How To Keep Food In a Refrigerator.

As an after thought things that are meant to be kept at Frozen or low temperatures are accommodated.

In a Typical Brahmin Household, you would find in a Fridge,

Vathal Kuzhambu, prepared in BC,

Side dished prepared with Coconut emanating stale odor,

Sambhar made , of course eons ago,you would find hardly a teaspoon of it,

Boiled unused Milk,

Cut Fresh Vegetables, cut about a week ago,

Organize Your Kitchen, Cooking

In India Meals are not ‘rustled up’ or assembled in jiffy by by adding some packaged foods, at least in the traditional Homes.

An Organised Kitchen would make even the most elaborate preparation can take only the cooking time if the kitchen and the ingredients are well organized.

In Indian Homes, especially in the South, we have a five partitioned container called ‘அஞ்சறைப்பெட்டி ‘ ,meaning Five partitioned Container.

They contain Pepper, Mustard , Fengureek ,Cumin ,pigeon-pea(துவரம் பருப்பு ).

Depending on usage these might vary.

No Indian cooking can be done with out these ingredients.

Keep this and other ingredients like Red Chilies, Bengal Gram ,Salt , Chilli powder,Asafoetida and Tamarind.

And keep the cooking utensils handy .

Read the Info-graphics.

How To Buy Fresh Vegetables,Fruits.

Of late the habit of buying Vegetables and Fruits and stocking them up in the Refrigerator is on the rise. This is dangerous as Fruits and Vegetables also have expiry date. In addition fruits and vegetables are artificially ripened. The chemicals used include Carbide and Ethylene gas. These are highly toxic and may even cause death in […]

Common Household Problems,Less Known Home Solutions

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Diabetes Patients, Natural Insulin.

  Bitter Gourd/Bitter Melon/Karela Also Know asInsulin Plant. It contains a high dose of  “Plant Insulin”. It lowers theblood sugar levels Effectively. On a empty stomach take a Glass of  Bitter gourd juice made from 2 to 3  Bitter Gourds. Reference: Momordica charantia, called bitter melon, bitter gourd or bitter squash in English, Karavella [1] in Sanskrit and Karela in Hindi and Urdu, Karla in Marathi, Pavakai (பாகற்க்காய்) in Tamil, Hagala kayi in Kannada, […]