modern science. What is most fascinating, is that the principles of physics exhibited in Vedic alternator are the same as those of particle accelerators, electron storage rings, pulse lasers and other most advanced achievements of modern physics that concentrate and focus the magnetic field.

The Vedic static alternator has been patented as an offering at the lotus feet of Mother India



Electricity Generated Using Purusha Sukta


Agragami Vedic Static Alternator



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Vedas Wrong Throw Upaveeda Manglasutra

I received a communication from a member of a Facebook community.


Radha Soami Satsang Philosophy is destroying Vedic culture by luring gullible Brahmins ignorant of Vedas


Radhasaomi Satsang

They look down at all hindu elements as worthless in the name of philosophy.


please help me combat them in theory.


My relatives are giving up hinduism plucking off sacred threads and mangala sutrams in the name of this bogus philosophy’


The writer blogged about this.


Brahman is considered to be the highest reality in Vedanta


The founders of Radhasoami faith, however, came forward with a new concept. According to them, TheBrahman of Vedanta is limited to the second grand division of the creation whom they call “spiritual-material region”.


They hold that the Brahman is not the true Supreme Being or the highest reality because he is not perfectly free from mind and matter.


They assert that though spiritual components predominate in Brahman, there is Maya latent in the seed form and a Supreme Reality having the least admixture of Maya cannot be styled as the highest truth.


They envisaged the highest and the first grand division of creation as the region of the true Supreme Being who is absolutely spiritual and totally free from mind and matter.


Such a Supreme Being they have named as Radhasoami. In view of the said difference between Radhasoami and Brahman, the meaning of the word is not Krishna or the Lord of Radha. 


A casual observer however gets confused and straightway starts interpreting it for Krishna as Farquhar did when he observed :


“It is necessary also to realize that the real meaning of Radhasoami is Krishna as Lord of Radha (His cowherd mistress in the latest cycle of myth) that

Soami is only a curious phonetic misspell of Swami. 


My answer.


These interpretations come from a half-baked understanding of the Vedas.


From what is posted on their site, i get the impression that they may not know Sanskrit at all, let alone the Veda such is the misinterpretation.


Nowhere does the Vedas proclaim that Brahman contains Maya or ‘ he is not perfectly free from mind and matter’,


Brahman perse is described by the Neti Nyaya or the process of excluding things, like


Not this, not his, neither tall nor small etc.


It is not described by direct by positive Attributes, excepting by the Realized qualities (which we are capable of perceiving) Sat,Chit,Ananda,


Pragyana Brahma, Sathyam Gnaam Anandham Brahma..


May is a concept that has been used to understand the manifestation or the differentiation of the Reality to enable one to understand the Reality.


Acquisition of Knowledge,unlike in the Western Philosophy, is a negative Concept,


The removal of ignorance is Knowledge , not the acquisition some thing from outside as you are a Part of The Brahman which is Knowledge personified.


You appear to be different from Brahman  because of Avidya or Ignorance.


Avidya at the Universal level it is called Maya.


When your basic premise is wrong , your conclusions are also equally wrong.


As I noted earlier, the site abounds in inaccuracies down to out right lies on the Vedas.


One may have to write a rebuttal for every sentence they have provided.


One should never take umbrage under Lord Krishna to criticize the Vedas for Lord Krishna is The Veda and as Vyasa He compiled it.


The philosophy of Radhasoami Satsang is either a fraud being perpetrated to fill in some one’ coffers or the ravings of  a delinquent or a clever ploy to

discredit the Vedas or a combination of all these


As to people discarding Upavedeeda, well it is your funeral.


As to Mangala Sutra, it is not a concept if the Vedas.


If some one wants to become a spiritual pervert, we can not do any thing about it.


Vedas are not The Bible to threaten people into believing it nor Shankaracharya a Christ who is proselytizer.






God of my thoughts







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