Tamil Genocide Proof Rajapakshe Here It Is

I have written about the spineless cowardly act of India in sending Indian Foreign Minister to attend the CHOGM in Colombo.

After David Cameron’s statement that abstaining from the summit would not serve any purpose but raising the issue at the Summit.

This seems to me a very productive approach.

He added that he intended to visit the northern area affected by Genocide,though he called it the ‘affected area’ and true to his words, he proceeded there.
The news is that he was mobbed by the affected people , giving vent to their anguish
Rajapakshe in his address to the CHOGM Press meet is reported to have said that though there have been violations of Human Rights in the past, meaning LTTE, he was prepared to take action if proof of war crime is provided.

Well ,Mr .Rajapakshe, here it is.