Cold Fever Stomach Illness in Children Safe Sure Remedies


Yashti madhu (Licorice root) and a little raw honey it helps liquefy and expectorate phlegm.

Make a Paste of the root, about half a teaspoon, ix it with Honey and give the child, till the cough subsides.

Or take a Nutmeg, Jathikkai, make a paste, small quantity of paste, by rubbing it out with a little quantity of water.apply this mixture on both the sides of the nose.

Disease Free Life Infant High Fever Indrakshi Stotra

For High Fever , especially in Infants and small children recite the Inrdakshi Gayatri quoted below for 108 times, keeping your fingers in a Vibhuthi, Bhasma..

Apply this Bhasma on the forehead.

Continue this till the child is cured of fever.

Keep the Bhasma in the Yantra shown in the Image.

This can be drawn with RiceFlour.

Indrakshi Gayathri

Basmayudhaya Vidmahe
Raktha Nethraya Deemahi,
Thanno Jwarahara Prachoidayath

Mantra For Safe Easy Delivery

For a safe and easy delivery for pregnant Mothers , I am providing some mantras.
In addition to this, one may vow to offer a bunch of Raw Bananas (Vaazhaith Thaar) to Thaayumanavar Swamy at Tiruchirapalli.

This vow may be fulfilled after Delivery by carrying the Vazzhaith Thaar in person up the steps and offer to the Lord Thaayumaanavar.