Rig Veda Theorem Unleashes Energy From Space

I have posed an article how the first two lines of the Purusha is used to Generate Electricity. Check the sloka for words and Syllables. Check the period in which the Rig Veda was written and find out Daily Cycles. Use the unit wave length. Use The value of light speed then, it was as it is measured today. Use the derived value of light speed as number of cycles of unit wavelength using the principle of simultaneity (which is self-similar and scale invariant. Taking the log (10) ratio of difference between measured and derived value.


Types Of Energy Purusha Suktam 3

That which Performs or induces Performance is Kinetic Energy or Energy in Action or on the Move. This is Purusha of Hinduism. Motion is not visible with out both working in tandem. From the One basic Reality, Its attributes,Purusha and Parkriti become Universe.

Why We Can’t Stop Thinking?

Thinking is what makes us what we are.   Too much thinking brings in Misery and as a wag put it,'Life is a tragedy for those who think, but a Comedy to those who feel'.   Recent study reveals that thinking is what makes us survive and make us a complicated mechanism.   However stopping … Continue reading Why We Can’t Stop Thinking?

‘Audio’ Of Star Vibration

Using the science of star seismology, astrophysicists turn star vibrations into audible sounds. This is the star Chi Hydrae. Complement with the Solar System set to music. Vibration of Stars in Audio. Does this not sound like basic Folk tune, especially of India?  

View Solar System,Planets from Your PC

  Interesting Multimedia presentation.     Follow the Link to view the Solar System for The Day from any Region.       http://www.solarsystemscope.com/