ISRO-Antrix.Government confirms its Guilt-Black lists Scientist .Why?.

Government of India has black listed senior Scientist Madhavan Nair from holding any post in Government,’ a  harsh punishment in operation and would stay till the issue is resolved'(Abhisekh Singhvi), is laudable. ” NEW DELHI: Former (Indian Space Research Organisation) Isro chief G Madhavan Nair and three other eminent space scientists have been barred from holding any […]

PMO and S Band Scam.

How S-Band Landed At PM’s Door Did the PMO knowingly push the deal and then back out? The PMO insists it got to know about the deal in July 2010, and then supported  moves to annul it. It definitely knows.If it denies it is not governing at all. There’s no loss to the exchequer yet. […]

S Band Scam,Sibal figures,Mauritius- Connection?

ISRO claimed that no transaction has been involved. No monetary gains for Devas. Then how come their shares are off loaded toa Foreign investor at a premium? And why would a German Telekom be interested in the deal? ISRO declared that they have the sanctions from the government right from PMO. Does it mean the […]

Mother of 2G scam – 2 lakh crores-ISRO-Devas nexus.

Tip of the iceberg,more to follow in these columns. Taking note of reports that CAG is investigating the loss of nearly Rs 2 lakh crore in the allotment of scarce S-band spectrum, BJP on Monday asked Prime Minister to clear the air, initiate an inquiry and take steps to recover the lost revenue. “This whole […]