Best Low Cost Heart Surgery , Free In India Details

Cardiac Surgery in India is considered to be the best in terms of Mortality.

The cost could be even lower if the Corporate are not greedy.

There are some Hospitals in India,which charge less than the cost mentioned here, but the do not have the PR and Marketing set up, nor do they have Glib talkers .


Cardiac Surgery in India is considered  to be the best in terms of Mortality.

The cost could be even lower if the Corporate are not greedy.

The lower cost is due to weak Indian Rupee and by Indian Standards the cost is still unreachable for the Middle and lower Income Groups.

Cardiac Surgery, India
Heart Surgery Free of Cost,India

Please check the above information.

There are some Government Hospitals, like the GH, Chennai.

But they may not have the Five Star atmosphere.

Or KMC, Chennai.

There is of course the question of bureaucracy and indifference.

If only the staff there were to be more dedicated, they can give a run for the money for the Corporate Hospitals

There are some Hospitals in India,which charge less than the cost mentioned here, but the do not have the PR and Marketing set up, nor do they have Glib talkers .

Leading hospitals have a success rate of between 98% to 99% for heart surgery in India, higher than most hospitals worldwide Benchmarking the biggest hospital for heart surgery in India with the finest hospitals in the USA provides a very favourable comparison: the Indian hospital performed 2.5 times the number of adult heart surgeries performed at Cleveland Clinic, USA, and 2.5 times the number of paediatric heart surgeries conducted at Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA.”

Cost of Heart Surgery in India.

The cost of heart surgery in India is perhaps the lowest in the world Some comparisons show that patients in the USA can save 90 per cent of the treatment cost by having their heart surgery in India. The cost of heart treatment in India is also very much cheaper compared with Thailand, Singapore, etc which also attract medical tourists.

Benefits of Having Heart Surgery in India.

Hospitals in India have a success rate of between 98 to 99% for heart surgery in India

Heart surgery in India is performed by cardiac surgeons of great experience, in terms of both number of surgeries, diversity of procedures and complexity of heart conditions

This experience is built on top of the outstanding academic qualifications of heart surgeons in India.

After medical school and internship at hospitals in India, many cardiac surgeons in India proceed to have super specialisation and world-class training at the best institutions in the UK, USA etc.

Many heart surgeons in India also have work experience in institutions as reputed as Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, etc

India’s hospitals have world-class cardiac catheterisation labs for diagnosis of heart diseases and performance of angiograms and angioplasties They also have state-of-the-art operation theatres that enable safe and successful heart surgery in India.”

Using pre-fabricated buildings, stripping out air-conditioning and even training visitors to help with post-operative care, the group believes it can cut the cost of heart surgery to an astonishing 800 dollars.

“Today healthcare has got phenomenal services to offer. Almost every disease can be cured and if you can’t cure patients, you can give them meaningful life,” says company founder Devi Shetty, one of the world’s most famous heart surgeons.

“But what percentage of the people of this planet can afford it? A hundred years after the first heart surgery, less than 10 percent of the world’s population can,” he told AFP from his office in hi-tech hub Bangalore.

Already famous for his “heart factory” in Bangalore, which does the highest number of cardiac operations in the world, the latest Narayana Hrudayalaya (“Temple of the Heart”) projects are ultra low-cost facilities”


Live Heart Surgery Video.

I often wonder how a Heart Surgery is done.

Twitter has uploaded a series of Heart Surgery and these are available in You Tube also

Following is a reproduction.

“Doctors at Houston’s Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital have made medical and social media history by live-tweeting an open-heart surgery for the first time.

Yes, you read that correctly.

On Tuesday, Dr. Michael Macris performed a double-coronary artery bypass on a 57-year-old patient. Dr. Macris’ colleague, Dr. Paresh Patel, provided 140-character updates throughout the procedure and answered questions submitted by followers of the hospital’s @houstonhospital Twitter account.

Dr. Macris also wore a camera attached to his head, according to Texas Monthly, and Dr. Patel snapped additional photos.

The tweets, photos and video are all compiled in a Storify story created by the hospital. It’s embedded here below and very graphic — though you’ll be glad to know the patient made it through surgery.

The procedure and live-tweeting lasted about 2 hours. Dr. Patel provided updates on the type of surgery, what Dr. Macris was doing and why, and the duties and roles of other members of the surgery team. The hospital currently has just over 5,100 Twitter followers.

In one post, Dr. Patel called the live-tweeting “an educational look into a common double bypass #surgery.”

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