Bird Shoots From Air Penguin Colony Video

A striated caracara,  decides to flies  off with spy egg-cam .


Photo-shoot by Bird.
Bird Shoots Penguin Colony From Air

In the process captures the first ever aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony shot by a flying bird.





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Penis Stuck In Vagina.

When I was young I heard a story in my native place , that on the first night, a man’s penis got stuck in his wife’s Vagina.

And it was hr sister’s Husband who helped the groom out.

I used to think it was a just a story to wile away the time, concocted by the Gossipy.

Well, there seems to be some truth in it.

We believe only Muscles being involved there is no chance of this mishap.

But recent news that this can happen.

Read On.

Well, one has to be careful even here!

It’s been 100 years since a well-documented case of penis captivus — i.e., penis-stuck-in-vagina syndrome — appeared in the medical literature. But that doesn’t mean it’s a total myth. The BBC’s Health Check discusses the physiological mechanisms that could lead to such an unpleasant event and explains why there are lots of anecdotal stories surrounding something that’s thought to be “vanishingly rare” from a medical perspective. Hint: While very, very, very few people end up needing medical treatment for penis captivus, there may be many more who get temporarily-but-disconcertingly stuck for a few seconds.

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Island Formed Pakistan Earthquake

A massive earthquake on 7.8 Richter scale hit Pakistan and caused the formation of a an island.


Pakistan Earthquake. Island Formed.
A massive earthquake struck near the southern coast of Pakistan today, killing upwards of 100 people, injuring dozens more, and leading to the formation of a small rocky island, according to multiple reports


 The epicenter of the 7.7-magnitude quake was in the district of Awaran, a remote and mountainous area where at least 45 people were killed, the BBC said. Another 150 died in the nearby Balochistan province, according to Pakistan’sExpress Tribune newspaper. The island, which is reportedly about 30 feet high and nearly 100 feet in diameter, is located in the Arabian Sea nearly a mile off the nation’s shoreline.


MORE THAN 1,000 COULD BE DEADZahid Rafi, a principal seismologist at Pakistan’s National Seismic Monitoring Center, told CNN that the island’s formation was “not surprising,” given how powerful the earthquake was. CNN says the quake’s tremors lasted about two minutes and that aftershocks could be felt in Karachi, hundreds of miles southeast of Awaran. The BBC added that the quake could be felt into Delhi, India‘s capital. Additionally, the British news service said that about 30 percent of the homes in Awaran had fallen during the quake and that many are feared to be trapped beneath the rubble. The United States Geological Survey has issued a “red” alert for the earthquake, which means the agency is predictingmore than 1,000 could be dead and the cost of damages could rise above $1 billion.



“Jesus No Dick,Keep Away From My Vagina” US Teen

This is the  Placard Caption of a 14-year-old girl in US.

Blog Caption.
Blog Caption.

She is protesting against Abortion Bill.

Of more relevance is her father endorsing it.

There was a heated debate in BBC’s World have Your Say on 23 July 2013.

“My dad came to my defense online, but for the first time I am outing myself publicly. I’m 14. Please stop calling me a whore.

I’m a 14-year-old girl who has lived in Austin, Texas, my whole life. I like art, music and talking on the phone with my friends. When I grow up, I’d like to become a science teacher.

I also believe in the right to choose and the separation of church and state. Or to put it another way — to put it the way I wrote it when I was protesting at the Capitol last week:

Jesus isn’t a dick so keep him out of my vagina.”

Yes, that’s my sign.

I came up with it last week when my friend and I were trying to think of ideas for what would get people’s attention to protest the scary restrictions that are happening in my state trying to take away a woman’s right to safe and accessible abortions.

It worked.

When my friend and I took turns holding the sign, one of the pictures of her went viral.

Then my dad went online to defend the sign on Twitter and other online forums.

That’s when people started calling me a “whore.”

I’m going to be honest about what it feels like to be called that as a 14-year-old girl who has never had sex and who doesn’t plan to have sex anytime soon.

I feel disappointed.

It’s hard for me to understand why adults would be calling me this. It’s hard for me to understand why anyone would use this term for a 14-year-old girl.”

Well, your language is not that of a mature and decent  Adult , so be prepared to face it.

You can not choose to be an Adult and a Child as and when it suits you.

Debate on the subject is of such a low-level because US is a Permissive society, at the same pretends to have values.

This will be the result.

When you legalize marijuana and things that are normally considered as bad what do you expect?


Media Ethics BBC Uses Students As Shield North Korea.

The LTTE has been accused of using women and children in its war against the Sri Lanka Government.

But to use them in peacetime and in a country where tensions are high, just for a Story?

A BBC crew has just done that in North Korea.

Investigative Journalism has its limits, Media Must realize.


The BBC risked the lives of students by using them as a ‘human shield’ for a controversial Panorama journalist and his film crew, it was claimed yesterday.

The undercover team travelled with ten students from the London School of Economics to North Korea last month. Had the journalists been discovered, the whole group would have faced arrest, interrogation and possible detention.

Parents and university officials claim the students – the youngest of whom was only 18 – were ‘deliberately misled’ by the BBC and have called on the broadcaster to apologise and drop the Panorama documentary, due to be aired tonight.


The students were invited on the trip via an LSE club, only to learn much later it had been organised by Panorama as a cover for its investigation.

Journalist John Sweeney insisted the students had all agreed to enter the rogue Communist state with him, but admitted he withheld some details of the trip on the advice of BBC risk assessors.

The LSE said its students were not given enough information to give their consent and accused the BBC of taking unacceptable risks at a time when sabre-rattling by North Korea had already raised tensions with the West.


Alex Peters-Day, general secretary of LSE Students’ Union said students and the university had been ‘manipulated’.

ranting graphic.jpg

‘I think the trip was organised by the BBC as a ruse to get into North Korea and that’s disgraceful,’ she said. ‘They have used students essentially as a human shield in this situation.’

Three of the students have complained, the university says. One said they were not told about key details of the subterfuge until en route for Pyongyang.

Students have since received ‘threatening’ letters from North Korean authorities and one parent has complained in writing to new BBC director-general Lord Hall that their child was put in danger.

The parent wrote: ‘The methods adopted potentially endangered a number of students who believed they were participating in an organised student tour. I am outraged that in this case the BBC, without obtaining “informed consent”… deceived, used and endangered these students to obtain a story from North Korea.’

The row could prove embarrassing for Lord Hall, appointed after his predecessor George Entwistle quit in the wake of  the Jimmy Savile scandal and the botched Newsnight report which led to Lord McAlpine being wrongly identified as a paedophile.

A producer for Panorama resigned earlier this month over claims the programme tried to bribe a security consultant to reveal information about a property developer.

The LSE said it was not given any warning about the BBC’s plans until last week, after the group returned. It said the deception had put the students in danger and had jeopardised the safety of its academics working in other high-risk countries.

The students volunteered for the trip through the Grimshaw Club, a student society linked to the LSE’s department of international relations. Sweeney’s wife Tomiko Newson, an LSE graduate, had organised a group tour of North Korea with the club in 2012 and students were told she was organising this year’s trip.


BBC says “It is justified”

A senior BBC executive said that it was worth risking students’ lives by sending an undercover reporter with them on a trip to North Korea for a controversial documentary.

Ceri Thomas, the corporation’s head of news planning, said the decision to go ahead with the airing of tonight’s programme went ‘right to the top’ as he rejected claims that students from the London School of Economics had been forced in to taking unacceptable risks during the investigation.

Yesterday it was claimed that the corporation used the students as a ‘human shield’ for a Panorama journalist and his film crew.