Walmart Issues ID To Retailers Begins India Operations

Wal-Mart the Giant Chain has started issuing ID to Retailers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and started constructing Storage Facilities and Offices even before FDI Bill is passed and has become law! It is constructing Storage Facilities in Tambaram,Thiumazhsai and Vanagaram, suburbs of Chennai,Tamil Nadu and Wal-Mart has a full-fledged Marketing Office in Anna Nagar,Chennai. Tamil Magazine Kumudam reported last week this […]

DLF Robert Vadra -II, Borrows At Interest Lends Free, Docs.

Update. 8 March, 2013.

While the Government tried to brush aside charges for the past 4 months, new evidence has surfaced about Robert Vadr’s suspicious activities.

Headlines Today reports.

Robert Vadra’s land deals in Haryana have turned murkier with new evidence suggesting hard cash transactions were made in the guise of a property purchase.

A Headlines Today investigation has unearthed documents which raise suspicion over the authenticity of Vadra’s land deals and the validity of the clean chit given to him by a three-member probe panel appointed by the Haryana government in October last year.

Between 2005 and 2006, Vadra struck four land deals with one agriculturist – Harbans Lal Pahwa – buying a total of 46 acres land in Amipur village in Faridabad district, only to sell it back to Pahwa at a premium five years later.

Vadra signed the land deals overlooking the Haryana Ceiling on Land Holdings Act, 1972, which states that one person or family can buy a maximum of 26.9 acres of agricultural land in the state.

On September 8, 2005, Vadra bought 12 acres of land in Amipur village from Pahwa for over Rs 32 lakh. On January 13, 2006,he bought 19 acres from Pahwa for Rs 54 lakh.

On April 14, 2006, Vadra acquired 10 more acres of land from the same land dealer for Rs 30 lakh. On April 28, 2006, Vadra’s wife Priyanka Gandhi struck a deal with Pahwa for 5 acres in Amipur for Rs 15 lakh.

Pahwa bought the land in three installments in 2010, bearing a loss of about Rs 2.5 crore. The transaction triggered suspicion about Pahwa’s connection with Vadra, and the relationship fell under scrutiny when Headlines Today dug up Vadra’s balance sheets.

The investigation team came across a curious figure of Rs 1.55 crore against the name of Harbans Lal Pahwa.

Documents in the possession of Headlines Today show Pahwa’s company, Carnival Intercontinental Estate Pvt Ltd, had given a loan of Rs 1. 55 crore to Vadra’s company, Skylight Hospitality.

Pahwa also held a directorship in Vadra’s company, Real Earth, for over a year between February 2008 and March 2009″