IPL Spot Fixing Mudugal Report Text

Now Srinivasan is slated to take over as ICC Chief,it is an irony that his son-in-law Gurunathan Meiyappan has been found guilty of IPL Spst fixing and that he was a part of Chennai Super Kings and in fact was acting as the de facto Chief of Chennai Super Kings.


Gavaskar’s Amoral Justification On IPL Match Fixing ‘Slip Is Showing’

His arguments run on two points. 1.His Contract with BCCI is for the 'Exclusivity', for his non-appearance in other Channels. He says he was being paid by the BCCI from the Age of 12, when he started playing for Schools and the difference, he rues, is only the quantum of Money. Mr.Gavaskar, nobody denied that you have been on contract with BCCI, nor your remuneration. The issue, in case you chose to forget, I can not believe this for Gavaskar is highly cerebral and loquacious, is precisely that! That of Conflict of interest. When you work for someone, you seem to be working from the age of 12 for The BCCI, you can not take another assignment which is in conflict with what you are engaged in.That's what exactly you have been doing scrupulously. It is natural for you not to talk about the on-goings in IPL or BCCI. That's what is meant by your 'Silence', not anything else. "There are reasons given about why I am ‘silent’, and the main reason is that my ‘silence’ has been bought by the TV contract that the BCCI has with me. Firstly, now that the BCCI has its own production house, it is well within its rights to contract those who they want to, just like other sports channels have contracted some other players to do commentary for them. The reason why such contracts are done is to obtain exclusivity from the contracted entity so that he/ she does not appear on a rival channel and that is why good money is paid to the former players. That is also why I have not appeared on another TV channel excepting the news channel that has a contract with me. Contract issue If all those who are reporting on the episodes for their papers or TV channels cannot write for a rival paper or appear on another TV channel, then how can I appear on a news channel other than the one I’m contracted to? And since I don’t appear on the other channels, does it mean I am being silent? Just like every player, I have been directly or indirectly contracted to BCCI since the age of 12, when I first played for Mumbai schools. I was then given one rupee per day if I remember correctly by the Mumbai Cricket Association. So throughout my playing career, I was under contract with the BCCI either directly or through its affiliate, the Mumbai Cricket Association. It is just that the quantum of the fees has changed from the 1 rupee that I first got when I played for Mumbai schools and that is thought as being the reason for my so called silence.

BCCI Board List Why They Keep Quiet IPL Fixing

N.Srinivasan, the tainted President of BCII whose son-in-law has been arrested for betting and suspected match fixing, brazenly roughshod the BCCI board and declared that he will not resign and the Board kept quiet meekly. He also stated that the Board was with him , all of them!. Who are the members of the BCCI and who forms the BCCI Working Committee? List towards the end of the Post. One might notice they belong to various Political Parties, some of them bitter enemies in Public. Why haven't they taken Srinivasan On? 1.Approaching Elections. Funds needed for all the parties. 2.Quid pro Quo.Every one of them have indulged in Corruption at some tie or another. 3.A quick look at he Franchisees will enlighten you who they are, what cases, corruption,charges were , are on them. 4. Lalith Modi Affair, many knots unraveled, skeletons may tumble if Srinivasan is touched. 5.Mumbai Big Wig Politician with Sports connection made slight noises ,though through his mouth piece and reversed it. People know he can never be away when Sports Money is involved.

Match Fixing Indian Foul Play Award TO CSK

N.Srinivasan , the BCCI President refused to quit saying he has done no wrong,even after his son in law Gurunath Meyappan was arrested for contacts with the bookies and his confession he bet on the IPL matches . Following is the full text of BCCI President N Srinivasan's statement at the press conference on Sunday..."It will look ridiculous if CSK wins'and the Trophy is presented to Srinivasan by the BCCI Charman Rajiv Shukla. So, lose the match convincingly to enable the golden goose alive"

India England Test BCCI Media Row On Photos,Silly.

Media is reported to be refusing to provide photographs of the Test Match between India and England. "International news agencies have responded by saying they will not be providing any photographic coverage of one of the most high-profile clashes in cricket. The British-based Press Association has also decided not to distribute photographs from the tour" … Continue reading India England Test BCCI Media Row On Photos,Silly.