Tamil Genocide Proof Rajapakshe Here It Is

Now that the CHOGM is underway, there are certain issues that have to be discussed in the Summit.

Tamils mob David Cameron in Sri Lanka.
Genocide survivors mob David Cameron.

I have written about the spineless cowardly act of India in sending Indian Foreign Minister to attend the CHOGM in Colombo.

After David Cameron’s statement  that abstaining from the summit would not serve any purpose but raising the issue at the Summit.

This seems to me a very productive approach.

He added that he intended to visit the northern area affected by Genocide,though he called it the ‘affected area’ and true to his words, he proceeded there.

The news is that he was mobbed by the affected people , giving vent to their anguish,

David Cameron’s motorcade was ‘mobbed’ by protestors as he travelled through northern Sri Lanka.

Uniformed police fought with a crowd of up to 200 Tamils, many of them women brandishing photographs of missing relatives, who sought to hand over letters and petitions to the PM.

At least two women were able to get up close to the windows of Mr Cameron’s car, as the motorcade departed from the visit.

The women who managed to reach the PM’s car were seen to be thrown aside by Sri Lankan police officers. Cameron had just left a library building when the incident happened…


Rajapakshe in his address to the CHOGM  Press meet  is reported to have said that though there have been violations of Human Rights in the past, meaning LTTE, he was prepared to take action if proof of war crime is provided.

Well ,Mr .Rajapakshe, here it is.




The videos in the above post are unavailable as they were removed by YouTube  because of gruesome content.

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James Cameroon Dives Releases Video 7 Miles Deep Mariana Trench

It is one thing to be a good film maker, but to go to such lengths for authenticity,awesome!

“The film director James Cameron was today described as a real-life Avatar after he returned safely from a one-man mission to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of Earth’s oceans.

Cameron emerged from his 12-tonne, lime green submarine, Deepsea Challenger, early this morning after travelling nearly seven miles down to the desert-like bottom of the trench. His ship was equipped with 3D cameras to shoot footage for a planned documentary, using lighting from a spectacular eight-foot tower of LEDs. The director of Titanic andAvatar, who has maintained a long-term interest in the secrets of the oceans’ depths, was able to direct and film the action from within the sub.

“There is scientific value in getting stereo images because … you can determine the scale and distance of objects from stereo pairs that you can’t from 2D images,” Cameron told National Geographic News ahead of the dive. As he reached the bottom of the trench, which is about 200 miles south-west of the Pacific island of Guam, Cameron sent out a tweet reading: “Just arrived at the ocean’s deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can’t wait to share what I’m seeing w/ you”.


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