Kills Punching Wife Posts Photo In Facebook

In a weird case, a man killed his wife and posted it in Facebook!

Man Kills wife ,posts in Facebook..
Man Kills wife ,posts in Facebook..
I hope this makes the Judge’s easier.

Or wold it help the accused pleading’temporarily insane?’

What wold be lost is the fact that the dead woman has been abusing her husband.


In a weird case, a man killed his wife and posted it in Facebook!

Man Kills wife ,posts in Facebook..
Man Kills wife ,posts in Facebook..

I hope this makes the Judge‘s easier.

Or wold it help the accused pleading’temporarily insane?’

What wold be lost is the fact that the dead woman has been abusing her husband.


A dead woman’s bloody body lay sprawled out on a kitchen floor in a gruesome photo posted to her husband’s Facebook page, along with a harrowing confession.

“Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news.”

Derek Medina, 31, of South Miami appears to have posted the grisly picture of Jennifer Alfonso about 11:30 Thursday morning.

It shows Alfonso bent backwards at the knees with blood splattered over her face and arm.

“my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope u understand me,” he wrote.

Medina turned himself in to police Thursday and confessed that he shot his wife following a domestic dispute, local CBS-affiliate WFOR reported.


Word War II by Facebook!


And True.

World War II Facebook.
World War II Facebook.
World War II Facebook 2
World War II Facebook 2
World War ii Facebook 3
World War ii Facebook 3$e_Gd:6q78JhL1/


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Microsoft to Produce Thriller Movies


Microsoft is planning to produce Hollywood type Films on the lines of ‘Survivor’,C.S.I’


This is to help  the creation of original video content that will be available through Microsoft’s Xbox, as well as other devices that connect to it, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


Microsoft is making a big move into producing Hollywood-style series and movies for its Xbox platform, with the hiring of a former CBS executive who helped develop TV series such as “Survivor,” “C.S.I.,” and “Two and a Half Men.” It’s a great move for the company looking to find its place in a post-PC future.

Microsoft just hired Nancy Tellem, who will oversee the creation of original video content that will be available through Microsoft’s Xbox, as well as other devices that connect to it, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The Los Angeles Times reports that Tellem had been with CBS since 1997 and was in charge of the network’s entertainment division between 1998 and 2009. Microsoft will be building its own studio in Los Angeles, as well as making deals with existing Hollywood studios. Tellem told the Los Angeles Times that Microsoft will create “premium content” of a high enough quality to compete with cable and network TV shows. She added:

“We have large visions as to where this could all go. Building up a studio in Los Angeles with a significant financial commitment is very important.”

It’s not clear yet whether the video content will be free and ad-supported, available on a subscription basis, or avaialble as pay-per-view.”

Source:Computer World


Now DNA Tests Go On Wheels!


DNA Truck

Now the suspicion of parents on their children‘s lineage hs grown to such an urgency that a Truck equipped with DNA Test Equipment  has started rolling .


Sign of Times?



‘The “Who’s Your Daddy” recreational vehicle is selling DNA tests, mostly to fathers who suspect their children may not actually be theirs.

“They flag us down, they pull us over, they talk to us,” owner and operator Jared Rosenthal said Wednesday. “Sometimes, because of the nature of the services, they want to be a little more discreet about it, but they do come or they’ll call the number.”

In this business, Rosenthal said he deals with all kinds of crazy situations all day, every day.

“We have people that want to get the specimen from their spouse without them knowing about it,” Rosenthal said. “We deal with a lot of drama, it’s constant drama.”

There have been instances where men have walked in with a baby to give DNA samples only to find out later they’re not related.

When asked by CBS 2’s Dave Carlin why he was taking the DNA test from the traveling truck, one unidentified man explained, “I’m paying child support anyways and I would do it anyways. You just want to know.”

“There’s a lot of difficult situations and tough moments and heartbreak,” Rosenthal said, adding that there are happy endings as well. “There’s a lot of good news that we’re able to deliver and there’s a lot of happy moments.”

For example, the test helped a 44-year-old Harlem man find his long lost 20-year-old daughter.

Rosenthal maintained that his credentials are legitimate and that his business is legal. In fact, he said he believes he is providing an essential service.

“It’s not something people talk about, but there is a big need for it,” he said.

Inwood resident Kesha Veras agreed.


Smartphone Virus Warning. Video.

Latest warning issued by CBS.


Smartphones are a craze that’s sweeping the world, and we are yet to see any indication this is going to change in the foreseeable future. This can only be a good thing – it gives you the chance to have the computer you dreamt of a few years ago in your pocket and do all the fancy stuff you want to do while on the go. Mind, this is only the beginning and these smart devices are getting better all the time, so more features are on the way – and more features translate into more opportunities, while more opportunities ensure that we are going to store additional and potentially sensitive information on our smartphones. And here comes the issue with smartphone security – a problem that is grossly underestimated by most users, which is really surprising given the fact that a few viruses have already managed to breach the security of various mobile OSs.—threats-malwares-and-cures_id17695

According to McAfee, the most vulnerable smartphone features include:

  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • Video
  • Phone transcriptions
  • Call history
  • Documentation
  • Buffer overflows

The outbreak might not be contained to the smartphone either.

Most of the current generation of smartphones have mini usb connectors. The connector not only allow the devices to be charged, but also allows them to be plugged into a desktop computer for data syncing. This could allow a virus to be transferred to your desktop or laptop from your smartphone.  (I also plug my smartphone into my car’s usb connector to charge. Could a virus be uploaded into it?)

So, what should smartphone owners do? While many companies have developed anti-virus software for smartphones, I suggest simply using the same safe computing practices one uses with their desktop:

  • Be wary of email attachments, even if they come from friends
  • Obtain applications from trusted sources
  • Keep your sensitive data safe
  • Protect your passwords
  • Be careful using open wifi networks.

Male Editor Blames Lara Logan’s Cleavage for Her Sexual Assault.

I agree with Rottenberg to the extent that provocative dress is a major factor.

Sex is instinctive(exclude pre-planned sexual attack).

That happens at the slightest provocation.

That power is a part of sexual assault comes in either in the act or afterwards.

Excepting in planned attacks where the assault may have additional reasons,the attack is a response to stimulation  of the senses or mental.

Sexually attractive dresses are worn to attract or to get noticed by the opposite sex.

For what?

If you imagine it has nothing to do with sex, you are mistaken.

Social norms and upbringing can contain the sexual behavior up to a certain level.

By provocative dressing you invite trouble,if you deem it a trouble.

‘Don’t trust a Man‘-

I take it to mean that a Man is a Man first before being  a colleague , friend or a relative.

Better be prudent.

Remember we are all animals basically.

What is said here of Man is applicable to Woman as well.


Women are often reluctant to report incidents of sexual assault for many reasons. The aftermath of the victim-blaming they may face is just one of many, but the insults that come can be ugly, sexist, and to be honest, completely idiotic.

Take, for example, ” href=”” target=”_blank”>Dan Rottenberg, editor-in-chief of the Broad Street Review  (an online Philadelphia arts and culture website), who recently had some choice words about Lara Logan, the CBS journalist who was sexually assaulted by a mob in Tahrir Square while covering the political protests.

After finding a picture of Logan in a low-cut gown displaying cleavage, Rottenberg basically makes the argument that her sexual assault shouldn’t be surprising given her decision to wear a cleavage baring dress. Under the picture reads the caption: “What message was the TV journalist Lara Logan sending here?…

“Earth to liberated women,” says Rottenberg, “When you display legs, thighs or cleavage, some liberated men will see it as a sign that you feel good about yourself and your sexuality. But most men will see it as a sign that you want to get laid. Forewarned is forearmed.”

Rape is Not About Sex

Women are not raped because they choose to bare cleavage, wear a mini-skirt, or strut down the street in thigh high boots.

Rape isn’t about sex or attraction. It’s about power…

Men Are Not To Be Trusted 

In addition to avoiding skin baring clothing, Rottenberg adds:

“Don’t trust your male friends. Don’t go to a man’s home at night unless you’re prepared to have sex with him. Don’t disrobe in front of a male masseur. If you take a job as a masseuse, don’t be shocked if your male customers think you’re a prostitute.”

If I were a man I would be insulted by these comments. Are men such sex crazed animals they can’t keep it in their pants?

And Rottenberg doesn’t stop there:

“Women today are technically free to do all sorts of things that were forbidden to their grandmothers, which is all well and good. But in practice, rape and the notion of sexual conquest persist for the same reason that warfare persists: because the human animal— especially the male animal— craves drama as much as food, shelter and clothing. Conquering an unwilling sex partner is about as much drama as a man can find without shooting a gun— and, of course, guns haven’t disappeared either.”

Netherlands wins World Cup?-CBS News Mobile.

Pre prepared news Flashes goof.Hope they do not trigger a Nuclear war or publish an obituary for one to enjoy his.

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