Pocket Money Alarming Trends IndiaTakes Action

This is addition to what is being provided at Home by way of Food, Shelter Clothing, Study expenses and in fact covers everything.

This concept is a new one, since about fifteen years,;even then, it was not followed as it is being done now.

We were provided every thing by the parents at Home(about 50 years back) and I did not even know what to ask.

I used accept what was given by my father.

Even School textbooks were not asked for.

If I needed something, which was rare, at times I used to ask my mother and what I wanted was provided, but never Money.

Today, we find Pocket Money is being demanded as a matter of Right by the children and parents also consider this as a part of a Child growing into an adult!

It sounds funny.

Why does a child require Money and why do parents encourage it?

One point is that the peer Pressure exerted on the Parents by the other parents on the one hand and , on the other,the pressure exerted by the child’s friends.

Many parents resort to this practice to show their status,also to assuage their guilt feeling of not being with the child as much as they would like because of the fact that both Husband and wife are employed.

They think they are compensating this by giving money to children.

At a relatively young age, say up to 10 years, if you bring up the child properly. the child would not ask for Pocket Money and what it needs is the fact that the Father/Mother personally bought something for him

Once you allow the child the taste of money, it never leaves.

The child develops a taste for things which it can not afford and assumes that the Money is there merely for the asking.

When you have money, one tends to spend on things one does not need, this applies more to Adults,look at your credit card purchase-s you would have bought things which you would otherwise have not bought if you hard currency ;such being the case, imagine a child!

When the child has more money it tends to develop bad habits like Smoking< Drinking and begin to use drugs.

‘Only Child’ Facts For Better Parenting.

There are some Myths about the ‘Only Child”.

Lauren Sanders makes some observations on the ‘Only Child’

I am sharing my views on this subject and her observation are provided after that.

I was the last child for my Parents.My sister and brothers were old enough to be my Parents , they were married before I was born and were living in other cities from our Home.

1. I was brought up, for all practical purposes, as ‘only Child”It is not not necessary for parents to have another child to make a child’only child’,it is the way he is brought up.

I am amazed at the fuss my Daughter and daughter in law make and the efforts they put up in bringing up childre,

My son and son in law are not far behind.

My parents did not spend ‘quality time, as fancy terms indicate, with me.

I used to take food as it was given to me without any any attempt to feed me(after I was Three),went to school on my own without parent’s accompanying and generally did what a child is expected of, playing on the street till called Home(fro 630 am to 8,430 pm to six pm).

I never felt alone and was always busy.

Never have i felt that I was being brought up differently.

I am given to understand that I mix with people freely and easy to get along with.

But as Myth would have it I should have been an introvert, reserved and difficult to get along with; I am not.

This nails the myth that ‘only child’ is lonely, difficult to get on along with and is prone for maladjustment later in Life.

2.I have not been pampered.

I f I want something I used to ask my mother, which will be conveyed to my father,by her.

If he can not afford it, he would call me and say that he could not afford it.

My tantrums would be of no avail.

This has not made me adamant and cantankerous in my later Life.

3.Being the ‘only child’ has not made me any more selfish than any other child.

I am selfish as any other child and my daughter tells me I am selfish especially i

Parenting Consistency Punishment Myths Facts

The first Myth is that you need to be trained and educated on Parenting.

Parenting is instinctive and no body needs training or to be educated.

One picks it up as one becomes a parent.

I recall a Seminar was invited to deliver a Lecture on Parenting.

Knowing my views I tried to refuse.

But on their insistence, I attended it.

I requested them to speak towards the end.

Speakers after speakers stressed on Parental Stress,Adjustment,Consistency, setting examples, carrot and stick, Lifestyle adjustment etc.

I was the last to speak.

‘ All of you have listened to exposition on Parenting.

Animals do Parenting, take care of their children, those of you who are present here have been brought up by parents,most of them not educated, definitely have not attended courses on Parenting.

‘Children Space’, Parental Space, Sheer Non Sense

In the process, what has happened to my Parental Space?

Dealing with Physical Disease one thing, I am not qualified,but emotional and value systems, I have a better interest and motivation.

Our patents knew nothing of these . nor did I do any of these.

I am alright and so are my children.
…We will not have any problem with the children, if Only,

Parents know to stay together in marriage,

Do not Drink,

Live with elders in the family,

Have regular and clean habits,

Good values in Life,

Do not send children to school at the age of # 3,

Force them to do things which are beyond them,

Send them to all Courses from Karate to dancing,

Praising Kids And Effects

Today modern parenting seems to suggest that children need motivation and need to be praised periodically. ThisĀ principleĀ is extended to Adults as well.. The habit of praising becomes a routine and it is recited as though by rote. The funny habit of saying ”I Love you’ to spouse ritualistically daily every day more often at a […]