On Charge Mobile Burns Palm

Despite warnings from the Manufacturers and those who are in the know ,people still talk on their Cell Phones, when it is under Charge.

I came across a Photo in Facebook that a Boy had his palm burnt severely in Bombay.

I have seen people speaking on mobile phones while rings

Truth Behind +375 Calls

I have received a message that receiving calls ¬†on the Mobile from the number starting from +375 result in being charged $15 to $30 if the number is called back. I checked with Hoax Slayer and this is the finding. My view is that if you do not any one by this number better not […]

Vodafone Three Hundred Million Pounds Office No Staff

To take advantage of tax benefits, Vodafone, had an office in Ireland with a turn over of 324 Millions Pound Sterling per annum.

The catch is this office had no staff between the years 2002 and 2007.

I used to wonder at the rate the Mobile companies are reducing the service charges in India.

Initially the companies were charging Rs.10 per SMS, it came down to 5, then 1 and now most of the service providers provide it Free, depending on the Plan(!)

I came to know that the charges per SMS is Paise one (charged by the BSNL) , the gateway provider in India, to these service providers.

Now even call rates have come down.

Still these mobile companies make a killing.

Now this story!

Not content with fleecing customers thus, they are fleecing the general Public who are not their customers at all, by enjoying tax benefits not meant for them

Find Original Phone Fake Mobile/Cell

There are fake mobile phones flooding the market. Follow instructions to find if your Mobile Phone is original.   Related Articles Optimizing Your Site For Mobiles (lunstonbryan.com) When You Should Not Buy a Used Cell Phone (williamtiffany8.wordpress.com)  

Now Incest App Video Demo

Living has become complex and so isolated (though the world has shrunk on the Internet) and sex between strangers have become a common and easy that one might even bump into his close relatives..

Iceland faced this problem and recognized this as a Problem.

A Mobile Application has been developed to avoid bedding close relatives,unwittingly.

( you can do nothing about those who do so wittingly!)

The Story and Video Demo.