Sausage From Baby Poop

Hinduism, in its Sastras , says that one should not look at while a woman is eating, sleeping and the Place where food is cooked. Women tend(ed?0) to eat less after providing for the family depending on the availability of food cooked,a woman while sleeping may either arouse one or may be dresses up , well, not too attractive to look. And the place where food is being cooked is because women at times make food available with ingredients(in poor families) which people in the house hold may not eat or at times the place would not look too clean. But would they have imagined that one day people would eat Feces!


Indian Food Cuisine Unity In Diversity

1.Seasoning in Oil is mandatory for food preparations. 2.Spices are used in every dish. 3.Pepper,Mustard,Fenugreek,Cumin seeds,Coriander are the three elements that are used daily in all the Sates. 4.Curry and Curry leaves are the most used in preparations. 5,Dhals ,Ghee,Papads,Pickles and Curds are essential . South indians especially the Tamils love Fire roasted(direct roasting) Papads. 4.In Sweets Kheers,Mysorepak,Jilebi are common. 5.Use of Pulses.

First Computer Created Recipe Indian Turmeric Paella

Cooking involves Creativity of the highest order. I have often remarked to my children about the dishes we eat. Human beings have to first eliminate what is not poisonous. Choose what is tasty,then what is Healthy. Find the various ingredients. Arrive at mixture that is both tasty and nutritious. Imagine how many Mann Years are needed to arrive at the complex dishes Indian Cuisine offers! Now the Computer designed recipe is out. One of the first, which is acknowledged is a Dish involving Turmeric and Spices Combination 'Indian Turmeric Paella.

Head Aches Relief Effective Home Remedy

 For Head Ache relief. External Application.   Take a  handful ofகற்பூரவல்லி -Plectranthus amboinicus leaves ,clean and extract its juice. Mix it with 50 to ml of Gingelly Oil , Sugar, prepare a paste and apply to the forehead. The quantity of the ingredients may be adjusted to ensure that the paste is even and easy to apply. Apply … Continue reading Head Aches Relief Effective Home Remedy

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