Student Debt

The following is a Guest Blog by Celina Jones. Introduction Financial experts advise against accumulating debt unless there is a situation where it is necessary. In the current economic climate, it is more difficult than ever to get credit on decent interest rates and repayment is also hard to make on time. This is why you should avoid borrowing any […]

Don’t Let Credit Card Do This to You

A Man aged 57 set himself ablaze after having accumulated  more than £150,000. A grandfather set fire to himself at home after amassing hidden debts of more than £150,000 and keeping them hidden from his wife of three decades, an inquest heard yesterday. Ibrahim Omar, 57, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, put family photos and other personal […]

Facebook and High Credit Card Debt

Interesting study. I am not sure how accurate this is. Story: Does using Facebook cause you to spend money you don’t have and to pig out on junk food? As far-fetched as that might sound, a pair of U.S. marketing professors say they have found a relationship between time spent on Facebook and lower credit scores, higher […]

Make the best Use of Reward Credit cards

Rewards credit cards are usually marketed as a good way to get rewards like cash back or airline and travel miles. However, what most of the 80 million Americans who currently have a rewards card do not understand is that these cards come with negatives, like higher interest rates, additional fees, and sometimes a cap […]