Chennai Madras Is Not Tamil

There are some self styled Tamil Arvalars,Tamil Lovers, who declare themselves to be the saviors of Tamil language and  Tamils.

They shall shout from roof tops that they are Tamils and others are Aryans, who have migrated to Tamil Nadu.

They shall ridicule other languages including Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma.

They have their names in Sanskrit, Karunanidhi, Dayalu,Dayanidhi,Kalanidhi, and worse they shall name their child as Stalin!

A pure Tamil Name, the last one indeed!

What they write in Tamil will not stand the scrutiny of Tamil Grammar Tholkappiyam.

Yet they call themselves as the leaders of Tamils and speak other languages at Home and send their children to English medium schools..

What they have achieved by this misinformation about  Tamil, Tamils, India and Sanatana Dharma is to fill up their coffers and in the process  mislead a generation and invited the hatred and ridicule of others in India.

So much so, even research articles on Tamil and Tamil languages indicating their rich ancient culture and their unswerving commitment to Sanatana dharma is looked at with derision.

Includes the work of this writer,

I am vilified as a Brahmin who hates Tamil and by the people who speak other languages as a Tamil Fanatic.

I am neither.

I am trying to reconstruct Indian History, which has been doctored.

I present facts as I come by.

And do not hesitate the other view if the evidence is authentic.

Now to these jokers who pretend to be Tamil Saviours and who declare themselves to know Tamil,

They changed the name of Madras as they felt is not Tamil.

And named it as Chennai in pure Tamil!

And Chennai is not a Tamil word!

The nativity of ‘Madras’ of being Tamil origin and ‘Chennai’ of being Telugu origin, has been clearly proven and documented after various researches done by renowned scholars and historians.

The name Madras originated even before the British presence was established in India. The name Madras is said to have originated from a Portuguese phrase ” mae de Deus ” which means “mother of god”, due to Portuguese influence on the port city. According to some sources, Madras was derived from Madraspattinam, a fishing-village north of Fort St George.However, it is uncertain whether the name was in use before the arrival of Europeans.The British military mapmakers believed Madras was originally Mundir-raj or MundirajMadras might have also been derived from the word Madhuras (Sanskrit: मधुरस) meaning “juice of honey” or “sugarcane” in Sanskrit. A Vijayanagar-era inscription dated to the year 1367 that mentions the port of Maadarasanpattanam, along with other small ports on the east coast was discovered in 2015 and it was theorised that the aforementioned port is the fishing port of Royapuram.

There are two different theories for the origin of the name Chennai. The first theory is that it was derived from the name of a Telugu ruler Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu, father of Damarla Venkatapathy Nayak, a Nayak ruler who served as a general under Venkata III of the Vijayanagar Empire from whom the British acquired the town in 1639.The first official use of the name Chennai is said to be in a sale deed, dated 8 August 1639, to Francis Day of the East India Company The second theory states that it was named after the Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple; the temple regarded as the face of the city.

In 1996, the Government of Tamil Nadu officially changed the name from Madras to Chennai. At that time many Indian cities underwent a change of name. However, the name Madras continues in occasional use for the city, as well as for places named after the city such as University of Madras, IIT Madras, Madras Institute of Technology, Madras Medical College, Madras Christian College.

Reference and citation.

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End Of Dravidian Parties In Tamil Nadu?

The long-awaited verdict in the Tamil Nadu CM Jayalithaa’s case is out in the Bangalore Special Court at Parapana Agrahara.


This is in connection with the acquisition of  disproportionate  assets case and she has been charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act under sections   13 (1) for Criminal Misconduct by Public Servants,109 for abetting and Section 120 B (Criminal Conspiracy)


The case was filed in 1996 by Dr.Subramaniam Swamy.


This relates to.


The conduct of Jayalalithaa’s adopted son Sudhakaran at a cost of Rs 5 Crore.


2000 acres of Land and farms.


Possession of  1200 pairs of footwear and


12.000 Silk Sarees.


( This pales against 2 G and other scams Rs 1,86,000 Crore and above)




The Court had pronounced the accused Jayalalithaa, Sasikala,Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran Guilty.



The quantum of punishment , Jayalalithaa,


Four years Imprisonment and Rs 100 Crore Fine,,failing with additional one year in Jail”for others 4 years imprisonment and Rs ten crore fine, failing which additional one year imprisonment for Jayalalithaa and six months for the others,




The section attracts a total of 7 years imprisonment.


However the Court has its discretion.


Bail and appeal procedures will follow,


However the chances of relief seem to be remote considering the time taken for the conclusion of the case,17 years,, and the detailed way the court has gone about the case.




Jayalalithaa  will lose her MLA post and has to resign as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


If the quantum of sentence is more than three years, bail may be granted.


In any case Jayalalithaa may have to spend at least two days in prison(Saturday and Sunday)


She may appoint a benami CM probably O.Pannerselvam who has been the Nominee CM when Jayalalithaa was convicted in TANSI Land case.


She might go in for a snap election well ahead of the next election in about one and a half-year.


Sympathy vote might work in her favor.


But she will be out of Politics at least  between 5 to nine years,


Whether she would be able to control the party till then is a moot question.


The next in the line for power is DMK, which has been wiped out in the recently conclude election because of 2G.


People are not in favour of DMK and Karunanidhi and CO with corruption cases and family infights.


There is  a power vacuum now in Tamil Nadu.


If National Parties, especially the BJP moves in with Modi at the Center, it will be a turning point.


Is the BJP up to it?


Is it willing?


The Dravidian Parties have ruined Tamil Nadu, its social fabric and undesirable element shave found refuge in these parties and both these appeared to be invincible, with either of them coming to power.


Now Providence has given a path.


Time to get rid of them. lock stock and barrel.



Karunanidhi Arrest Unpublished Video


On 30 June 2001, Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was arrested along with Central Ministers Murasoli Maran andT.R. Baalu


I was in Chennai then.


Early morning , I heard a loud wailing from my neighbor’s house, with shout’,


‘They are killing me’


I rushed out fearing the worst, only to find,


Karunanidhi weeping and shouting like a man possessed and insane on SUN TV.


This was the drama he was enacting  on his arrest.


The vent was filmed in such a fashion as if it was scripted.


Karunanidhi and Co were shouting that the Police were arresting them without prior intimation.


If it is true, how come the Crew of SUN Network was in full force and filming the whole event from vantage points?


My posting of this instance is that a New unpublished Video of the incident.


One can see how a Union Minister in the Central Government Behaves with a Police Officer.


The only polite word used by a Lady was , where is the warrant?’


You may be see rowdy behavior all around.


Finally exasperated, the Police gave back.



The Unpublished Video  Click this Link.




On 30 June 2001, Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was arrested along with Central Ministers Murasoli Maran andT.R. Baalu. This event marked the first incident in the history of Independent India that a Central Cabinet Minister was arrested. The incident began when the seventy-eight-year-old former Chief Minister was taken from his residence. Within hours, images of the arrest were broadcast on Sun TV and other network stations.[1] Footage shown on Sun TV saw him continuously resist arrest….


Reports indicate that at 1:30 am on 30 June, Karunanidhi was asleep in the upstairs bedroom of his home when the police broke open the door and asked Karunanidhi to get dressed. The police cut the telephone lines to the house. A television clip showed Karunanidhi falling down and being shoved, pushed, beaten and lifted by police officers in the house. Murasoli Maran, who went to rescue him, was also attacked and arrested when he resisted the arrest of the ex-chief minister. Maran, who was sick from his heart with apacemaker, was admitted to Apollo Hospital after his arrest.[4] T.R.Balu and thousands of DMK cadres were arrested. M.K.Stalin surrendered before a Magistrate.[5] Prime MinisterVajpayee condemned the arrest and demanded a report from chief secretary and Governor.[6][7] The arrest was condemned by many groups across the political spectrum[8]including both human rights groups and the Indian National Congress, otherwise known as a political ally of the AIADMK.


*This version is being questioned.Please check wiki Talk section.




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2G DMK Assets Azhagiri Suspension Story

The recent suspension of MK Azhagiri, the eldest son of DMK Supremo M.Karunanidhi and former Union Minister and his threat to expose the party has some interesting background.

MMK three corrupts warriors
Stalin Dayanidhi Azhagiri

This is linked to the 2 G scam, M K Staling gaining the upper hand in the running of the DMK and the alliance for the ensuing Lok Sabha Elections.

The DMK was forced to walk out of the Congress in the of the resentment in Tamil Nadu against the Congress’s support of Rakapakshe regime and the active collaboration of India in the Genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka during the final war against the LTTE.

Added to the factwas the implicting of Kanimozhi in 2G and the apparent inability of the Congress to bail out Kanimozhi.

Congress also wanted to distance itself from the DMK as the DMK had become synonymous with Coruuption after 2G Scam and the Kalaignar TV money laundering.

So the parting of ways was mutual.

This was  some time ago.

Now that the Elections are near bith teh DMK and The Congress need the other.

Group led by Stalin does not to ally with the Congress while Kanimozhi wants to continue as a matter of personal safety.

To add to this equation, DMK wants to carry Vijayakanth’s Party .

Azhagiri is against this while Stalin is for this alliance, this is the majority DMK view.

Vijayakanth is against the alliance with the DMK direct but will go through the Congress.

So Congress fired the fist salvo by having the Kanimozhi Jaffer Sait Audio released.

More tapes to follow with the next audio to be released in reported to contain the talks between Karunanidhi and Jaffer Sait which implicates Karunanidhi in the 2 G scam.

As Azhagiri is again the Vijayakanth he quarreled with Stalin and Karunanighi and if some reports in the Tamil Media is to be believed Azhagiri went teven to the extent of attempting to assault karunanidhi.

The result was hat Karunanidhi went Public suspending Azhagiri fro the DMK complaining that Azhagiri wished Stalin dead and used parliamentary words to him!

Azhagiri retaliated saying that he would disclose details of the DMK accounts pertaining to DMK and MurasoliTrusts.

Stalin and his men are reported to have transferred a major portion of these Trusts’ Assets worth 40, 000 crore  in their names.

An election is fought on the basis of greed corruption  swindling and blackmail.


Kumudam Reporter,Junior Vikatan February.2014 Issues.

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DMK Assets 40 000 Crore

I read in a Tamil weekly that the assets of the DMK party controlled Trusts, including Murasoli Maran Trus runs into 40,ooo Crore!(Kumudam Reporter 13/2/2014)

Karunanishi extended Family
Family of Karunanidhi

I checked .

( The transfer of these assets among the children of Karunanidhi is the main reason behind the sacking of m.Azhagiri.Detailed post follows)

The result:

Organization Family Member Post Years Notes
Kalaignar TV Dayalu Owner 2008–present 60% share holder[27]
Kalaignar TV Kanimozhi Owner 2008–present 20% share holder[27]
Sun Group Kalanithi Maran Chairman and MD 1993–present Group of Kal Media Services Pvt. Ltd.
32 TV Channels across Indian languages
45 Radio stations across all India
2 daily newspapers in Tamil language
4 weekly magazines in Tamil language
Sun Pictures – a leading film production and distribution company
Sun Direct – one of India’s leading DTH companies, also first to carry HD channels in India
Sumangali Cable Vision (SCV) – Multi System Operators (MSO)
Sun 18 south – to distribute its channels
Kal Airways Pvt. Ltd. Spicejet
Sun riser’s IPL(Indian premiar league)Cricket Team
Cloud Nine Movies Dayanidhi Azhagiri Owner[40] 2008–present Tamil film production and distribution company
Red Giant Movies Udhayanidhi Stalin Owner[41] 2008–present Tamil film production and distribution company
Mohana Movies M K Tamilarasu Owner 2008–present Tamil film production company
Daya Cyber Park Private Limited, Madurai Azhagiri Family[42] Owner 2006–present Cyber Park
Inbox 1305 Kiruthiga Uthayanithi Owner, Editor[43] 2008–present Life style Magazine
Nefertari Anusha Dhayanithi Alagiri Owner[44] 2012–present Event Management Company
Tamil Mayyam Kanimozhi Director[45] Non-governmental Organization

Declared assets of the political members of the family

Family Member Assets Worth (in INR) As on Date Notes
M.K. Stalin and Durga 22 million[46] 22 March 2011 Rs4228,000 worth of movable property which includes fixed deposit, joint account with wife and life insurance.[46] The approximate value of their immovable property based on market value was Rs16930,000.[46]
Karunanidhi, Dayalu and Rajathi 411.3 million[47] 24 March 2011 Karunanidhi has moveable assets of around Rs.49.3 million, Rs.153.4 million for his first wife, Dayalu and Rs.208.3 million for his second wife Rajathi.[47] Karunanidhi has an income of Rs.3.7 million per annum Rs.6.4 million for Dayalu and 16.7 million for Rajathi.[47]
M K Azhagiri, Kanthi Azhagiri 1336.5 million[42] 6 August 2011 Azhagiri owns 18 acres and 63 cents of agricultural land, 1 acre and 82 cents plus 23,278 sq ft non-agricultural land, a 20 cent plot, flats in Chennai and Madurai, 40 million in fixed deposit and 13.9 million in his savings account.[42]
Kanimozhi 84.5 million[39] 4 June 2007 She owns fixed deposits worth Rs65.8 million, a commercial building in Anna Salai worth Rs16.1 million, shares worth Rs350,000 in a company called Westgate Logistics, gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs361,000 and a car, Toyota Camry worth Rs1870,000.[39]
Dayanidhi Maran 29.4 million[48][49] 3 September 2011 He and his wive have shares in RIL, Reliance Communications, RNRL and DK Enterprises.[48][49]

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