Banned Ancient Triptych Temples Mother Religion Sanatana Dharma

For good measure throw a fancy name, Tripych( Three Doors) Temples,has been assigned to these similarities and they have been cited as belonging to a Mother Civilization,Atlantis!

These types of temples have their origin in India and any one can see them today in India.

And Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Philippines,Indonesia,Thailand,US, Mexico,Honduras,Burma, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,Italy…

Shiva temples in Mecca, Petra Jordan,Colarado..

Suspended by Genitals Massacred Village Ordered by Pope

One of my acquaintances asked me that if what is being granted by Satan is demanded by Man and all one has to do is to give himself to Satan, then Christ also recommends the same, by offering the Kingdom of Heaven in return for one’s adherence to Christianity as propounded by Jesus.

Then why not follow Satan?

Seems logical, strictly from the point of Logic and common sense.

This is the dichotomy one faces when one ascribes dual realities, one limiting and interfering with another.

The Cathars had a different approach though it had the same Christian element.

Vatican Shiva Temple?

I have posted articles that the Kaaba was a Shiva Temple and a Linga is still in there with authentic links.
I came across some credible information worth postin g whaich states that the Vatican was built on

1.Pagan Tempe.

2.Shiva Temple.


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St. Peter’s Basilica is built on a large pre-Roman and pagan cemetery which included an old temple with red walls. Very little is known about this excavation because it was done by the Catholic Church themselves. It was used to claim that Simon Peter’s bones are actually buried there.

Actually, pretty much all of Christdom’s oldest churches are either retro-fitted temples, extensions of temples, or built on the foundation of old temples…

” During excavations many such “meteoric stones mounted on carved pedestals” are discovered in Italy. Obviously, therefore, this one was dug up from the Vatican itself. Many more must be lying buried in the Vatican’s massive walls and numerous cellars. Vatican is itself the Sanskrit word “Vatica” applied to Hindu cultural-cum-religious centers as in “Ashrama-Vatica” or “Dharma-Vatica” or “Ananda-Vatica.”