Mantra For Setting Aright Errant Family Member

We, at one time or another, have a Family Member, in errant ways.

They are not outright bad or malicious.

Just that they behave, in a manner of speaking, irresponsibly,become highly irritable, refuse to go work,do not get involved with other Family members.

At times they may go missing for a couple of Days.

Many ascribe it to Graha Peeta or due to some black magic.

As for as I am concerned it just happens.

People visit Psychiatrist who counsels or prescribes some anti-depressant.

I have seen that none of them are too effective.

What is most effective is the Sloka of Adi Shankaracharya in Subramanya Bhujangam

Happiness Success And You

As against t this, Happiness does not require the others.

Look at a toddler.

Its smile of Happiness captivates you, so natural


Because a Child knows to be Happy with itself.

You set it for your self.

Once set, it does not generally change.

Here your happiness does not get affected or change because of the changing perception of you by the others.

You are within You.

You are contented.

Ultimately you are always Alone( not lonely)

Why Should I ?

Recently I had been to a Mall with my daughter, son in Law and Grand son.

(Though there might be a few who may not know what distinguishes a Mall from Good Shops is the price Tag, where the price is something that beats one’s wildest imagination.Sometime back there was a fad among, who else,IT chaps, a couple of magnets the size of Pebbles, which when tossed about came down sticking together;the price Rs 150,The price of the same item was Rs Four in City Market, Bangalore!)

There I saw a crowd just inside the entrance, hooting boisterously.

I peeped in.

There was a Boy and Girl around 25 prancing together to the beat of loud Music, gyrating obnoxiously.

As the tempo of the Music increased, the Boy who was conducting the show, he is called promotional Executive ‘event Executive,was egging the couple to gyrate faster.

And the crowd consisting of youngsters mainly and few middle-aged women, and Men too, went to raptures.

I asked some one in the crowd.

Don’t you think this is kind of indecent?

He replied,


We are enjoying ourselves, cooling ourselves.

Do you think it is proper to jump up and down in Public with some one whom you have never met that too in front of people whom you do not know?

You are not a entertainer .

is this not indecent?

Why should people behave in such an unruly fashion?

Sir, you are out of sync.

This is the in thing.

Why should I bother about others or what they feel about me/

I am just enjoying”

End of the conversation.

That’s it.

There are.

Why should I bother about others?

Why should I

Be Honest.


Respect any one?

Set Goals Die

There is this fad of setting goals for one’s Life.

This has gone to such an extent hat parents of children , even about 4, start planning the Career of their wards, by constantly talking in front of the child, in some cases asking the child to repeat what the parents say about the child’s future and goals.

The Child also repeats without knowing the meaning of what it says.

This gets implanted in the mind of the child.

This becomes an obsession in the later years and the child grows into an adult without having an option to weigh the options available.

Unfortunately the parents may change the goal they set for their child.

This will not be accepted by the child , it rebels at the Adolescent Age and continues in Adulthood.

As Adults they are forced .especially by the Society to set goals for themselves indirectly.

But it is imposed on them by the Corporate, by dangling Economic benefits Salary, perks.

A corporate has its Agenda, Namely Profit, nothing more.

All this talk of attitudes, behavioral suggestions ,Career optimization.. have a single goal, that of making money for the company.

Lured by the tempting offers, children and parents plan their lives accordingly.

Unfortunately Life is not merely about earning Money.

It has more to it.

Life is multifaceted.

One has to accept things in Life as they come.

One can not wait for one event to end to begin another as is said’ One can never take a Bath in the Ocean after the waves cease”

Choosing a Career is important, so is marriage,

Sacrificing one for another is a step but one must have the mental maturity to adjust.

Alternately one must know how to balance both the options.

I am coming across stories where youngsters committing suicides for failing in examinations,Failure in Love Life,unable to adjust to marital issues .

Breasts Why Men Love Them

Breasts, one of the erotic zones, along with earlobes, is of intense interest among men. This has some psychological and biological  reasons. Apart from Sex drive, men are attracted to Breasts because of the fact that the first experience of a child is sucking the Mother’s breast. The organism always resort to the first experiences of any drive/instinctive […]