Banks, Jewellery Robberies Tamil Nadu.Inside Information?

Spate of bank and Jewel Robberies have been on in Tamil Nadu. What is common in these cases is that these robberies took place in day light, excepting in the Jewellers at Thiruppur where robbers decamped with thirty-eight kilos of Gold by drilling a hole in the ventilator and where the CCTVs were either not installed or switched off. In the case of one bank in Chennai,no CCTV was installed and in another the process for buying one system was in progress. In the jeweller’s shop the CCTV is switched off in the night(these guys need their head examined)

It seems the Robbers had inside information about the banks and in the case of the Jewellers might have the information from the Security on them being switched off in the night.

It is also possible the Vendor of the CCTV might have leaked information on the orders pending.

Police might look into this angle as well.

“Did the men who pulled off Monday’s bank heist at Keelkattalai use fake guns to scare staff and customers? Investigators say the robber who opened fire at the bank could have used a replica pistol, because no bullet was recovered from the spot and it caused minimal damage .

Police officers suspect that the same gang was responsible for the January 23 bank robbery at the Perungudi branch of the Bank Of Baroda, from which they looted Rs 19 lakh. Investigators probing that case said the robbers could have used fake firearms in that incident too.

With high quality replica firearms and air pistols easily available in the city, no one will know for certain unless the the culprits are caught. Some fake pistols sold in toy shops are such good copies that even an expert would not be able to differentiate one from real firearm unless he holds it in his hand, an investigator said. Unlike regular handguns, fake weapons leave no evidence, making it harder for police to collect clues.

In the robbery on Monday, five men walked into the Keelkattalai branch of the Indian Overseas Bank and looted Rs 14 lakh at gunpoint. “At least one of the robbers used a toy gun or an air pistol. The dome of a light bulb that he fired at did not shatter but was only damaged,” an investigating officer said. If people in the bank had realised that it was a toy gun, he said, they could have overpowered the criminals. ”

“The daring robbery at an Indian Overseas Bank(IOB) branch in Keelkattalai on Monday was committed by the same gang that made away with Rs 19 lakh from a bank branch in Perungudi on January 23, investigation officers have confirmed. A sum of Rs 14 lakh was taken away in the latest incident after the staff and customers were herded into the strongroom at gunpoint.

Based on the information provided by officials and customers at the IOB branch, crime records bureau officials have generated sketches of the suspects. “They match to a large extent with the portraits of the suspects in the Perungudi heist,” joint commissioner of police (south zone) K P Shanmuga Rajeswaran said. ”


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