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Grahana Pariharas Shanthi Bathing More Mantras

I have written a couple of articles on Eclipses(Grahana),Solar and Lunar ,detailing about Grahana and thecway to observe them with Mantras.

I am providing some more Mantras,procedures,Grahana Pariharas(the rituals to be observed by those whose stars fall under the influence of Grahana and Grahana Shanthi.

Grahana Shanthi is to be performed for when Grahana occurs directly over the Nakshatra,Star of the individual.

Parihara,A ceremony to nullify the effect of Grahana is to be done by those for whose Stars the Grahana influences indirectly.

Three to Five Stars are affected in a Grahana,generally.

One to two/three stars may be affected directly and three to five indirectly.

This varies for each Grahana,depending on the movement of Stars and Moon.

One has to perform Homa during Grahana if their Star is directly affected.

Sastris,Purohits may be asked to perform this.

If one knows the mantras,they can perform by themselves.

Pariharas for Nakshatras which are influnced indirectly during Grahana.

The following Mantra is to chanted during Grahana,after bath,with dry clothes.

This mantra may be written on Palmleaf,Paper with Palmleaf Nail,Pen or Kumkum on a piece of new cloth.

The cloth should be worn around the waist.

Grahana Mantra.image

Grahana Mantra to be recited at the beginning of Grahana.

As soon as Grahana ends,the same procedure is to be followed and the following mantra is to be recited.

மமஜன்மர்க்ஷே ஸூர்யோபராக3 ப்ரயுக்த தோ3ஷ பரிஹாரார்த்த2ம் இத3ம்ஹிரண்யம் தா4ன்யம்சஸம்ப்ரத3தே3.

Mamajanmarsesha Suryoparaha prayuktha Doshaparihaaraatham itham hiranyam

This mantra for Solar Eclipse

For Lunar eclipse recite ‘Chandrapahara’ instead of ‘Suryoparaha’

After chanting the mantra,donate the new cloth worn by you along with Coconut with husk,Gold,Silver,Wheat grain and Oats,Kollu.

Items,quantity depends on your budget.

You may offer cash instead of Gold.

For children below 16 years,for whom Upanayana has not been performed,parents may perform the Pariharas.

Some general rules for Grahana.

Take bath thrice,one each at the biginning,middle and end.

Avoid food three hours before Grahana.

During Surya Grahana,do not look at the Sun with naked eye.

During Surya Grahana ,drop Darpa in drinking water and cooked food.

Do not eat during Grahana period.

Mantras,slokas chanted during Grahana period shall produce thousand fold effects.

Any mantra ,sloka can be chanted or Gayantri,Purusha Suktha,Sri Rudram…

Perform Tharpana during Gruhana sometime near the middle of Grahana.

If Sraddha is due on the Grahana day ,perform Sraddha after Granhana ends.


Krishna Horoscope 27th July, 3112 BCE Birth

That the Ithihasas are not myths perpetrated to  gain political power as in some religions.

Lord Krishna as a Child.image.jpg Lord Krishna as a Child.

They provide detailed descriptions of people and events that are verifiable with Astronomy, which can not be manipulated by vested interests to suit their ends

On this basis the events reported in the Ramayana and The Mahabharata have been verified and found to be correct.

In the case of Mahabharata , the horoscope of Lord Krishna has two versions.

One is based on The Srimad Bhagavatha Purana ,and the other is by Soordas, possibly based on the Bhagavatha Purana.

Planetary Position during Krishna's Birth,image.jpg Planetary Position during Krishna’s Birth, Srimad Bhgagavatha. Krishna’s Birth Chart | Courtesy Prof.Narahari Achar, Memphis University, USA

There is one more rectified  horoscope of Lord Krishna by the famous BV.Raman,astrologer from Bengaluru, India.

The Bhagavatha Purana states thus,

Shravana vada ashtami, Rohini Nakshtra, uditam Lagnam’

Krsna was born with all the stars and planets and houses in very very auspicious positions and combinations and specifically mentions the ascention of Aja-nakshatra (“Rohinii”). Several shlokas later, the Saaraartha-darshinii tika of Sripad Vishvanath Chakravarthi Thakur references an older astrological treatise named Kha Manikya (which now seems to have been lost) that gives full detail of Sri Krsna’s birth chart as follows: “The Moon, Mars, Mercury and Saturn were exalted. Taurus ascended. Jupiter was in Pisces. Sun was in Leo, Venus in Libra, Rahu was in Scorpio. It was midnight, on a wednesday, while the Moon was in Rohini.”

-Bhagavat Purana, 10th skanda, 3rd dhyaya, 1st shloka .

Another one with corrections.

The respected astrologer BV Raman rectified a horoscope for Lord Krishna, which can be found in his published work “Notable Horoscopes”. Another version of Krishna’s horoscope in popular use is mentioned in a poem by Soordas, a fifteenth century poet of Bhakti Marg, considered a great saint and renunciate.


In his research Raman proposed that this took place on the 19th July 3228 BCC.

( Four years difference)

Krishna Rasi Chart .image.jpg Krishna Rasi Chart by BV Raman.




Navamsa Chart of Lord Krishna by BV Raman.image.jpg Navamsa Chart of Lord Krishna by BV Raman.


Planetary Positions : Sun 139° 48′,Moon 47° 42′, Mars 91° 6′, Mercury 152° 48′, Jupiter 148° 54′, Venus 102° 54′,Saturn 224° 42′, Rahu 106° 24′, Lagna 50°
Every avatar of Vishnu has the purpose of establishing dharma and displaying his great opulences.
It is impossible to measure the opulences of Krishna, but scriptures state that he is all attractive, all wise, the most beautiful, the richest. In his life it is said Krishna had over 16000 palaces bedecked in jewels, but this is only a minute example of his wealth. He himself says he is the proprietor of all the planets making him the richest of everyone. His opulences are listed as 1)Strength 2) Fame 3)Wealth 4) Knowledge 5)Beauty 6)Renunciation.
Understanding planetary indications for a Divine Incarnation of the Lord is different to that of an ordinary man. Everything about him is fully transcendental and he is the Supreme Enjoyer of Eternal Bliss. That is his unique position.
In Krisna’s chart Taurus rises and the Ascendant is graced by the presence of exalted Moon, in Rohini. Prash Trivedi in his book “The 27 Celestial Portals” states that:-
“Rohini’s extraordinary charm and magnetism is made clear by the fact that Moon, whose duty it is to spend only a certain amount of time with each of the nakshatras in his monthly travel through the zodiac, at one point refused to leave Rohini’s abode”
Rohini, falling in the sign of beauty, Taurus, is the most alluring amongst all the nakshatras. On the Ascendant it gives large and expressive eyes, refined sensual and seductive features and a smiling countenance. Smiling is also a second house affair, and here we see the sign of playfulness and mischievous Gemini on the second cusp,with its lord Mercury exalted in the radiant, cultured and kind constellation of uttara phalguni in the 5th house of love. Uttaraphalguni is a great yet noble trickster and an expert cassanova.
These sign positions of Moon and Mercury are present in the horoscope attributed to Soordas poem and also Raman’s Version.
In Raman’s chart, the aspect of 9th lord Saturn on the Ascendant and Moon may give some strong discipline over the mind and body and great detachment. Saturn’s aspect on the Moon is considered beneficial for renunciation, which may be the case for normal persons.Renunciation is also seen in Raman’s chart with Ascendant lord Venus conjunct 12th lord Mars. One has aligned their will to unite with Divine. In Raman’s chart Mars is debilitated, neechabhanga and vargottama, perhaps according to Raman’s reasoning, inferring a certain effortlessness in the process as Mars is the planet of effort. Mars however being debilitated vargottama is not auspicious, its neechabhanga is weak in the navamsa.
In Soordas’ chart, exalted Saturn conjunct Ascendant lord Venus gives more powerful control over the body, the Ketu’s influence on the Moon can indicate perfection of one’s lunar nature, and a mind that has access beyond the material world and to secrets related to the functioning’s of the universe without the limiting aspect of Saturn. An exalted 12th lord in the 9th in Saturn’s sign can indicate great renunciation as does Ketu’s presence with Ascendant and Moon in the sign of Taurus.
The presence of exalted Moon gives extremely feminine qualities to the appearance, crimson cheeks and coral lips (Rohini being the “reddish one”). Moon is fickle, charming, playful and a great romantic. Rohini is one of the wealthiest of constellations, and here wealth or opulence is not only an aspect of one’s personality and appearance, but the general theme of one’s life. Rohini is a long life constellation and in Raman’s chart, the 8th lord Jupiter is possessing strength in a kendra with moolatrikona Sun,with digbala and vargottama Saturn in the 7th house.
In Soordas’ chart, Moon suffers from Kema druma yoga giving danger in infancy, but the Ascendant lord and Saturn are rendered strong, along with 8th lord Jupiter in own sign.
In Raman’s chart, Rohini, an extremely productive and creative influence in regards to the Moon and the exchange with Venus who occupies Cancer in the constellation of Pushya in the third house gives great artistry to the body, mental and physical prowess, an inquisitive and protective nature. Taurus, Rohini and Pushya relate to cows, Krishna being a cowherd boy and the protector of cows.Pushya is the most beloved and benign of all nakshatras, and has the quality of nourishment or giving unselfishly just as the milk yielding udder of the cow. This sacrificing quality is enhanced with Rahu also being in Pushya (Rahu amplifying the Venusian qualities in the chart) conjunct an effortless acting 12th lord Mars (Mars the planet of effort is debilitated, but neechabhanga) in a constellation of unlimited expansion,Purnavasu.
In Soordas’s chart third lord is also giving great artistry to body, and mental, physical prowess, but with less complexity and more purity than the exchange indicated in Raman’s chart. In addition to the 3rd lord Moon in Rohini, Taurus (protector of cows),Ascendant lord Venus in 6th with 9th and 10th lord Saturn makes one a protector and upholder of dharma in general, Krishna’s main mission.
In Raman’s chart, Venus is closely conjunct friend Rahu giving diplomatic power, and vargottama Mars, giving a vibrant sexual attractiveness and in Raman’s opinion devoid of carnal lust .Raman gives the reason that Mars is far enough from Venus and Rahu, but this seems to be a weak reason. The Sun is very powerful in the chart giving control of the senses.
In Soordas’ chart, diplomatic power is indicated by Venus and Saturn in Libra, planet of lust and vitality Mars is powerful but controlled in Saturn’s sign and is aspected by Ketu (mokshakaraka).
Krishna’s complexion was smoky, dark, sky blue. In Raman’s chart Venus is conjunct smoky bluish hued planet Rahu and blue planet Saturn aspects Ascendant. In Soordas’ chart, Ascendant lord is conjunct Saturn and Rahu aspects Ascendant.
Rahu’s aspect on Ascendant (Soordas’) or its lord (Raman’s) adds a certain magnetism or hypnotic quality to the personality. In Soordas’ chart there is a lot of hypnotic influence in 7th house and Raman’s chart the hypnotic influence is particularly focused in one’s personal environment (3rd house). Having Rahu though conjunct the Ascendant lord in its enemy sign of Cancer in Raman’s chart does not appear auspicious for self clarity.
The nodes are not as powerful in Raman’s chart compared to Soordas.Raman’s sign placement of the nodes are weaker and the dispositors are mixed in strength. As the balance of the entire horoscope rests on the nodal axis, the serpent forces, which Krishna has complete mastery over, so one would expect the nodes to be immaculately positioned in both Rasi and Navamsa. .
Krishna has a more roguish quality in Raman’s chart because of Rahu close to Venus.
Krishna enchanted women, cows and all of nature with his musical flute playing, airy sign Gemini on the 2nd house with exalted Mercury in 5th house and 3rd lord Moon exalted in Rohini.
In one of his pasttimes, He was very pleased one day with peacocks (Mars) dancing ecstatically to his flute, a display of great submission and enchanted surrender by these colourful birds and is always depicted wearing a peacock feather on his head. It might be seen as a metaphor for Krishna’s control over the desire aspect martian aspect of nature.
In Raman’s chart Mars being 12th lord, and clearly powerless in respects to musical Venus and Moon exchange might be Raman’s implication for this.
In Soordas’ chart, Mars is very elevated in its position near the midheaven. Having occult Rahu in Mar’s sign in 7th, points towards a magical relationship with martian elements, Rahu sitting opposite the 3rd lord Moon in Rohini. Debilitated Mars is not required for surrender to happen, because it is already 12th lord.
In Raman’s chart His birth in a prison is seen by the 12th lord Mars being conjunct Ascendant lord and Rahu. In Soordas’ chart, one can see from Moon and ketu that there was danger and occult forces happening around the time of birth.
Upon his birth a miracle happened, the prison doors opened by themselves and all the guards fell asleep (a demonstration of Krishna’s authority over his 12th lord Mars in Raman’s chart, in the sense that Mars has a certain powerlessness). In Soordas’ chart it is really the nodal connection on the Ascendant with Rahu’s dispositor Mars being 12th lord that intimates this potential.
The night of his birth saw heavy floods, and Sheshnag the serpent (nodes) formed an umbrella to save the baby from the rain.This is a very powerful incident, which I can only intuit means a complete awakening of kundalini forces immediately at birth. In Raman’s chart Saturn (a slow acting planet), being disposition of south node, does not seem to support to this occasion.

Electricity In Hinduism Texts Agashtya Samhita


This post is a sequel to Hinduism,Mathematics Calculations and Measurements.

One who reads the Indian Puranas and Ithihasas like Ramayana would find that if a Rishi wants to curse or Bless some one’he/she sprinkles water thrice, taken from His /her Kamandalu, which is made of Copper.(Kamandalu is shaped like a small Teapot,without the Nose/snout)

In The Vedas,one of the most powerful Mantras being recited after the Pooja is performed is The Mantra Pushpa.

It is the worship of Water.

Water,Aapah,is extolled and prayed for Welfare.

Cell , Battery


Water is used for all ceremonies,Functions.

Water is used for Purification ceremonies, like marriages,and cleansing the Home after a Death.

Temples in India are closed only between 1 and 4 pm and finally at 1030 pm.

The closing time after Noon is called the Closure after  Uchchi Kala Pooja and the closure after 1030 pm is  Closure afterArtha JamaPooja.

A temple is never closed at other times.

( Also a Temple is not sanctioned to be open after Artha Jama Pooja,after 1030 pm; we now have even Tirupathi Temple being kept open through out the Day during English New Year Day and other important Days,This is wrong ,according to the Sastras)

However the Temples are closed if death occurs in the Street where The Temple is located and it is opened after the body is taken out.

To cleanse the temple Punyahachana is performed with Water.

Temples are closed during the Eclipses,Grahans and they are opened after the Eclipse is over and a Punyahavaachana is performed with Water before opening.

The Sandhyaandana, which is a Daily Duty of the three Varnas, Brahmins ,Kshtriyas, Vaisyas is performed with Water ans the purification of Food is done with Water,Parishachanam.


I searched and found references about Electricity from the Agasthya Samhita.

Here it is.

Formula for Electric battery in Agastya Samhita an Ancient Hindu text by The ancient text of Agastya Samhita describes the method of making electric battery, and that water can be split into oxygen and hydrogen. Modern battery cell resembles Agastya’s method of generating electricity. For generating electricity, Sage Agastya had used the following material: 1.One earthen pot 2.Copper plate 3.Copper sulphate 4.Wet saw dust 5.Zinc amalgam His text says : “Sansthapya Mrinmaya Patre Tamrapatram Susanskritam Chhadyechhikhigriven Chardrarbhih Kashthpamsubhih. Dastaloshto Nidhatavyah Pardachhaditastah Sanyogajjayte Tejo Mitravarunsangyitam” संस्थाप्य मृण्मये पात्रे ताम्रपत्रं सुसंस्कृतम्‌। छादयेच्छिखिग्रीवेन चार्दाभि: काष्ठापांसुभि:॥ दस्तालोष्टो निधात्वय: पारदाच्छादितस्तत:। संयोगाज्जायते तेजो मित्रावरुणसंज्ञितम्‌॥ Which means, “Place a well-cleaned copper plate in an earthenware vessel. Cover it first by copper sulfate and then by moist sawdust. After that, put a mercury-amalgamated zinc sheet on top of the sawdust to avoid polarization. The contact will produce an energy known by the twin name of Mitra-Varuna. Water will be split by this current into Pranavayu and Udanavayu. A chain of one hundred jars is said to give a very effective force. (p. 422)” When a cell was prepared according to Agastya Samhita and measured, it gives open circuit voltage as 1.138 volts, and short circuit current as 23 mA. Anen Jalbhangosti Prano Daneshu Vayushu Evam Shatanam Kumbhanamsanyogkaryakritsmritah. if we use the power of 100 earthen pots on water, then water will change its form into life-giving oxygen and floating hydrogen. Vayubandhakvastren Nibaddho Yanmastake Udanah Swalaghutve Bibhartyakashayanakam. If hydrogen is contained in an air tight cloth, it can be used in aerodynamics, i.e. it will fly in air. (Today’s Hydrogen Balloon) Process Of Electroplating by Maharshi Agastya in Agastya Sanhita: Excerpt from “Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients” – By David Hatcher Childress “In the temple of Trivandrum, Travancore, the Reverned S. Mateer of the London Protestant Mission saw ‘a great lamp which was lit over one hundred and twenty years ago’, in a deep well in side the temple. ……. On the background of the Agastya Samhita text’s giving precise directions for constructing electrical batteries, this speculation is not extravagant.”

अगस्त्य संहिता में एक सूत्र हैः

संस्थाप्य मृण्मये पात्रे ताम्रपत्रं सुसंस्कृतम्‌।
छादयेच्छिखिग्रीवेन चार्दाभि: काष्ठापांसुभि:॥
दस्तालोष्टो निधात्वय: पारदाच्छादितस्तत:।
संयोगाज्जायते तेजो मित्रावरुणसंज्ञितम्‌॥

अर्थात् एक मिट्टी का बर्तन लें, उसमें अच्छी प्रकार से साफ किया गया ताम्रपत्र और शिखिग्रीवा (मोर के गर्दन जैसा पदार्थ अर्थात् कॉपरसल्फेट) डालें। फिर उस बर्तन को लकड़ी के गीले बुरादे से भर दें। उसके बाद लकड़ी के गीले बुरादे के ऊपर पारा से आच्छादित दस्त लोष्ट (mercury-amalgamated zinc sheet) रखे। इस प्रकार दोनों के संयोग से अर्थात् तारों के द्वारा जोड़ने पर मित्रावरुणशक्ति की उत्पत्ति होगी।
यहाँ पर उल्लेखनीय है कि यह प्रयोग करके भी देखा गया है जिसके परिणामस्वरूप 1.138 वोल्ट तथा 23 mA धारा वाली विद्युत उत्पन्न हुई। स्वदेशी विज्ञान संशोधन संस्था (नागपुर) के द्वारा उसके चौथे वार्षिक सभा में ७ अगस्त, १९९० को इस प्रयोग का प्रदर्शन भी विद्वानों तथा सर्वसाधारण के समक्ष किया गया।
अगस्त्य संहिता में आगे लिखा हैः

अनेन जलभंगोस्ति प्राणो दानेषु वायुषु।
एवं शतानां कुंभानांसंयोगकार्यकृत्स्मृत:॥

अर्थात सौ कुम्भों (अर्थात् उपरोक्त प्रकार से बने तथा श्रृंखला में जोड़े ग! सौ सेलों) की शक्ति का पानी में प्रयोग करने पर पानी अपना रूप बदल कर प्राण वायु (ऑक्सीजन) और उदान वायु (हाइड्रोजन) में परिवर्तित हो जाएगा।
फिर लिखा गया हैः

वायुबन्धकवस्त्रेण निबद्धो यानमस्तके उदान स्वलघुत्वे बिभर्त्याकाशयानकम्‌।
अर्थात् उदान वायु (हाइड्रोजन) को बन्धक वस्त्र (air tight cloth) द्वारा निबद्ध किया जाए तो वह विमान विद्या (aerodynamics) के लिए प्रयुक्त किया जा सकता है।
स्पष्ट है कि यह आज के विद्युत बैटरी का सूत्र (Formula for Electric battery) ही है। साथ ही यह प्राचीन भारत में विमान विद्या होने की भी पुष्टि करता है।

Process Of Electroplating by Maharshi Agastya in Agastya Sanhita:-

“Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients” – By David Hatcher Childress

“In the temple of Trivendrum, Travancore, the Reverned S. Mateer of the London Protestant Mission saw ‘a great lamp which was lit over one hundred and twenty years ago’, in a deep well in side the temple. ……. On the background of the Agastya Samhita text’s giving precise directions for constructing electrical batteries, this speculation is not extravagant.”

आपको यह जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि आज की अनेक आधुनिक तकनीकों का वर्णन हमारे प्राचीन ग्रंथों में मिलता है। शुक्र नीति के अनुसार आज के इलेक्ट्रोप्लेटिंग के लिए “कृत्रिमस्वर्णरजतलेपः” शब्द का प्रयोग करते हुए इसे “सत्कृति” नाम नाम दिया गया है – “कृत्रिमस्वर्णरजतलेप: सत्कृतिरुच्यते”।

अब यह बताना चाहते हैं कि अगस्त्य संहिता में विद्युत्‌ का उपयोग इलेक्ट्रोप्लेटिंग के लिए करने की विधि दर्शाते हुए निम्न सूत्र मिलता हैः

यवक्षारमयोधानौ सुशक्तजलसन्निधो॥
आच्छादयति तत्ताम्रं स्वर्णेन रजतेन वा।
सुवर्णलिप्तं तत्ताम्रं शातकुंभमिति स्मृतम्‌॥

अर्थात्‌- लोहे के पात्र में रखे गए सुशक्त जल (तेजाब का घोल) का सानिध्य पाते ही यवक्षार (सोने या चांदी का नाइट्रेट) ताम्र को स्वर्ण या रजत से आच्छादित कर देता है। स्वर्ण से लिप्त उस ताम्र को शातकुंभ स्वर्ण कहा जाता है।





Informative Sites-Gadgets

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I came across a couple of sites which offer information on a wide range of subjects, education,gadgets, updated information on weather, earth, diseases etc.

“Welcome to the new Poodwaddle.com – Archive of free Flash gadgets, clocks, and applets, including the World Clock of course.
All our applets are completely free – ad-free, virus-free, scam-free, fat-free, germfree, handsfree, scotfree, Stayfree… um… maybe not that last one… Poodwaddle requires no sign-up or membership. Add our applets to your website, blog, or social net profile. Simply copy the small embed code snippet (shown in the lower left of each applet page).
Hey, are you even reading this? I bet you are just sitting there blankly staring at the ladybug and wondering if you should slap your screen. Slap if you like but he won’t go away.


Following is yet another site which provides information on Education and topics of interest.



Lunar Eclipse/Grahan December 2011.Live and details.

The Nakshatras(Stars) affected by the Eclipse/Grahan are .

Rohini,Krthigai,Mrigasira,Hastha and Sravana(Thiruvonam).

Following mantras may be recited during the Grahan.

Bankajavaasini baabavimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube|

Mokshprathaayinee manjulabaashini rohinithevi sahaayakrube|

Manthra nivaasini chanthrapaththini mrukaseershathevi sahaayakrube|
Hana hara sakaaya aanantha poojithaaya hasthathevi sahaayakrube|
Manimaya poojitha saantha soroopini thiruvonathevi sahaayakrube|


People may take their meals by not later than 2 pm and may cook the food after 9.45 pm for Dinner.

Drop Dharpai pices in Drinking water and food already at home 15 minutes before Grahan and you may remove these after the completion of the Grahan.

Karthigai Deepam may be lit between 5.45 and 5.14 pm.(  Sarvalaya Deepam.

(Source .Paampu Panchangam)

Normally people are advised to use a Palm Leaf written with mantras are to be used on the head while bathing for nakshatras affected by the Eclipse..

However it is recommended that all may chant

‘Dathi Sanka Thusharapam sheerodhaarnava sambavam

Namami Sasinam somam sambor Muguda Bhushanam’.

Total Lunar Eclipse

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Any Mantra/Sloka recited during the Grahan period will yield benefits 1000 fold.

Three baths are mandated.Beginning,when the Grahan is at its peak and conclusion

Evening Sandhya vandana has to be performed after bath at the beginning of the Grahan.

Brahma Yagnam should also be performed.

Pitru Tharpana is recommended.

Details of the eclipse:-

  • Eclipse begins –                   18.15 HRS (IST)
  • Maximum of eclipse-         20.02 HRS (IST)
  • Eclipse ends-                        21.48 HRS (IST)

On the basis of astrology, eclipse’s affected planets don’t give positivity. Otherwise, the effect is neutralized.

Over all, the ‘Nakshatra’ under which eclipse take place, it’s not considered to be good for marriages, house warming ceremony, construction work or similar fortunate functions.

Effect of Eclipse on various Zodiacs:-

Aries:  It’s favorable time for you. Avoid un-necessary expenditures.  Your financial portfolio can be affected during this period. There can be tension without a reason.

Taurus: It’s unfavorable time for you. Kindly perform remedy for it. Health related complications can be a major issue for you. Stay away from cheaters, people may try to extract benefits from you.

Gemini: It’s going to be a combination of good as well as bad time for you. Minor losses are possible.

Un-necessary expenditure and travel may take up your pocket.

Cancer: Fortunate time for Cancerians. Accomplishment of an important task may be done in this time period. Small efforts will prove to be profitable.

Leo: It’s good for Leo based individuals. At your work place, be alert. You may be a victim of forgery or cheating and dishonesty.

Virgo: it’s not fortunate for you. Mental depression and decrease in fame is seen. So you must be alert all the time, in every action of yours. Be very specific with your financial decisions.

Libra: This is not good time for you. Be sure of caring for your health. Also take care of safety during using transport vehicle.

Scorpio: A mixture of result is seen. Relation with life-partners may get affected. You may suffer from financial losses.

Sagittarius:  Time is good. Life will be at normal pace.

Capricorn: It’s fortunate time for you. Maintain mental balance. Stay away from undesirable tension.

Aquarius: Fortunate time for you. Good time is waiting for you to excel.


Lunar Total Eclipse

December 10, 2011
7:36 am PST
24 degrees 09 minutes Taurus
Mrigashira Nakshatra

‘Mrigashira’s shakti is the power of fulfillment. Its deity is soma (the Moon). The period for 3 days on either side of the eclipse is a good time to avoid starting important new projects in general.  It is also specifically not good for the purchase of new clothing.  This eclipse may also have a generally negative effect on travel since it is related to roads and paths.

As always, eclipses are great periods for extra meditation and reflection.’

Chandra Grahan, a total lunar eclipse, will be visible in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu from evening to night on December 10, 2011. The time in Chennai is from 6:16 PM on December 10 to 9:48 PM on December 10, 2011 – as per Indian standard time. The Chandra Grahanam will be visible in Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Kannyakumari, Rameshwaram, Pondicherry Srirangam, Dindugal, Pollachi, and other towns. Hindu Panchangams have marked this grahan and therefore those observing certain rituals have to follow them.
Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011 Time in Chennai
Grahanam or Eclipse begins at 6:16 PM on December 10
Total Lunar Eclipse begins at 7:36 PM on December 10
Total Lunar Eclipse begins at 8:27 PM on December 10
Grahanam or eclipse ends at 9:48 PM on December 10
For other cities click the Link below.



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Darkest Lunar Eclipse Video.


The June 15 total lunar eclipse will be visible to observers in Europe, Africa, southern Asia, and Australia. This will be one of the darkest eclipses this century, second only to the total lunar eclipse on July 16, 2000. During the totality of the eclipse, the moon will pass through the center of the earth’s shadow.



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