Porn Is Christmas Present Porn Hub Survey

.Least Porn visits August.except Brazil,Spain,Japan and Mexico

The same Data Worldwide.

3.While there is very low traffic on Weekends in the rest of the world, the US takes a day off on Thursdays.

4.US spent 10 minutes, 39 seconds, on average, on the website every time they visited this past year, the Huffington Post reported.
5.Britain, spent a minute less than Americans gets the second place.

Secularism Different Views.

Secularism means a lot of things to various people, depending on what your attitude towards Life is.

If you are a Christian, acceptance of the other sects of Christianity .For Islam it is the embracing of Islam.

For the Communists, it is bourgeois culture.

For Indian Politicians the appeasement of Muslims and Christians and the baiting of the Majority Hindus.

For Christianity and the Bible ‘Heathens’

For Islam ‘Kafirs’

Want Stolen iPhone? Contact Amazon

It was recently found that an iPhone that had been stolen  was sold by Amazon! So much for reliability! A Customer found this whenhe tried to activate the iPhone. Story: Ben Dreyfuss@bendreyfuss I bought my my Mom an iPhone for Christmas off Amazon and when she tried to activate it they told her it had been stolen. Ben […]