‘Your Facebook Profile after Your Death’ Video

For those who remain Immortal or leave something of themselves to posterity! Me, I will be leaving behind only my children! ‘Nobody knows exactly when the 39-year-old, who went by the online moniker “Dare Dellcan,” took his life. Nobody knows why the normally cheery creative director and design company owner did it. And for the first […]

Now Teen Moms Have ‘Facebook Page’

While it is not correct to approve of the Teen Moms, some comments bring forth these Teens‘ commitment to the child.   However it is boorish behavior to comment nastily in this page . Teen mothers have taken to a Facebook page called “I Hate Teen Moms” to fight back against comments they are “sluts” and a […]

Facebook ‘Likes’ For You.

  If you think that by clicking ‘Like’ in Facebook that’s the end of it. You are wrong.   Facebook ‘Like’s on your behalf and updates.   That means not only your information is shared but some machine determines what it thinks you ‘Like!’   You might think clicking “Like” is the only way to […]