Telecom Corporate Gave Unsigned Note To PM 2G

Now the main accused ‘ former Union Telecommunication Minister A.Raja, who is contesting this election, has disclosed that .

‘Unsigned note was given to PM by Telecom Corporate regarding Spectrum Auction and how subscriber Criteria can be devised”

The would be Tenderer sets Norms for the Bid!

We do not know what else the ‘the unsigned note contained

Farm Loan Waiver Dismantle CAG

The CAG has pointed out irregularities in the waiver of loans to Agricultural sector.

He points out that the Bureaucrats have siphoned off the money.

Irregularities in Waiving of Agricultural Loans.

1.Those eligble were loan waiver were not considered.

2.Those ineligible were granted loans.

3.Banks have diverted Funds received for the Waiver of the loans to Micro Finance Institutions.

5.Disbursement Accounts were tampered with.

6.The Institutions made false claims for reimbursement from the Government.

7.Monitoring was not effective.

These points were proved with documents.

The the Prime minister ManMohan Singh declares that an enquiry is being ordered and if some one is found to be guilty, he will be punished.

He is an honorable Man.

If the Reports of the CAG are not reliable, dismantle it.
The Report.

CAG Full Audit Report On Coalgate,IGIA,Ultra Mega Projects

Update on 13 May 2013.

UPA Performance
The CAG report which was available at the time of posting this blog went missing after a couple of days in the Link provided here .

I posted a blog on this.

Then after a week, the report was available.

Now it has gone missing today( 7.30 am.13 May 2013)

The Supreme court has passed strictures on the CBI for showing the report to the Law Ministry and PMO and for having it altered .

The Supreme Courts Observations,

The affidavit, submitted by CBI director Ranjit Sinha, says that the Prime Minister’s Office and Coal Joint Secretary removed part of paragraph on non-existence of specific weightage or points in the system of allocation.

The Law Minister deleted finding on non-preparation of broadsheets or charts by the screening committee. The Law Minister also deleted a sentence on finding on scope of inquiry on legality of allocation.