End Of Dravidian Parties In Tamil Nadu?

Sympathy vote might work in her favor.

But she will be out of Politics at least between 5 to nine years,

Whether she would be able to control the party till then is a moot question.

The next in the line for power is DMK, which has been wiped out in the recently conclude election because of 2G.

People are not in favour of DMK and Karunanidhi and CO with corruption cases and family insights.

There is a power vacuum now in Tamil Nadu.

Karunanidhi Arrest Unpublished Video

  On 30 June 2001, Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was arrested along with Central Ministers Murasoli Maran andT.R. Baalu.    I was in Chennai then.   Early morning , I heard a loud wailing from my neighbor’s house, with shout’,   ‘They are killing me’   I rushed out fearing the worst, only to find,   Karunanidhi […]

2G DMK Assets Azhagiri Suspension Story

So Congress fired the fist salvo by having the Kanimozhi Jaffer Sait Audio released.

More tapes to follow with the next audio to be released in reported to contain the talks between Karunanidhi and Jaffer Sait which implicates Karunanidhi in the 2 G scam.

As Azhagiri is again the Vijayakanth he quarreled with Stalin and Karunanighi and if some reports in the Tamil Media is to be believed Azhagiri went teven to the extent of attempting to assault karunanidhi.

The result was hat Karunanidhi went Public suspending Azhagiri fro the DMK complaining that Azhagiri wished Stalin dead and used parliamentary words to him!

Azhagiri retaliated saying that he would disclose details of the DMK accounts pertaining to DMK and MurasoliTrusts.

Kalaignar TV 2 G Scam Kanimozhi Jaffer Sait Tapes

It rains cats and Dogs for Karunanidhi.

Action against Alagiri,his warning that he will do an ‘expose’

Read On along with my posts on 2 G scam in detail.You may check under corruption and for audio under Radia tapes.


The original tape was released by Savuku.com a Tamil website.

I am producing excerpts of the news item and the link for the Transcript.

It is in Tamil.

You can Google Translate.

A petition has been handed over to Tamil Nadu Chef Minister to initiate action against former Police Officer Jaffer Sait.