Mount Shastha, California,Thiruvannamalai’s Twin

Taking this further, what the Puranas state being underneath something in Bharatavarsha, it is reasonable to assume to find such objects in the Americas. Mayan Civilization falls under this category and I shall be posting on this in detail. Now to Mount Shastha In California, ""Arunachala is the most sacred holy place of all........ The Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi said that Arunachala was the top of the spiritual axis of the earth and that there must be another mountain corresponding to it at the opposite side of the globe


California From Kapilaranya Of Kapila Hinduism

There seems to be some connection between Hinduism and California based on the etymology of the word California in the US. Earlier I posted an article that the Americas were once called the Patala of Hinduism.

Indian Media Promotes LGBT especially Lesbianism

'I am lucky to have found her' "Since Sex is difficult to legislate,Love is the Casualty" 'We don't let other people's opinions affect us' My maid has a clue about it" Sonal and Jaanu( Femina issue dated February 19, 1014, page 52) Sheer and Chris. " We are more concerned about our jobs. We don't know how Top Management will react" Page 54. The same coverage for Men who happened to be Gay. page 56)

Alien Paintings Not Made By Humans

Recently UFO shave been sighted in California and Mexico, followed by Crop Circle being formed in California with what is suspected to be a Message from the Aliens. What if the Aliens and UFOs had been found by the ancients and how would have they recorded it? The only form which we think and we found are the cave Paintings. Are there any Cave Paintings available in the sites discovered till now? The answer is Yes. Let us go to Madhya Pradesh, India. 40 Miles away from Raisen, Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh, India the Cave Painting depicts what appears to be an Alien.

California Crop Circle Binary Code

There have been reports of Crop Circles in California,US. I have posted on this. The Crop Circle seems to have a Computer Chip like image. Many Ufologists have been maintaining that messages are being left by Aliens in Binary in these Crop Circles. Sometime back a Binary Code in an Italian Crop Circle was reported to have been found.