Why We believe in Superstitions

People tend to believe in Superstitions.

Those who believe show off as a Non believer to assert they are rational.

But Human Psyche needs props.

Superstitions reinforce that need.

Why do we believe in Superstitions?

Now You can view The Mistakes of Scientists

  We normally accept the the statements 0f Scientists as  Gospel.   We never get to know the othe side of the story.   The Data is interpreted to suit the Scientist’s (not all scientists indulge in this) view or worse still the view of the Sponsor,say a Pharma Company.   Peer reviewed Journals are […]

Can psychology make them eat?

Bottom line is eat natural Food, avoid fast/junk food. Food habits are to be regulated from childhood.This can be done by example by parents. Children by nature do not develop likes and dislikes for food.it is a learned habit.It is determined by the parents,society and the culture in which they are placed. Essential that parents […]