Space Alien Found Tiny ‘Atacama Humanoid’

Despite stubborn refusal to acknowledge the existence of UFOs or Extra Terrestrials the controversy refuses to die down. We have a Humanoid discovered ten years ago . And that's making waves now.


A Volcano Erupts, Copahue ,Argentina PhotoEssay

The Copahue volcano spews ashes above Caviahue, in Neuquen province, Argentina, some 1500 km southwest of Buenos Aires on December 24. The authorities of Chile and Argentina issued alerts in each country due to the eruption of the volcano, placed in the border between both countries.              

Best Documentaries 2012 -III Videos

It’s not just the tunes, it’s Marley’s subtle charisma that sells this film. His impact on the world was bigger than music alone and in this film we see a clear reflection of the good and bad sides. In true style this mindf*ck of a doc explores all the conspiracy theories behind Kubrick’s The Shining– the … Continue reading Best Documentaries 2012 -III Videos

Camera Points At Billion Light Years Away Video

A new Camera, equipped to look into Deep Space in an effort  to find out find more about Dark Energy. This powerful Camera is in a high Plateau in Chile. 'The most powerful sky-mapping instrument ever built is about to embark on a far-reaching survey of deepest space to find evidence of the theoretical force called … Continue reading Camera Points At Billion Light Years Away Video

Chile Earthquake 7.1 Mag.Breaking News. Video.

                  7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes coastal Chile, about 43 miles northwest of Temuco, the U.S.G.S said. A massive earthquake has hit central Chile and killed at least 214 people, the interior minister says. The 8.8 quake caused widespread damage, destroying buildings, bridges and roads in many … Continue reading Chile Earthquake 7.1 Mag.Breaking News. Video.

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