Aircel Customer Care, ‘Incoming Not Getting Down!’ Audio

'Customer.I have a problem in calls. Executive: What is the problem? Customer: Some body is sitting on my Line and refuses to get down. Executive.What? Customer:My friend told me that this fellow is dangerous and he always sits in th Line and takes away my calls. Executive: What? Customer: True , Sir. This fellow is doing this to every body in our town. Executive: You mean you are not getting Incoming calls? Customer:The same fellow.Now you have admitted it.You ask him to get down from the Line. Executive Eh? Customer. You do not know what problems I am facing.May Mother and Aunt had a big fight yester day.In between this Incoming comes and tortures me. Executive:Ah.Is that the problem? Customer. Sir, right. But I don't know him. I am in serious trouble. I got drunk yesterday( weeps)

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