Sex Facts US

  1.At least one in four teenage girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease, or more than 3 million teens, according to the first study of its kind in this age group.(usatoDay 27/5/2008) 2.Glamydia Syphilis (primary and secondary) Cases reported in 2011: 1,412,791 Cases reported in 2011: 13,970 R ate per 100,000 people: 457.6; increase […]

US Gun Control Executive Order List Why The Fuss

It is clear that even basic checks were not made while issuing Guns,back checks are not reported if made,Review of Individuals to whom Guns have been issued,no adequate Laws to authorize the Authorities to run a back round check before the Guns are returned , no checks were in place to regulate the selling of guns by Arms dealers…!

It appears that the US, till now, has been a Wild West!

Dangers Of Vaccines for Children,Cause Autism

Some of the Vaccines commonly used for Children, cause Autismin Children a recent Study reports. If people know some basic details of Vaccine they would know that these dangers are always inherent. Apart from the process of making Vaccine, there is guarantee  that the Vaccine would prevent the disease, not withstanding the tall claims. A vaccine is a […]

Sex Statistics.Live Science.

    Sex Statistics ,published by Live Science. does not really throw any thing anew. But the information helps. Ultimately it is the propagation of the Species that matters, our pleasures being a spin-off,may be intended as a tool . I wonder whether the same amount of research has been done on Hunger! Whether it’s penis […]