God Particle In Hinduism Nyaya Philosophy

This post is a sequel to my post Advanced Thoughts Advanced Modern Concepts, which explores the present Advanced thoughts in Astronomy,Physic,Biology,Space and Time and Weaponry among other things. The thought that is making waves at present is the attempt at CERN to discover, isolate the God Particle,Higgs Boson. Two attempts have been made with results as confusing as the jargon of the Scientists. I have posted a couple of posts on this, one at the first attempt saying that the experiment would flop as it is an impossibility because of Space Time continuum. It happened that way with Scientists claiming that it was a success, but could not find the particle. At the second attempt, it was announced that the experiment was a success and there is a likelihood of a third particle involving Boson! I had said of this on another post. I am not a Scientist, nor do I possess an adequate knowledge of the fundamentals of Science. Some of my readers askde me to provide more information on the subject. I am posting some information on the subject based on my study of the Vedas and the Systems of Indian Philosophy. None of the thoughts being mentioned are mine but from Indian Philosophy. In India, contrary to what many think, including the Hindus, Indian Philosophy is much more than the Vedas"it includes systems of thoughts which deny the authenticity of the Vedas(Curiously these systems end up with results not very different from the Vedas) like Jainism,Buddhism,Charvaka,Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya and Yoga, this and many more subsystems of these thoughts constitute Indian Philosophy and Thought,


Camera Points At Billion Light Years Away Video

A new Camera, equipped to look into Deep Space in an effort  to find out find more about Dark Energy. This powerful Camera is in a high Plateau in Chile. 'The most powerful sky-mapping instrument ever built is about to embark on a far-reaching survey of deepest space to find evidence of the theoretical force called … Continue reading Camera Points At Billion Light Years Away Video

TIME will Stop Completely

In a Study, typical of Science's arrogance and inability to accept any thing that they can not understand have come out with a statement that Time will come to a stand still one day. This fallacy is due to the blind acceptance of the Linear Theory of Time. The Cyclic Theory which has been propounded by Indian Philosophy and indications that it might be the correct interpretations of Time by Quantum Theory(please read my blog Time, a non-linear theory),Scientist refuse to accept this.

Explorer Finds Dark Energy Repulsive.

Einstein need not be called wrong at this stage. When two bodies are repelling each other , the explanation could also be that another Force might be pulling each of the objects in different directions. Like Space,Gravity has no directions. It is only a frame of reference. Story: A five-year survey of 200,000 galaxies, stretching back … Continue reading Explorer Finds Dark Energy Repulsive.

5of5_The Universe-Alien Galaxies

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