Grahana Pariharas Shanthi Bathing More Mantras


Grahana Shanthi is to be performed for when Grahana occurs directly over the Nakshatra,Star of the individual. Parihara,A ceremony to nullify the effect of Grahana is to be done by those for whose Stars the Grahana influences indirectly. Three to Five Stars are affected in a Grahana,generally. One to two/three stars may be affected directly and three to five indirectly.


Krishna Horoscope 27th July, 3112 BCE Birth

In the case of Mahabharata , the horoscope of Lord Krishna has two versions. One is based on The Srimad Bhagavatha Purana ,and the other is by Soordas, possibly based on the Bhagavatha Purana.

Electricity In Hinduism Texts Agashtya Samhita

This post is a sequel to Hinduism,Mathematics Calculations and Measurements. One who reads the Indian Puranas and Ithihasas like Ramayana would find that if a Rishi wants to curse or Bless some one'he/she sprinkles water thrice, taken from His /her Kamandalu, which is made of Copper.(Kamandalu is shaped like a small Teapot,without the Nose/snout) In The Vedas,one of the most powerful Mantras being recited after the Pooja is performed is The Mantra Pushpa. It is the worship of Water. Water,Aapah,is extolled and prayed for Welfare.

Informative Sites-Gadgets

  I came across a couple of sites which offer information on a wide range of subjects, education,gadgets, updated information on weather, earth, diseases etc. "Welcome to the new - Archive of free Flash gadgets, clocks, and applets, including the World Clock of course. All our applets are completely free - ad-free, virus-free, scam-free, … Continue reading Informative Sites-Gadgets

Lunar Eclipse/Grahan December 2011.Live and details.

The Nakshatras(Stars) affected by the Eclipse/Grahan are . Rohini,Krthigai,Mrigasira,Hastha and Sravana(Thiruvonam). Following mantras may be recited during the Grahan. Kruththikaa: Bankajavaasini baabavimochani kruththikaathevi sahaayakrube| Rohini: Mokshprathaayinee manjulabaashini rohinithevi sahaayakrube| Mrukaseersham: Manthra nivaasini chanthrapaththini mrukaseershathevi sahaayakrube| Hastham: Hana hara sakaaya aanantha poojithaaya hasthathevi sahaayakrube| Thiruvonam: Manimaya poojitha saantha soroopini thiruvonathevi sahaayakrube| People may take their … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse/Grahan December 2011.Live and details.