Readers Diagnose Conditions Online Right?

Recently,a Doctor Lisa Sanders posed a question to Readers , "Can you solve the mystery of a middle-aged man recovering from a serious illness who suddenly becomes frightened and confused?"" New York Times added, " Every month the Diagnosis column of The New York Times Magazine asks Well readers to sift through a difficult case … Continue reading Readers Diagnose Conditions Online Right?


Meanings of Neurological terms- in Simple English

One gets confused and at times frightened by the terminology used by Neuro Specialists. Neurological disorders are frightening by themselves. To help people understand the medical lingo  of some common terms used by Neurologists, I am furnishing simple meanings of these terms. " PREFIX MEANING ab- away from acou- hear act- do, act ad-, aff- to aden- gland aer- … Continue reading Meanings of Neurological terms- in Simple English

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A Headache That Didn’t Go Away

I have relative of mine,about 50, who had difficulty in vision. Ophthalmologist advised him to wear glasses.By chance he happened to see a GP who informed him his case was not one of vision ,but of eye balls about to pop out and he immediately rushed to Specialty hospital where he was diagnosed with a disorder that has resulted in his eyeballs being held only by 40%.He was immediately operated upon and he is recovering. Moral-better seek second opinion .Sometimes, though cynical it may sound .may again be not 1005% correct.Sometimes there are as many opinions as there are doctors.What are we to do?

Misdiagnosed With Coma, Belgian Man Communicates After 23 Years

Very sad.Some doctors, despite fancy degrees,make a cursory examination and arrive at a prognosis. In this case brain activity should have been mapped or at least pupil dilation examination should have been more thorough. It is very hard to digest that that this should happen because of inefficiency of the doctors. Many of us regard doctors next to God, forgetting that medicine is an evolving science ; most of the treatments are exploratory in Nature and these procedures have contra indications as well;some of the medications are effective with out anybody knowing why and how it cures.Classic example is grand mal seizure .We know that this seizure is triggered by sudden increase in electrical discharges in the brain and Eption is prescribed to treat this.But none knows how it works or whether it has side effects. Because of commercialization of medicine , neither the doctor nor the patient has the time to discuss family history of the patient;nor are the patients interested in slow and steady cure or allowing body to take care with minimal supportive treatment. It is imperative for patients to inform and discuss with the doctor,your family history,your known allergies and your symptoms. It is also mandatory on the part of the patients to check the medicines prescribed for contra indications.If yes, inform the doctor and have the medicine changed.Even then you should also chek up on internet about the medicine's efficacy.This may sound tedious, but will save not only money, but your life as well. When going for surgery check before hand the anesthesia that is about to me administered and see if it it is compatible with your system for some anesthetics are incompatible. If you had any disease prior to surgery that has resulted in Edema(especially pulmonary), Nitrous oxide is to be shunned. While getting tests being carried out make sure at the lab, it is done for the part for which you have problem i.e.what the doctor has prescribed and see that the report is yours when you collect it.Never depute somebody else to collect it. Also popping pills based on advertisement or based on what your doctor has prescribed earlier ailments is dangerous. All these jobs are to be carried out by Doctors.Unfortunately,Doctors have no time for patients for they are too busy.