World’s Earliest University Than Nalanda Telhara

Based on the key findings, Bihar’s Arts, Culture and Youth Affairs Secretary Anand Kishor said that based on key findings from the excavation, it can be confirmed that Telhara University was older than Nalanda and Vikramshila.

“A team of archaeologists has found four Buddhist monastery seals made of terracotta, bearing the inscriptions – Sri Prathamshivpur Mahavihariyaye Bikshu Sanghas – in Pali language in Nalanda district that indicated the university’s real name, which is usually described as Telhara University

L N Mishra Murder Indira Gandhi KGB CIA

The murder investigation case took turns and twists and finally the Anand Marg was blamed.

The Anand Marg at that time blamed for everything including the Purulia Arms drop case where International Players were involved, UK, US among them.

Please read my detailed post on this.

In the present case of LN Mishra there have been allegations galore, the CIA and The KGB.

Wikileaks stoked the fire further by releasing Cables involving the CIA operative,who was related to the accused.


She (Indira Gandhi) realised her credibility was low; she said at a meeting to condole the death of L.N. Mishra (the rail minister killed in a bomb attack in Samastipur), “Even if I were to be killed, they would say that I myself had got it done.” Mishra was a dear friend. He rang me up at midnight before going to Samastipur that he had handed his resignation to her personally. He sadly remarked that he’d be killed at Samastipur and put down the phone. It proved to be true. He was murdered at Samastipur the following day. The murder mystery has not been resolved to this day.”

Lalit Narayan Mishra was Minister of Railways in the government of India from 1973 to 1975. He was brought into politics by the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Krishna Sinha, when he was made parliamentary secretary at his insistence to the First Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. As Minister of Railways, he visited Samastipur on 2 January 1975 to declare open Samastipur-Muzaffarpur broad gauge railway line. A bomb explosion on the dais, seriously injured him. He was rushed to the railway hospital at Danapur where he died next day. The probe in his death still remains unresolved.

4.The Targets

HC Continues,

‘ Now that we have taken care of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with a total of 40 seats, let’s see what we can in the other States.

In UP, we have two bitter rivals fighting with each other.

The opposition is gunning for the Government in Lucknow.

Not that the Opposition is going to be soft on us.

We are nowhere in the picture now for quite a few years there.

Listen carefully.

To the Rabble Rouser,

‘ you ask your trusted people in UP , ask them to form two groups.

Each group must support one party, one the Opposition , another the the Government in UP.

Ask them to rake up Public cases of Corruption against the Ruling Party and the Taj Corridor Case in the case of the Opposition, among the other charges.

Make sure that the initial demand for reopening of cases come from the respective party against the other.

Your group should join later and put up a show of demonstrating against the Central Government for enquiry and a Delegation to come to Delhi to meet me and the President.

Remind them to drop at the PM’s Office.Turning to Basheer,

‘You open negotiations with both Parties simultaneously.

Ask for sixty out of eighty seats, settle for about seventy.

Anna Hazrae-Lokpal Committee-Why bring in Secularism,politics?

Bharatmata Mata banner is not the property of RSS. Anna is naive, unlike politicians. That’s why people trust him. Anna praised Modi for his work,especially the way he is taking Gujarat forward. Apolitical does not mean not to appreciate that which is good. By the way sound bytes are heard about Anna’s Committee being ‘Non secular’ Why bring Religion […]