Obama Carries Hanuman In Pocket

They need a Max Mueller to remind them about the greatness of the Vedas, though he was Missionary bent on disinformation about Hinduism. I am providing the following information in the hope that some Westophiles( If some can write as Anglophiles, I can write Westophile) and Sely syled Rationalists like Karunanidhi and Veeramani,would think twice before ridiculing Hanuman .


ISIS Started By US Saudi Arabia Documents

The US created the Taliban in order to drive Russia away and Saudi Arabia also played its part. Then came Al Qaeda, an offshoot of that move. Now it transpires that US , with Saudi Arabia has again created IS to ferment trouble in Syria and IS has now become to haunt the world like Al Qaeda. US, more menacing than Pakistan in the creation of Terrorism. The Documents Government prove this.

US Shutdown In Photos

                  Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/03/america-one-photo_n_4039793.html Related Articles Government Shutdown (eloves2run.wordpress.com)  

US Attack On Syria, Capabilities Targets

Now that the US has made up its mind to attack Syria, either with or without the coat-tail hanger UK, don't worry it will come around not that ii matters much-it is PRO job for the US, have a look at the Capabilities ans The potential targets in Syria and how the US is placed. … Continue reading US Attack On Syria, Capabilities Targets

Hacker Army Of NSA US

While the US has been raising a hue and cry about Chinese hacking, obviously with the Chinese Government's Blessings, it hs come out in the open , not that it was not known before but not to this extent, that the National Security Agency(NSA),US, not only has a Data Mining Center but an army of dedicated Personnel for Hacking!