Australian State On Fire NSW “Live Updates”

Australia is reeling under Fire with over 165 fires reported at the last count and the  Fire fighters are waging a grim battle. The temperatures are expected to soar to 43 degrees. In some areas of the state, winds of more than 70 kilometers an hour were threatening to fan the flames of fires already burning. However, a change … Continue reading Australian State On Fire NSW “Live Updates”


Piers Morgan, Gun Control ,Deportation, Second Amendment

I understand this thus. 1.Despite Militia a well regulated...infringed"('despite' being inferred) in this case the Lobbyists are Right. 2.Add a comma at after ''the Right of the people' to read 'A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed' Then, the phrase 'the Right of the people ' qualifies the previous caluse ' A well regulated.." means that it is only the Right of the Militia, being the Right of the people, whose(Militia's) Rights to arms can not be infringed upon. But then if people call the bearing of Arms is their Right, then let them bear the responsibility of being Gunned down.

9/11 WTC Collapsed 30 Minutes Earlier BBC Cover Up Tapes

The World Trade Center involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack  came down 30 minutes before than it was reported. BBC had the tapes and it transpires that the tapes were missing! This lends credence to Conspiracy theories doing the rounds. BBC has dill -dallied and finally came down with an explanation. Scroll down for Videos. Story: t has … Continue reading 9/11 WTC Collapsed 30 Minutes Earlier BBC Cover Up Tapes

‘ End Of The World’ Noah’s Ark,Nuclear Shelter From Bus

How people panic easily is demonstrated by the way people of reacting! Though it needs no Rocket Technology to know that the World will end is a hoax, people tend to react funnily. Yesterday I blogged that people were sending emails quoting NASA; to day we find people doing the craziest things to escape the end of the world.

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