Honest Search Results Google Or Bing

Recently Bing took on Google on its search results, displaying paid ads.


Bing Ad on Google
Bing Ad on Google

Bing launched a huge campaign against Google complete with full-page newspaper advertisements, commercials on television and a shiny new website, scroogled.com, to draw attention to the changes Google made. The home page of the site explains their beef with Google: “In the beginning, Google preached, ‘Don’t be evil’-but that changed on May 31, 2012. That’s when Google Shopping announced a new initiative. Simply put, all of their shopping results are now paid ads.


Google search results , according to Bing is ‘Scroogled”


See this.

In the beginning, Google preached, “Don’t be evil“—but that changed on May 31, 2012. That’s when Google Shopping announced a new initiative. Simply put, all of their shopping results are now paid ads.

In their under-the-radar announcement, Google admits they’ve now built “a purely commercial model” that delivers listings ranked by “bid price.” Google Shopping is nothing more than a list of targeted ads that unsuspecting customers assume are search results. They call these “Product Listing Ads” a “truly great search.”

We say that when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled. For an honest search result, try Bing.

Don’t get Scroogled this holiday season.
Watch the video Vent




See a paper.

In their own
Google calls
Product Listing
Ads based on
“a purely
model” a “truly
great search.”


Now the same complaint is leveled against Bing.


“I’ve been one of the biggest critics about Google’s change, which has indeed been largely under-the-radar,” says Danny Sullivan, an SEO expert and the former editor of Search Engine Land.  “Unfortunately, Bing is hardly in a position to be lecturing Google about poor disclosure and charging for listings, when it has the same issues.”

He published an in-depth piece that explains what Google has changed about its Shopping section and compares how the two search engines disclose information to consumers.

“No matter who’s doing it, search engines forcing businesses to pay for inclusion on their shopping sites without clearly indicating that to consumers is wrong,” says Ali Husayni, the CEO of Sinai Marketing.(master google.com)


Let us look at how search results are delivered.

Search Engines deliver by Crawling based on Key word and some more Algorithms.

The result are determined by the Content, ,Key words and good tagging.

It is also true that these alone do not make your site or writing to show up in the top results for a Search.

One can find inaccurate information, some times even irrelevant to the query as a result in top results.

May be this has something to do with set Algorithms.

This can not be avoided.

Either the results are due to content, tagging and key words-some times written artificially to draw traffic.

Here also theer is no check/

The other is the Search engines promote Paid content/ads.

This is business.

You can not avoid it.

One point is certain,.

If the result of a search gives you  a bad content, one makes sure he does not visit the site again and he refines the search and goes to the other results.

PS.I am not a professional  SEO Man.




‘Google Ad Search’ Hilarious Videos.

Watch the Hilarious experience of Google Ad search for the words ‘semi-skim milk





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Blog Hits 300, 000, Thank You.

My first Blog was on 29 August 2009- ‘Time-Non-linear Theory.

To day the,12th of September 2011, Total Hits 300,000 was reached.

I do not know whether  this is  good .

But I am happy that I have been able to write regularly and people have been reading , submitting comments and at times advise me the Subjects on which I should write.

I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all of them-Readers,Subscribers and those who comment.

Over a period of two years  and Twelve days of my blogging experience, I have made many a mistake.

A list.

I was confused  between ‘Categories and’ Tags ‘( still am).

The Result. I have ,116 Categories ,8,501 Tags. 

I thought the more number of Tags I add-I had included Search Engines Names, like Google,Bing !-, I will have more Hits!

I came to know that Search Engines are designed to ignore people like me (who add unnecessary tags).

I was under the mistaken impression that Category is the Subject.

I am in the process of correcting these mistakes.

I have learnt that Key words are those words that come to me automatically as I write.

I was advised by people in the SEO that I have to use more key words in the body of the blog, which is saying ‘include as many key words as possible’. 

I refused because it affects my flow and then it is not me writing spontaneously.

I read in Google Blog on Search Optimization, over-use of key Words is counter productive.

As I mentioned  on reaching the One Lakh mark, I write ‘raw’,as people call it,with no touch ups.

After all it is not literature , but sharing of one’s thoughts.

I ensure that the facts are correct and I am true to my convictions.

If wrong in my views in the light of Facts, I correct myself.

I remember that i did not know what Visual editor was when it appeared in WordPress.

I just started writing and I was able to write easily.

Nor did I know how to apply a Link in the Blog.

Readers can still see Links in my earlier Blogs in Text Format( I am not correcting them to remind me often of my stupidity.

Uploading Images and Videos ,the same issues!

Then I started reading WordPress Help and Tutorials.

They are extremely useful for a man who can not understand much about Computer ,let alone Blogging.

Here I would like Thank WordPress Help Desk,especially Karim  and Sheri , who systematically followed up my queries even if I forgot.

Thank You,Karim and Sheri. 

Google Help on Blogging  has proved to be highly useful.

To evaluate my site I rely on Alexa.com.

It is simple, devoid of jargon and I am able to understand where I need to pay attention.Not only Alexa gives me my Audience Profile, it guides me on Bounce rate,Key Word Search,Speed of the Site.

It provides me insights into Traffic Rank,Reach View,Page Views,Page Views per User,Time on Site,Search and Links among other things.

Quantcast and Woorank are two other sites of the same type.

They are equally useful.

Thanks to Google,WordPress,Alexa,Woorank  and Quantcast

And Thanks to my children, whom I have been pestering with my blog information ad nauseum , for encouraging me.


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PayPal Sues Google Over Electronic Wallet-Other Creatives By Google.

Creativity(!) of Google knows no bounds.

Creativity(!) of Google knows no bounds.

Google vice president of payments Osama Bedier demonstrates how Google Wallet will work. Photograph: Mary Altaffer/AP

Google’s first payments from its new “electronic wallet” system may be to the online transaction company PayPal, which claims that the company and two of its executives stole trade secrets for the project.

Unveiled on Thursday, the Google Wallet project uses a technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) to allow contactless transactions between consumers’ phones and merchants’ terminals.

But PayPal has filed suit in California following the launch in New York, alleging that Google lured away PayPal executive Osama Bedier earlier this year to obtain trade secrets that are now being used in Google’s service. The suit also names Stephanie Tilenius.


Google Copies yahoo…

I’m not sure if this is stupidity, laziness, or a mix of both, but check this out.

Back when IE7 launched, Yahoo! created a customized version and began to market it to our existing IE users. The “splash page” looked like this:…

Today it seems that Google has similar intentions. So similar, that they decided to basically copy our page and slightly Googlify it. If you look, the design, layout, and most of the text are the same!


Google copies ‘Bing,

First, it was with their sidebar on the left. Next, it was having a wallpaper on your home page. Then, it was testing full-screen results. After that, it was showing results that included social data in an incredibly similar way to Bing (in relation to the recent announcement of Bing and Facebook being in cahoots but not to be confused with Google Social Search). Now, Google appears to be rolling out visual previews (called “instant previews”) of sites such that users can see them prior to clicking through to them. Personally, I think Google’s rendition of the feature is quite nice but it lets me know that we shouldn’t be so quick to count out Bing.


Website worth of Google, msn,Yahoo.

Gainers website worth


Bing to Google ‘not copying’ but ‘listening’?

What an euphemism for copying?

Good one at that.

Only hours after accusations were released from Google saying Microsoft copies its method of finding links people search for, Google’s Matt Cutts and Microsoft’s Harry Shum were seated next to one another at the Farsight conference.

Following the accusation, it has been an argument of whether it is ‘copying,’ what Google believes, versus ‘listening to users,’ what Microsoft believes.

Google set a trap testing Microsoft to see if they were using browser data from Explorer.  This would then update search results on Bing.

Shum was not happy with these allegations.  He said that Bing and Microsoft gather their information like several other search engine: wherever the majority of users are clicking.

Cutts was not surprised by Shum’s remarks, but was still not satisfied with what he and his company found.  He is most upset by the fact that Microsoft used browser click data instead of using clicks on Bing itself.

Prior to the claims of copying, Cutts walked around the University of California at San Francisco with his laptop which had fake searches made by Google, and the outcome which had the same results from the website Bing. This was the nail in the coffin for Cutts.

The two shared comments back and forth, but what has been said is final.  Cutts and Shum probably will not be seated next to one another at the next conference the two attend.



Google accused Microsoft on Tuesday of copying its search results for use in Microsoft’s Bing, then the two companies bickered about it on stage at a San Francisco search conference.

Google, the dominant search engine, said Microsoft is using Internet Explorer 8 features to track what Google users are searching for, then copying those search results on its own search engine.

The Mountain View, Calif., company went so far as to conduct a “sting” operation, manually planting search results for gibberish terms. Those same results later showed up in Bing search results for the same gibberish.

On a company blog, Google said it wants Microsoft to stop the practice.


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